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  1. Hey INTJ, we could have used your experience in a now infamous "violence" thread in this very section. My favorite occupation is to ride outside the cities, anywhere I go. Sometimes, I just scream to the top of my lungs, riding, that's as happy I am. I told my expat friend in Khon Kaen, he's been there some 10 years, he told me he still does it too!
  2. Thailand all of a sudden gave me a deeper appreciation of the country from where I came and where I currently live. -------------------------------------- You bet! Same here. However I have gotten the Asia bug, I thanks the heavens for being born and raised in France, and given the opportunity to live my life exactly as, and where I wish it.
  3. Well, there must be at least 3 types ------------------------------ Indeed, and we can add up, i just meant those who make a conscious choice to go back and live after discovering the place or a few trips. Professional expats(seems that could have been your case), fit an altogether different category. Chance rather than motivation. In the longer term, I may struggle to maintain that attitude! --------------------------------------- I have said that before, but I seem to be the only one to write it here. Most guys see Thailand vs back home, or at the very least T. AND home (farangland). What i got from staying in thailand is to enjoy wherever I am. i just do not see it as a place, far away from my usual reality, more like a state of mind, which can stay with me outside of the country. It does not mean that i wouldn't wish to live there at some point, choices are always possible, but in the instance that i am not at this point making such move, I have acquired this natural philosophy to enjoy any moment, any place. When I don't, I consider i am failing myself.
  4. For me at least, hating the country I was from gave me the vision and the motivation to change things. IMO Sometimes we need to suffer and understand the negatives (for me, life in the UK) in order to fully "appreciate life in Thailand". ---------------------------------------- As I said before, I understand you. And there really seems to be something specific about the UK life that brings such strong feelings. It certainly appears quite more visceral than to guys from other countries. The funny thing is, when i was in France last May/June, the talk was all about how England was riding the wave, superb employement stats, multi-culturalism of London, Blair outshining any other leader in Europe, all pointing to a country moving ahead, while french still worried about not being able to make their own stinky cheese, and wondering why they lost the Games 2012. Do you think a younger generation may appreciate life in england, or London at least?
  5. At the end of the day, and IME, there are 2 types of LOS resident farangs. The ones who, having fantasized so much about the move, are fleeing their "shithole", still end up in another shithole of their own making, for the simple reason they still have in their luggage/brain, the same shit they pretended to flee. Pattaya has a good number of them, grumpy, exhausted souls and sad beings who will possibly manage to make you feel as if you're home again, being served with the same crap you thought 6000 miles away from you. They do not smile a lot, these guys, needless say. the others made a sound, calculated decision, not really based on a negative, hating a country they leave, but on a positive, the appreciation of life in Thailand and within its culture. And usually, as they come to Thailand, their life is not exactly over, and they can be productive, working people. They tend to be family men (if only having a steady live-in GF), as well, not loners, or eternal sexpats.
  6. Yes, but surely you also read in his post (INTJ's original post) P that his wife and kids were also unhappy in the UK. There is the rub and the difference I'd say. LP's wife and kid seem to enjoy where they are, as does LP. --------------------------------------------- Then, what you say is best adressed to INTJ, as he doubted someone can feel differently than him (a problem not uncommon on many topic on the board. the fun of it, I guess): his excerpt best fitting your reply: "I wonder deep down if you can possibly mean it. I understand it must be very difficult for you living here with a Thai wife, and you must keep positive and "look on the bright side of life" in order to keep going...." __________________ Thanks for the explanation on shitholes. Still seems the end result is still a big flushing down of the place, if i read him well. There are shitholes one can dig though. Pattaya being one!
  7. signed, sealed and delivered! Great post, why people can't say it as it really is/feels, i will always wonder. Anyway: and
  8. having your Thai wife there in England with you makes it all a hell of a lot easier on you and your happiness quotient ----------------------------------------------- did not seem to help INTJ. Everyone is different with different situations. I have a feeling LP is also attached to his family, and his parents must be gaga themselves about seeing his little one growing up near them. Also, to give her the education she can get in England, in Thailand would be a costly proposition, as well as staying near a school that provides it. I think we should just be happy LP enjoys living in England still, and not find reasons why he lives there and should not be (happy). And i am happy too INTJ made a decision he does not regret. fact is, for them, for us, living in the West gave us the opportunity to make these choices, so it pains me a bit to see someone call his country a shithole, as if it was some 3rd world dump. IMO.
