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  1. What does the role of "mudlogger" involve? Is it a a professional role within the oil and gas industry? What sort of salaries could generally be expected? My nephew is looking at his career options. I have done a little bit of research and it seems to be a sort of "support" role, mainly undertaken by Philipinos and other third world labour. Is this the case throughout the industry. I have said he should go to university and complete a degree specific to the oil and gas industry, geophysics, or whatever it is they do. Many thanks, my nephew is 19 by the way. Snowy..
  2. I cant explain why it is not in any paper, only to surmise that they lifted the van off the woman and she was pretty much OK. What I am prepared to do is give you the number of one of my friends, who lives in Thailand ,who witnessed the event . Whoever wants to talk to my friend PM me. Snowy
  3. I just dont know what you expected me to do? There was nothing anyone other than the emergencies services could do. Are you really suggesting that I try and apprehend two thai robbers on a motorbike, 10 metres away when I am on foot. You are a retard man Snowy
  4. It was the main road just outside "boyz town" Snowy
  5. It did happen, the reason I couldnt do anything directly to help is that there was nothing I could do. The people I was with were freaking out, additionally I had a 11:50 flight back to the UK that same day. I had to check out my hotel in 4 hours time. Re my post about John Galt, at the time I was told he had been sent to jail ( which he had ) the person who told me , told me the sentence was 6 years. this bit of info was inaccurate but it was what I was told. Snowy
  6. I dont know if its to do with the economic climate, the political climate or just plain criminal brutality. On friday night I was out with some old friends from england, bar hopping in Patpong 2. As we were leaving we witnessed 2 men on a motorbike, roar up to a tuk tuk carrying a middle aged farang couple. The grabbed the ladies handbag, she fell out of the tuk tuk screaming and appeared to be quite badly injured. The reaction of the surrounding crowd was sickening who surged forward and proceded to rob the ladies mobile telephone and watch. A passing mini bus ran over the women, her screams will be with me till the day I die, as will the reaction of a lot of thais who starting filming on their telephones, the ones that werent fliming were just milling around laughing. I dont think the lady could have survived as the wheel was on her chest and she was screaming that she couldnt breath. Did anyone else witness this, about 1:35 saturday morning. Snowball
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