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  3. DeSantos is going to have a tough time convincing Florida’s senior citizens that young, healthy “essential “ workers should be prioritized for the vaccine over those 75 and older.
  4. Cases Total United States Florida Cases 1.2M +8,401 Deaths 20,567 +95
  5. Over the last 40-50 years, most Presidential pardons went through a process, where White House lawyers looked at requests, determined the facts of the case and then recommended either to pardon or not. Trump doesn’t follow this process. He pardons people that he knows. He listens to people like that great humanitarian Kim Kardashian He also listens to people and their lawyers pled their case on Fox News. Not exactly a reasonable method to dispense pardons.
  6. I didn’t see this coming; Trump pardoning Flynn. Actually, I did post 3-4 months ago here that if Trump loses, you will see the most corrupt manner in which Presidential pardons have ever been given. There have been extremely questionable pardons given in the past, notably Mark Rich by Clinton. The number of pardons that Trump will give to people that he has a direct connection to is going to be beyond comprehension. I just glad that Jeffery Epstein is dead, so Trump can’t pardon him.
  7. Actually, more vulnerable Republicans are up for re-election in the Senate in 2022, more than 2020. If Democratic leadership, starting with Schumer, pull their heads out and come up with a winning strategy for the mid terms, they should have the majority on both chambers by then. By 2024, McConnell will be too old to be Majority Leader. The problem is between now and 2022, he will put up every obstacle to appointments and spending bills that he possibly can. If the Democrats don’t win Georgia, don’t look for any bipartisanship over the next 2 years.
  8. I still hold out a slim hope that Georgia elects two Democratic Senators. If Trump changes tactics and drops his fraudulent voting lawsuits and instead goes after Republican States, like Georgia, Arizona and Wisconsin, to elect their own slate of electors to vote for him, he could face a backlash from some voters in Georgia, who vote for the 2 Democratic candidates. Plus, Stacy Abrams should be able to increase the size of the Georgia Democratic base, if only by those citizens that turned 18 between November 3rd and January 5th. I really want to see Mitch McConnell become irrelevant.
  9. If a vaccine comes out soon enough and Thai officials let Americans back in, I’ll be over in a heartbeat. Hopefully, the hotels won’t immediately go away, as I usually spend 1-2 nights in Bangkok before heading to Chiangmai
  10. 5* Aiyaree Place Hotel in Pattaya, Thailand for only $14 USD per night November 21, 2020 Stay at the 5* Aiyaree Place Hotel in Pattaya, Thailand for only 14 USD per night. HOTEL: Aiyaree Place Hotel LOCATION: Pattaya, Thailand DATES: Availability from January to August 2021 Example dates: 2nd-9th Jan 12th-19th Jan 17th-24th Jan 22nd-29th Jan 27th Jan – 3rd Feb 1st-8th Feb 6th-13th Feb 11th-18th Feb 16th-23rd Feb 21st-28th Feb 26th Feb – 5th Mar 3rd-10th Mar 8th-15th Mar 13th-20th Mar 18th-25th Mar 23rd-30th Mar 28th Mar – 4th Apr 2nd-9th Apr 7th-14th Apr 12th-19th Apr 17th-24th Apr 22nd-29th Apr 27th Apr – 4th May 2nd-9th May 7th-14th May 12th-19th May 17th-24th May 22nd-29th May 27th May – 3rd Jun 1st-8th Jun 6th-13th Jun 11th-18th Jun 16th-23rd Jun 21st-28th Jun 26th Jun – 3rd Jul 1st-8th Jul 6th-13th Jul 11th-18th Jul 16th-23rd Jul 21st-28th Jul 26th Jul – 2nd Aug 31st Jul – 7th Aug 5th-12th Aug 10th-17th Aug
  11. One other thing. This is the last election that I’ll listen to the polling “experts.” An 8-10 point lead by Biden? Many Senate races tied or Democrats slightly in the lead? That worked out well. Chuck Schumer should be fired for his strategy in the Senate races. Hopefully, they can apply lessons learned to the Georgia races.
  12. Very happy that Trump has only 70 days left instead of 4 more years. Not happy that Democrats lost seats in the House and, unless there is a minor miracle in Georgia, will not control the Senate. The Republicans captured more Governorship’s and State Houses, which positions themselves nicely when reapportionment happens next year. At least, with no blue wave, there will be no court packing, green new deal or Medicare for all during this Congressional session. Hopefully, the Democrats can show the Republican Senate for what they are; obstructionist group that puts Party over America. In 2022, the Senate again has lots of vulnerable Republicans running for re-election. I hope that the Democrats can find a successful way to combat the socialist charge. I really thought that Trump’s track record would be his undoing. It wasn’t. Both Parties grew their base with more voters. We are a nation almost equally divided. While demographics don’t favor the Republican Party, it’s going to take 1-2 generations to die off to settle which side prevails. I’m pretty sure I won’t be around to see it. on that cheerful note, I’ll turn my attention to the only thing that Democrats can hang their hats on; the 2 Senate races in Georgia. It would be nice to win both of them, if only to make Mitch McConnell Mr. Irrelevant .
  13. I hope that all U.S. citizens and military abroad mailed their ballots as soon as they got them. When Trump says he wants all ballots to be counted by the end of Election Day, he intends to back it up in the Courts, where his appointees are waiting to repay the favor of being nominated by him. I voted almost 2 weeks ago. All blue. I plan on celebrating November 3 in Trump’s home State, at Disneyworld
  14. I haven’t heard anything about him yet. Unlike most Trump supporters, he does almost always wear a mask. I can only hope that he let his guard down last Saturday.
  15. Conway also attended last Saturday’s Supreme Court nomination. Maybe Trump should withdraw her name as all it has produced is bad karma. If McConnell gets Covid, that’s all the proof that I need to confirm the existence of karma.
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