  9. I doubt it, not in my nature to stay where the negatives make my life miserable, and it has nothing to do with another country being so much this or that. Except to remind me to enjoy every minute, wherever that is. I actually think, reading posts here, and my experience of staying up to 6 months in LOS a couple times, that staying there takes off some of the visitor veneer off it. One becomes more reasonably realist of life in Thailand, still no one here would ever imagine P127 needs a hardsell speech for Thailand!
  10. "Only boring people get bored". -------------------------------------- I understand you but these 5 words tend to make LP's point, in return. I mean, who was your Grandma talking about, in what country? At the very least, every country, that's England too.... ::
  11. I have to agree with you, even not knowing England. What I remark here, is that it is basically the english speaking nationals (US and GB) who need apparently to express on and on, how drab is life back home. Even if some other euros have a same feeling, or aussie maybe, there is not as much crying about it. Now, it could be that we are an english speaking board to explain it, but I find the outlook on one's country, and on women, altogether, quite different between brits, US () and other countries, from Thailand lovers. I think what my good friend SiamIam is saying: ( "Sometimes I think I would have been happier not knowing Thailand and living oblivious to that type of life? I donno...Double edged sword I guess...") seems to show there is some kind of dumbfoundedness at discovering how life can be fun, maybe wondering it needs so authorization, some self-censoring, if only in thought, just a dream one needs to shake to get back guiltily in the home fold .You will never hear that from a frenchman, for example. And it is true, that as far as Pattaya is concerned, the english I know there seem to have started to live the day they landed on LOS soil. Just an impression, I guess, but it seems so often confirmed around here. Anyway, I love San Francisco, it's a great city, at some point, retired, I plan to be in Thailand AND France. But I have no bridges to burn anywhere.
  12. and Thailand is not and will never be my real home. --------------------------------------------- better than that. it's home in your heart. Sounds trite and corny, but from repeat sex tourists to pig-raising farang in Udon, it's the unmistakable common ground, I'd say. I believe Thailand has always been a blessed place on earth, aura wise and i think some of the thai chauvinism is as much from the realization of that, as from thenationalistic reasons learnt early from school, if not more. It's in the air, and once you picked it, it's under your skin, forever. Just traveling in absolutely fascinating countries in the region, still when you pass the border or land by plane, the feeling is "home again!". There is a sense of possibilities arising from being there, unconnected to striving or working towards something (as in a career, a goal), but simply for being alive and feeling good, and in tune with yourself. Parallel universe almost. The best is achieved when you are rid of the former parallel life, which was not quite you, really, despite what your passport says. Personally, i achieved that, even staying in the USA, which already was a promised land to me, being born in France. So I had some practice.... Thailand is just the cherry on the cake, maybe! Well, something like that.....
  13. And there are some who think they are too high, unions getting too much power, compared to other labor intensive manufacturing/farming countries. I am not an expert, stand to be corrected but I'd say Thailand better start investing big time in education, and compete in a different field than the sweatshop and labor intensive chain productions. China can beat them flat out there, and they've got the manpower.
  14. Other than that the country can't get rid of me, I'm stuck on the place. ----------------------- And i thought Porn again Steve, you were the one who answered "i am B..." ::. Tell us, when was the last time you went there? ...
  15. Boycott going there only. Again, hypothetically so, not asking to boycott Thailand myself, wondering about others. I would boycott it called upon for a good reason. That will never happen anyway, as a mass movement. It's Ok for the thais to ask for excuses from our ambassadors if we dress up a lamp with a Buddha Statue, and other things that attain to their perceived dignity, but no problem insulting our sensibilities selling Bin Laden T-shirts and Nazi helmets. Anything for a buck. Just a tiny example of unreciprocated sensitivity, which is nothing in itself, as i find all this childish, but some members see a bit more ominous signs concerning thais attitudes towards farangs.
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