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  1. Hi,


    that's actually a fake. He had a problem getting the first picture on the screen (the one of the greek parliament). Someone thought it might be funnier with the bikini girls in it.


    Actually the bikini girls should have been your first clue. It's widely known that we germans don't get aroused by bikini girls. German porn is still fisting, double anal, piss and shit. :help:

  2. Attempting to clone a disk changed something on it!? WTF?? I didn't know hd's were ever touched when you tried to make an image or clone them.


    Disks are not altered when you use them as a source for an image or clone them to another disk.

    Maybe you cloned the nonworking Windows to the disk that was still fine. An error that may happen when you have two identical disks and choose the wrong one as source.

  3. Anyone here know of a program (free if possible) that will totally delete a program and all its off spring from my PC.


    Have, of course, used Add/Delete on PC but when I use it the PC comes back with the note that this software wasn't uninstalled fully and just leaves me there.


    Have tried TuneUp, tried CCleaner with same results.


    Have tried a trial version of a Uninstall Program but of course when it decides that that its finished it insists on me buying the program - so much for a trial.




    try Revo Uninstaller Freeware

    I used it with WinXP and it always did a good job.

  4. Thanks again for all suggestions, it's really helpful.

    Made it into an RAR and zipped it but the file is still 211mb and can't send it by email.

    The problem with yousendit is that you have to pay for it, although there's a free trial period.


    Try file-upload.net. Because the free service allows only files up to 100 MB you have to split the RAR file into pieces. Whatever program you use to create the RAR file should be able to handle this. Otherwise try 7-zip which is what I use to create archives.

  5. Don't know if you have something like the youth welfare office. It might be good to drag them into this so they'll convince your ex to agree to regular visits (if that's what you want).

    Actually youth welfare office are usually women who'll side with your ex and tell you that you'll have to do 'what's best for the kid'. But they are trained like a pavlovs dog and 'regular visits' is something they just have to agree with.

    Maybe better when your ex won't take your son to China. Who knows if he'll ever return.

  6. Redbaron,


    you left your son with his mother. Every day that goes by diminishes your chances of getting full costody or see your son as often as you like.

    Imagine after half a year the family court finally goes to sit over your case. Also present will be your son who spent these six month living with his mother (and seeing you on occasions). Your son looks healthy, happy (he got a new toy just that morning) and clean with fresh clothes on. The case is decided the moment the judge sees this picture. From there all claims you'll present will not change much. Best you can get visiting rights which she'll honor (if she has a date and needs a babysitter).


    As my lawyer (female, btw) told me: 'don't wait, create facts'. Worked for me.



    Good luck

  7. FJ,


    maybe you have seen this is a page of our swiss neighbours. So I am happy that of all the languages spoken they choose german for the website. The swiss citizens speak english, of course, but only if you are rich enough - and can proove it. Like if you suddenly had a truck with all the money you spend on drinks they'd be happy to do the website in english just for you. My guess is another round of drinks is more important to you than this bloody swiss website.


    And no, this game is not to help you on your way home. Everyone knows that in the rare occasions you get drunk lovely Olga (here under her alias Sarah) will take care of you. An added bonus is she speaks various languages and may translate for you. ::

  8. 81 isn't so bad. I don't know if there is an end to the game or if the guy is just walking on and on. I didn't play much yet, 76 meters is all I got after maybe half an hour.

    Does anybody know if it is possible to save the game to the harddrive so I can play it long after it got offline? It's like all these Yetisport games, so it should be possible somehow.


    Eh, you know yetisports?

  9. Hi guys,


    this is a nice online game I came across today.

    Roughly said you have to help this drunk on his way home, if you don't he'll fall down and sleep on the streets.

    It's all in german but you don't have to understand it to play.

    when you click start he'll start walking. when he sways to the left move your mouse to the right, he sways left move the mouse to the right.

    Here's the link Homerun


    I am a bad gamer, only got 75 meters. Happy walking. I think it won't help if you are drunk yourself.

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