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  1. The future of this board rests in our hands. Support or not. Khunsanuk should you require financial assistance, then post a request. I for one will assist. Regards all.
  2. Kiwi


    So here we are - a few hours away from the Quarter Finals. So it’s decision time - where to go to watch 320 minutes of rugger. The Kiwi bar in Soi 8 looks good - anyone watching there? Have fun lads👍
  3. So it was one of those miserable weekend weather days - had worked in the business for 15 hours the day before - placed a coffee on the table and threw on an oldie- “Papillon”. Still a classic still a pleasure to pass away 2 odd hours. Have forgotten the number of times I’ve enjoyed this movie- it’s been a few times however.Took me back to my earlier days - and my earlier days of visits to LOS. Movies do that at times - sometimes yes sometimes. Have you seen The Third Man? I shall throw that on one day - ol man Cotter ! In the mean time I am planning my final days here before trying ( dabbling) in time off. (I am) Following FB postings on R and R it reminds me of a significant lack of free time on my part. For those of you who are in that phase of retirement- you are the lucky ones. There is value in ‘time off’ - not so? See ya!
  4. Kiwi

    Departees !

    Please tell him I send my regardsí ½í±
  5. Kiwi

    Departees !

    No - ever tried to see Myanmar again. Am pondering a time in Cambodia - there are many positive comments from folk who have tried the life AND STAYED. I currently reside in South Africa - the hurdles ( life) here are many - some just appear to be just too high to jump.
  6. Kiwi

    Departees !

    I have enjoyed this board over the years. Travel is part of my DNA . Many of the chaps here have posted info which I have ( thank you ) used in my travels. Places to go - and not. I made note. I am sure by now I could pen a paper script which may interest a few. On one occasion - a mate and I decided one night ( ( in a Bangkok Bar ) to visit Myanmar . The posters on this board made note of the bird flu in Myanmar. I canceled this trip and flew elsewhere. Good advice. And as I have noted the the postings - I've also noted the posters. So here I now pose my question . So many posters are no longer here - or silent - whatever - so are the folk on this board aware where these chaps are? For example - where is the prolific poster ' Old Hippie'? OH was a computer of travel info. So chaps - occasionally post news of our buddies who may have left us or are residing elsewhere. Best for 2017 - I'm off to NZ for a visit / a trip to Cambodia / a look at LOS as retirement looms. And I remain on this board - ðŸ‘
  7. Go buddie go! Have all the fun your heart desires !
  8. Kiwi

    Xmas Wishes

    Seasons greetings to ALL. From here in humid SA.
  9. And how many of our Board members have passed on ? Do you Sanuk have a page of remembrance? So many no longer here - sadly.
  10. Kiwi

    Star Of Light Update

    Perhaps so! However I prefer the pleasure of a no stress mind at night - rather than the physical joy of two minutes in THE STARLIGHT.
  11. Kiwi

    Star Of Light Update

    STD-this abode would scare the hell out of me!
  12. " Times watches,time knocks, time takes - time seeks no special abode". TTG?
  13. Today v Back then. Left NZ on OE for ONE year. Arrived in Africa at 18.5 years. Never left. " life's path is very rarely a known venture".
  14. SAA - a troubled airline. As is O.Tambo a problem airport. Three thefts from my luggage . Still investigating - now years later. Stopped SAA and now ONLY use Emirates or Singapore Airlines. I depart out of King Shaka International.
  15. Hey all, As the years pass I see a gradual fall off of posters. Some great - others perhaps not. However - some great posters - are just not around anymore. Understandably - as our lives change and different priorities come along. Who knows where Sanjann is these days? Best for 2016 chaps!
  16. Bottom line: For me, NEP is dead, died, too expensive, commercialized and professionalized. Finish! That night I laid NEP to rest, finally and forever. Hey buddie - there's more to life than NEP - I do not even pass the door there anymore. 'Twas once a great place to hang out and shoot the breeze - now it's just a poor sneeze. Be adventurous and see the 'sights' which Bangkok offers ( and there is just so much ). Have fun my son !
  17. Guys, If you are over 20. If you are of reasonable intelligence. If you have sound 'life' and ' business' intelligence skills. Go with the 'gut' - in most cases it will guide you well. If not - my apologies!
  18. Kiwi

    Friday Eve Meetings?

    Ok - so where is Cent?
  19. Go buddie - tis great to read your trip notes. Have fun - my son!
  20. Desire comes from both heart and mind. The physical desire may find her slightly appealing ( agree with Poster's 4/10). However - you would find an appeal to 'handle' an individual who has lost the plot and walks a street naked? Lad - there are more appealing females in a Russian rugby team.
  21. Rather simple. 360 is half a whole. It is an expression of intellectual measurement. That being 720 as the extreme achievement of ability on IQ. It is the theory of a scientist who theorised the ability of the two sides of the human brain. Best.
  22. Kiwi

    Hey Old Timers

    Hey lad - let your heart be the decider - let your age be the strider!
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