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    Soi Cowboy report

    Nothing to do with Middle Easterners, everything to do with assholes. Stop playing the victim and clutching your pearls to your chest. You know what you implied and pretending to faint at the thought doesn't change it. But don't worry, I'll not respond to any of your posts again. You have my word, and it is good as gold. cheers, SD
  2. Every casino attraction/show in Las Vegas has locals rates. There is no sign for this. You just ask & show your ID. Usually ~50% off. Cheers, SD
  3. And there are hotels in LoS that will not allow Thais to rent a room there... And there are plenty advertising LoS residents (Thai or farang) discount rates because biz is down. Cheers, SD
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    Soi Cowboy report

    He knows exactly what he was implying -- write only negative things about a place* and include that there were only Japanese there just implies that it is their fault (as this is a farang neighborhood). Cheers, SD * -- fine, don't care and don't necessarily disagree
  5. If I whip out my Thai DL, I 90% of the time get the Thai price*, so your point is invalid. It is, actually not racist, but just a quick way of determining. In the US, a local can look like any race, so looks cannot count. In LoS, you look Asian if you're a local cuz that's easy for staff to deal with (tho' I've seen them charge Koreans & Japanese who did not speak Thai farang price). Very simple. This is just a subject for those who can't find enough to bitch about in life. Boring. Cheers, SD * -- so 10% of the time you're right; you think the US is any less racist? Puh-leeze!
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    Catch the solar eclipse

    Grrrr! NOT funny at all! I said "young chicky," not pubescent child! Girls are not "chicks" until they're legal to shag! Cheers, SD
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    Soi Cowboy report

    Exactly. Just a bullshit stereotype! Cheers, SD
  8. I'm good with it. I'm not willing to trade my "farang" perks for the B200 in park admissions... Life isn't fair. That's the way it is; but the trade-offs, when you find them, make it moreso. I've learned that...hell, I knew it when I was about seven years old! You need to follow Mekong's signature line. Cheers, SD
  9. But it is NOT different OH. Plenty of examples already abound in this thread. And what about the perks I get as a farang? I can get a VAT refund even if I live here (cuz they don't check so much) when travelling. I can get a 5-10% discount card to various shopping malls (Robinson's, Paragon/Emporium, The Mall, etc.). I have the ability to jump the queue at a hot/trendy establishment as the doorman will let me in just cuz I'm a white guy (usually w/o a cover charge too). Just a couple of examples of perks strictly because I am a farang. Thais cannot get that. Those few examples add up to more cash in pocket than a few baht in park admissions!!! Cheers, SD
  10. Geez, I have to agree with LP. Ya, the fact that farangs get so many "free passes" just goes right over the heads of these dipshits! Cheers, SD
  11. Exactly. Just another one of those many things the unwashed masses think that makes LoS special. It's not, really. But they just need something to bitch about. It amazes me that they even travel. Why? They seem so unhappy doing so... Cheers, SD -- Vegas & Miami same as your description of Hawaii
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    Soi Cowboy report

    Fair enough. I just don't much care for the owner of DV, so I don't go to any of his bars. YMMV. Not many Japanese at Rawhide when we were there, but your comment begs the question: so what? What's wrong with Japanese guys? Or do you really buy into the farang stereotype of them? Sad, if so. They're actually pretty cool and a blast to party with if you just say hello. I would comment more on this, but I won't... Cheers, SD
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    Soi Cowboy report

    Yup. Not an issue at all. I tell her where I am going. She knows a) I dig her and her alone, and my tastes, and that there is not a 99.9999999% chance that any SC Issan gal would be able to sway me to shag them any more. I'm with her, I'm over that -- shit, I fucked 1,000+ gals over the past 20 years, it's boring now. Hell, I tell the SC whores them I'm married and not a player. They are fine with that cuz I buy drinks and we have a good time anyway. They always ask me how my "wife and kids" are and want to see pix! It's trust, baby. Same as I trust her when she goes out with her mates without me. No reason not to. She's never done anything wrong in our several year relationship (as far as I can tell and that's all that matters). So I trust her, same as she trusts me. If there is no trust, there is no relationship. That's as basic as it gets IMHO. That's why I am amazed at guys on this board who have issues with this. If your relationship is not good enough for her to trust you to go out with your mates, and vice-versa, why bother? Any gal who said I could not do what I want (within reason, naturally) would be dismissed right away! Way too many fish in the sea and I'm too good of a catch LOL! Cheers, SD -- this one is not hip to the "open relationship" that I enjoyed with my ex- (meaning I could shag who I wanted as long as she didn't know about it), but that's OK with me...
  14. That's what some (obviously *non*-expats) tell me. I hear it from folks back in farangland, and not the whoremonger types either. Methinks they're just clueless. Cheers, SD
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    Hip Thai pop music

    Moo, granted this is very different than Futon's usual stuff, but it is funny and well done and that's why I like it. This is more "normal" Futon http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F96GnVJF6ps or (I like these better than the OP, but like them both in different ways). Y'all can keep the Thai country music -- every song sounds exactly the same to me. But I suppose that cuts down the need for more than one CD LOL! Cheers, SD PS -- LPs link no workee in Sillypore: "copyright violation."