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  1. A few friends joined for a sundowner a month back. Friends of same interest and all having spent time in LOS. Ages varied - 40 to late 60’s. We are friends from differing countries. So the question arose - at what age does LOS appeal end? Some of the answers…

    1. Never. 2. Time of pension. 3. Physical ability to travel. 4. Financial. 5. Changing priorities of age. What the chaps all agreed was the great memories LOS had delivered. I suppose as we age,the energy of youth and physical attraction slowly changes. It may never be a complete change,however, change it does. 

    …from a personal perspective,having lost a close travel buddie to Covid,who travelled with me,from the early 2000’s through Thailand, I do think twice before making travel plans. 
    However, travel starts again in 2023,without my travel mate,and I look forward to a cold pint on a beach in Rawai,the three hour massage in the hot spa just inland from same beach,and the countless nights meeting and being ‘hosted’ by those delightful ladies whom never seem to stop with those lady drinks. 
    So I’ll return - by myself ✌️.

  2. On 7/30/2021 at 6:22 AM, bust said:

    I know there is one guy that conceals his camera and videos on Soi 4 across from Nana Hotel. Uploaded 2019 but no idea when it was shot.



    This chap posts great clips of LOS. Perhaps one of the best.

  3. How life changes our time and desires. Had a long chat to a buddie ( of many years ) this morning. We are both from NZ however met in Bangkok in 2000. Both now in our 60s and see LOS in a different perspective. Ten or so visits and 20 years later - could never repeat the pace of years back. Mind you,business has an impact as well. Nonetheless we both look forward to a few pints / the sand beaches of Phuket/ the never ending smiles in the bars late into the night/ and the freedom of time on or hands. 

    Give me that pint ! 

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  4. Hey guys,what are YOUR views on some of the posters on Utube, who post video clips on life in LOS? Some are well posted with great facts and information. Quality clips. Others are constantly posting with very little REAL info and are constantly requesting 'fund support'. 

    A recent viewer stated that he stopped 'supporting' a Utuber after meeting him in person. "I'm not giving him my money to drink beer all day while I work for my money''.


  5. So here we are - a few hours away from the Quarter Finals.

    So it’s decision time - where to go to watch 320 minutes of rugger.

    The Kiwi bar in Soi 8 looks good - anyone watching there?

    Have fun lads👍

  6. So it was one of those miserable weekend weather days - had worked in the business for 15 hours the day before - placed a coffee on the table and threw on an oldie- “Papillon”. Still a classic still a pleasure to pass away 2 odd hours. Have forgotten the number of times I’ve enjoyed this movie- it’s been a few times however.Took me back to my earlier days - and my earlier days of visits to LOS. Movies do that at times - sometimes yes sometimes. 

    Have you seen The Third Man? I shall throw that on one day - ol man Cotter ! 

    In the mean time I am planning my final days here before trying ( dabbling) in time off. (I am) Following FB postings on R and R it reminds me of a significant lack of free time on my part. For those of you who are in that phase of retirement- you are the lucky ones. 

    There is value in ‘time off’ - not so? 

    See ya! 

  7. I talk to Old Hippie almost every day on Face Book. The same with SuaDam (Lizard King). Hugh Hoy is another one. Face Book has taken a toll on the message boards.


    Please tell him I send my regards👊
  8. I did the south island of NZ over Christmas and New Year. Spectacular coastline, friendly people and good food and beer. I loved Dunedin.

    I can se myself retiring to Cambodia. Has most of what LOS has to offer but at half the pace. Did you make it to Burma? I refuse to call it Myanmar.


    No - ever tried to see Myanmar again.

    Am pondering a time in Cambodia - there are many positive comments from folk who have tried the life AND STAYED.

    I currently reside in South Africa - the hurdles ( life) here are many - some just appear to be just too high to jump.



  9. I have enjoyed this board over the years.

    Travel is part of my DNA . Many of the chaps here have posted info which I have ( thank you ) used in my travels. Places to go - and not. I made note. I am sure by now I could pen a paper script which may interest a few.

    On one occasion - a mate and I decided one night ( ( in a Bangkok Bar ) to visit Myanmar . The posters on this board made note of the bird flu in Myanmar. I canceled this trip and flew elsewhere. Good advice.


    And as I have noted the the postings - I've also noted the posters.

    So here I now pose my question .

    So many posters are no longer here - or silent - whatever - so are the folk on this board aware where these chaps are?


    For example - where is the prolific poster ' Old Hippie'?

    OH was a computer of travel info.


    So chaps - occasionally post news of our buddies who may have left us or are residing elsewhere.


    Best for 2017 - I'm off to NZ for a visit / a trip to Cambodia / a look at LOS as retirement looms.


    And I remain on this board - ðŸ‘


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