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  1. Other than that the country can't get rid of me, I'm stuck on the place. ----------------------- And i thought Porn again Steve, you were the one who answered "i am B..." ::. Tell us, when was the last time you went there? ...
  2. Boycott going there only. Again, hypothetically so, not asking to boycott Thailand myself, wondering about others. I would boycott it called upon for a good reason. That will never happen anyway, as a mass movement. It's Ok for the thais to ask for excuses from our ambassadors if we dress up a lamp with a Buddha Statue, and other things that attain to their perceived dignity, but no problem insulting our sensibilities selling Bin Laden T-shirts and Nazi helmets. Anything for a buck. Just a tiny example of unreciprocated sensitivity, which is nothing in itself, as i find all this childish, but some members see a bit more ominous signs concerning thais attitudes towards farangs.
  3. I should be flattered you have to bring me up in your posts, especially as i never make mention of you anywhere. P127 fixation? Brink, that was a hypothetical question, where boycott could easily be a personal decision as i mentionned. I am just following on the complaints about what many see as the shape of things to come, either as far as nightlife sucking, or anti-farang sentiment propagated by actual govnmt, and the "if you don't like it, go home" comments. Often, it seems all thais are amalgamed behind the comments. Just wondering how much is that important, and if so, how much should farangs take, then? I have no idea myself of any possible aggravation of the situation, the idea for making it a poll and see the opinions out there. I rather think that most farangs have made actually a workable, cozy niche for themselves, they are quite content, only ranting for the sake of it, rarely concerned with other farangs trials and ordeals, save their friends , and it's chained and grabbed off the floor they'll leave the country for good. In one word, they'll take any humiliation, any aggravation , short of being murdered in anti-farangs progroms. Or maybe not.... Some might want to tell us.
  4. Can be a personal decision not to go, or backing a public call for boycott, expats might find it harder to do than visitors of course. I will try to build that in the poll. Hope for comments too, of course. No "other" choice, "maybe" being part of yes, and nuances can be posted subsequently. Keep in mind this is about a decision consequent to changes in Thailand, as a response to it, not about just leaving for personal reasons, been there, done that, or moving on to a new life. mistake: sorry, #3 is of course: but i may still break my vow.
  5. What's their take on your cunnilingus skills?
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