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  1. Hey Limbo, is "Racha" still around? Ms Vampy & I are looking to do a diving trip (she's an amateur, I'm 10+ years rusty so same-same) on the next school hols, and looking more towards the west coast versus the east (sorry mate). But I'd rather do biz with someone I know; and if we decide the other side, you're easily the first choice... If "Racha" reads this, or anyone knows him, PT me his number. Thanks. Cheers, SD
  2. Sorry mate. The silliness did not come thru to me (what with idiots like Koow, EngineDriver and the like lately). Still, my bad. Carry on... Cheers, SD -- likes silliness...
  3. Uhmmmm, ya. OK. Arai gae dai. Was that not a full and complete answer? Why do I fuckin' even waste my time with guys I do not know... Cheers, SD
  4. Yes, UOB is United Overseas Bank. In theory can open an account with no visa or work permit, but who knows in practice. If not, try Kasikorn Bank at Suk & 33. Farang friendly. But why open an account? If you plan upon xferring a large sum for the month, then I can see it. Otherwise, just use the UOB or GSB ATMs and get money that way. Is your phone a GSM one, with a SIM card? Then just buy a local SIM card for B250 and swap out your Verizon one. If not, then rentals are OK (I do so in Japan) or just buy a cheapy GSM (can be had for less than B2k -- B1250 example) and get a local SIM. Cheers, SD -- has SIM cards for a dozen Asia-Pac countries + USA...
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    My new biz idea... Cheers, SD
  6. It is really quite simple. Be like Nancy Reagan. Just say "NO!" It's not rude, it's reality. The gals know at most men are not happy to say no, so they play you like a sucker. But you need to embrace that "NO" word. Learn it. Live it. LOL! Seriously, if it makes you feel better, use the phrase "not tonight" instead of "no." But use one of them liberally. You are the customer and it is up to you to decide for whom to buy drinks. They'll get the idea soon enough and the precedence will have been set. Change bars (not bar areas if you don't want to), cuz it will be impossible to change modes in the current one now, and start over... Cheers, SD
  7. Soooo, not any different from any other job or person (the self-esteem bit) then? Outside the fact sex is involved versus whatever shitty thing we all do to make a living... Cheers, SD
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    This is pretty clever, also useless... Cheers, SD
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-92g1zPKpQ Cheers, SD
  10. IME, women do not care about this. Just them. The "care about family" thing is just BS. Only if it benefits them... Cheers, SD
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    It is raining in Tokyo... Cheers, SD
  12. The advantage to BBL ATMs is that they allow you to take out B25k, vs. B20k for the rest. So that amortizes the fee over more $$. I've not tried UOB, but GSB is also fine. Cheers, SD
  13. Bangkok Bank: -- B150 fee -- B33.84/US$ (BBL cash rate is B33.75) Using a MasterCard ATM/debit card from a small bank in the States on the Jeanie/Plus/NYCE/Star networks. Cheers, SD
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