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  1. Tell us how you REALLY feel. ------------------------------- all this, while driving...La Porsche!
  2. and with our habits, $2000 is MORE than enough ------------------------------------------ We have to start you getting to the bars, jaz! The bells above the counters is the polite way to say hello to everyone around.... :D Seriously, I do not go out to the bars that much, i'd venture there will be less and less nightlife outing as i grow older, and especially, live there more often. I have to agree with BB, any plan has to include extraneous expenses, like traveling home and visit family, for example, without depending on their generosity like a bummed out uncle/brother. That's why my main concern is planning something from the POV of France residenceship, not Thailand.
  3. well, lower means, not low means. AS for 10K being a high or still a low, still comes down to personal choices towards what we need to spend and buy to be content. Background too, maybe. someone born into wealth, keeping it up with his own income may sure want to stay up with it, as well as someone from very trying beginnings but having pulled himself up royally, never want to have to be frugal anymore. I am pretty much in the middle, family neither poor nor rich, the greatest gift my parents gave me was unconditionnal love, plus the show of unconditionnal love between the 2 of them, all the education I needed or wanted, plus the certainty that happiness is not based on calculations. And i forget (actually i don't), fabulous genes! I believe i am worth a few million dollars actually. Buddha dollars! ::
  4. You guys make me realize i have been living the past 7 years (and a few before) as semi-retired. at least 4 months of the year is spent abroad, I work pretty much at my leisure, save a few intense weeks, now is 9.55 AM, "OK, Mom, I am going, OK!" ::. To each his own, but I can die tomorrow, no FUCKING regrets! And i ain't dying tomorrow, and I ain't poor! Will never be rich or riding over a nice stash, that's all. Big deal!!!!!!!!!!!! ::
  5. Being poor is not a virtue. I?ve been poor, and it sux. -------------------------- never been poor, and never made 10 000 $ in amonth. Maybe we can avoid ping-ponging from higher sum to lowest one. Not really the topic, IMO. Poor is not being able to pay your bills/rent constantly, not being able to have bills! Amonst other things.
  6. We all agree with JJ that 10 000 is very good, rest assured. Just that i am not to hang myself, because i have a fourth of this amount, heck, most likely a fifth at best. As a general comment, reading the board, knowing a few, doesn't seem to make him or anyone more or less happy. I think the well-off ones should understand this is what we, less endowed retirees, are about. Enjoy life in the next 30 years as we did the last ones, even though we never drove a Porsche and dressed in Italy.
  7. yeah, not sure what it all has to do with decent retirement. Maybe having the last word???? I dunno, the thread sounds more like a remake of ..."JJson and the argonauts" :D (JJ, watch out!clueless iidiot on your right!.... Behind you, a sorry dude! Oh no, JJ, flying argument over you..... :
  8. Say a TG accuses you of rape or even worse say you are accussed of being a pedophile and someone attempts to shake you down for hush money? It has happend you know. -------------------------------- Not sure this is something in realtion to retirement, maybe living in LOS, but a bit far-fetched to think up a reasonable amount including this. Might as well not spend more time there than the usual vacation. The one thing we have not touched upon, but is in the minds of many, is to calculate what they can have, stop working way before official retirement time and retire there, or part of the year. I agree some may miscalculate then, but has to be weighed against working another 10 years, for ex., reaching a comfortable mark, then drop dead, catch a chronic/debilitating/soon-dying disease (more likely at 60+ than at 50-) or simply feel like you can't do at 60 or 65, what you could at 50, say.
  9. Better be a democracy or we'll invade it and teach you the grandeur of our ideals, even if we have to kill you!
  10. The cracks have already appeared in the system and the stress will only increase over the years --------------------------------------- the cracks have been evident for over 30 years, difference is, there are no problems about raising taxes in France (Europe?). What they pest about are the fact that too many profit and do not contribute. So, further regulations will put limits and astringent conditions to those who do not contribute, which has alerady happened. i do not think someone who worked for 35 years will end up with his pension and benefits being revoked (at least not on the scale of highway robbery OH speaks about for US employees), and his medicals swept under its feet overnight. I think BB and other europeans can speak about this better than me, I only visit there.
  11. At us$ 2000/3000 per month, you can live better than the average Thai, but you won't be living well by first world standards. ----------------------------- Living well is a subjective concept. he whole idea about keeping up with the Jones, car, status, is making me wonder why the point to live somewhere else more affordable, if it's to keep up a system of materialistic values as back home. 'Guess I am different... To live well, i don't need to spend and i don't need a new car. One that runs fine is enough. Most expensive one I ever bought here in SF, was 2900$. Fuck chicks who need to see the cash and status, I ain't playing anyone's game. one thing i don't get here, and maybe it's mostly about US citizens, but how realizing that 2000$ ain't going to amount like shit in LOS, is going to save you by staying in the US ::. For France, My Mom is now living on 2000 euros a month, plus our wonderful french health system. I do not think she has any budgetary problems. I read OH's post, a general take: I see the result of americans thinking that govnmt is too big, off my pockets, then they are left dealling directly with market forces, and that's what you get, they are stronger than any unions or individals in US, and the trend is less union and less "socialism", as they say here. Brace yourself, freeest people in the world, you got what you wanted! ::
  12. JJ, your itemized long answer (which would have been perfect at the beginning of the thread, without finger-pointing at anyone here) seemed to respond to very precise points where members would have shown stubborn cluelessness. I think you put thoughts in our minds here. Few said what is true today is true tomorrow, few said they have it all figured out, we just answered according to the most possible scenario in our personal case.
  13. Hope to have a cold one with you soon --------------------------------------- hey, if it's to be LEO beer, thanks, but get a job or get out of town! :D :D :D My prospective minimum imcome will fortunately allow me to drink Chang (kouat yai), maybe Singha Gold on Xmas day, but Heineken will strictly be out of my means. I will just have to look at BB sipping a real cold expensive imported beer thru the window from the street, hoping he may recognize me before the bouncers machetes drive me away, wandering aimlessly like a desperate down and out Boudu, soul and body!.....Hey, wasn't that JJ wheezing by in his Porsche?!?!? re- :D :D :D
  14. as usual, we probably should define every syllabe of every word.what does Minimum mean? comfortable minimum? Dire straits, tied to the raft minimum? in a wheelchair? minimum 3,37kms outside of pattaya? minimum on 2nd Rd? In Issan? Chiang Mai? BKK? just for the Rolls Royce? The question was simply about spending money, as i read it. Now, we're trying to kinda tell people "yes, but....". Thailand for us will always be a "yes, but..." country as i see it. The reason why whatever money I have, must give me the freedom to go and come as i wish. Stuck 12 months out of 12 in Pattaya, no way. I was in India and Burma last winter, each month there cost me 600 bucks, includes some flying. I was happy as if rolled in dough. So for me, i would gladly give half of my possible spending money for relatively good health thru my 70s. that's worth a million $ to me. I intend to keep going places and stay active, if not in a physical way as i do now, being a contractor.
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