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  1. khunsanuk

    Insurance mandatory for long-stay foreigners

    Hi, > I expect the designated insurance companies will increase their rates for farang Interesting you say this. My wife's health insurance was due for renewal this week. Price had gone up 26%! over last year. Contacted the company (Aetna) to ask why the huge increase. First reaction from the sales guy was to immediately offer me a 10% discount, which of course made me even more suspicious. When pressed for an answer he quoted some company BS about health care inflation, which was 8.8% this year. He had no answer when I asked what accounted for the other 17% of the increase. I'll be shopping around for a new insurance company, although I expect that they are all the same. Crooks and one and all Sanuk!
  2. khunsanuk

    Thailand finally has a government!

    Hi, What a surprise. With the deck stacked so heavily in his favor, this outcome was all but certain. Whether or not this was 'democratic' though can be debated. Sanuk!
  3. khunsanuk

    How do I get my browser back into English?

    Hi, Not sure if this can be changed. You might have to delete the browser and download/install an English version. Sanuk!
  4. khunsanuk


    Hi, Said I wasn't getting involved again, but have to set the record straight. We have a battery indicator on the dashboard and emails are sent out when the battery is down to 30%. Furthermore, our server sends out an email if a device has missed sending data within a certain timeframe. So, in the case of power / internet outage, the user will still get notified. As you point out yourself, we are not dealing with equipment which needs to be monitored every second nor would a failure to record something cause a major disaster. For our target market, a sampling rate of once per hour is already more than sufficient. And, on a side note, I kinda resent your immediate reaction that we are amateurs without having any clue as to what we do, who we are or what our collective experience is. Sanuk!
  5. khunsanuk

    Insurance mandatory for long-stay foreigners

    Hi, " they don't even know yet " And that sums up Thai government Sanuk!
  6. khunsanuk


    Hi, BTW, just to clarify, John_Betong is friends with some of the people behind AmbaSense (including me), but not otherwise linked to the company. The site linked was developed by him and accesses some of our development/test data. It is not representative of the dashboard available to our clients Sanuk!
  7. khunsanuk


    Mekong, Have you actually read the website to understand what it is we offer? Not sure if you are having a laugh with the comments you are making or are actually trying to be insulting. Either way, I'm done with the conversation. Oh, and for the record, server is in a datacenter, so yes, UPS is available. We also notify users when the connection to their sensor goes offline (for whatever reason on their end). And we have code in place to check for false negatives. Just because you have 40 years experience dealing with sensors, doesn't mean nobody else knows what they are doing. Sanuk!
  8. khunsanuk


    Hi Mekong, Totally different industry. A restaurant needs to know - and be able to proof - that their fridges and freezers have been operating below a certain temperature. Because, if they get too hot the food needs to be thrown out. So, yes, very important for them to know if the temp goes too high, which is much more likely due to human error (i.e. forgot to close the door) than to mechanical failure of the fridge. Sanuk!
  9. khunsanuk


    Hi, Sure, not groundbreaking, but how many restaurant owners can afford an industrial sized solution? The advantage of our system is that it is cheap and very easy to use. You literally just put the device in the fridge after it has been hooked up to the WiFi, and there is an easy online dashboard where you can keep track of the temps and set alerts. Temp goes over or under the limit, an email or SMS is sent to you. Sanuk!
  10. khunsanuk


    Hi Pom Michael, >Lets talk soon about this. Sure. Any time. Hi Mekong, We sell temperature sensors for fridges/freezers as well as care homes. These are connected via WiFi or Lorawan to a server which can send out email/SMS notifications when certain limits are exceeded. For more info: https://ambasense.com/ Sanuk!
  11. khunsanuk


    Hi, >Not sure of the point - even reading the whole thing - especially the "What can I do with my satellite?" section. To be honest, I am not all that clear on this myself It is mostly my business partners idea, in part to promote the rest of the business (we sell IoT temperature sensors). The general idea is that this is for people to play around with, a bit like Radioman mentioned. Targetted at the same people buying a raspberry pi. >KS - are you buying a kit to send up? No, I wouldn't have a clue how to put it together. I'm a complete newb when it comes to hardware. My part of this is to write the dashboard and server-side application. Sanuk!
  12. khunsanuk


    Hi, Gonna shamelessly plug a project I've been involved with over the last several months, a sattelite launch! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ambasat/ambasat-1-an-educational-space-satellite-kit/description Feel free to help spread the word of this KickStarter campaign. Sanuk!
  13. Hi, The poll is mostly a joke, I think. My guess is that whichever party wins, Prayuth will still get 'elected' PM. He basically only needs 1/4 of the votes. Marcel
  14. Hi, Positive discrimination is still discrimination. Sanuk!
  15. khunsanuk

    Taxi Complaint

    Hi, I think you can call the Land Transport Department Hotline at 1584. Sanuk!