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  1. khunsanuk

    Login problems

    Hi, No, I'm not changing anything. Sanuk!
  2. Hi, " I apologise for posting in a thread and for not posting about Thailand or bizarro porn. There... that should keep my detractors happy. " We get it. You can stop adding this to every post now. Sanuk!
  3. khunsanuk

    As debt levels rise, more Thais struggle to keep up

    Hi, "One struggling debtor, Rosukon Chakkrapongwan, fears she may lose her house as she struggles to keep up payments on a 4-million-baht home loan she took up three years ago. "It was not a problem two years ago. But this year, business is very bad as people don't spend," said the 44-year-old trader, who earns 30,000 baht a month selling cosmetics. More than half of that goes towards paying off her debt." You bought a 4M Baht home while making 30K Baht/month? Why the fuck did you think that would work out? And what fucking bank employee signed off on that? But of course foreigners have to put 50% down in cash when buying a house. Sanuk!
  4. khunsanuk

    Return of the Begpacker

    Hi, Would be nice if we could just deport these assholes back to their home country. And send them the bill for the ticket of course. Sanuk!
  5. Hi, Long overdue, but to be honest, I don't see much changing Sanuk!
  6. khunsanuk

    Bullshit topics

    Hi, Yeah, fucking spammers are by-passing filters again Still trying to figure out how best to deal with them. Sanuk!
  7. Hi, Prudes I've seen commercials on Dutch national TV which showed a lot more nudity than that. Sanuk!
  8. khunsanuk

    Login problems

    Hi, Yeah, I think that link has likely changed with this version. You can bookmark the new unread content page though. Sanuk!
  9. khunsanuk

    Login problems

    Hi, Looks like there are people who are experiencing problems logging into the board after the upgrade. The likely reason for this is that we had to change from using the username to the display name during the upgrade. So, if your username and display name are not the same, you will now need to use your display name to login. You can also use the email address linked to the account to login. The display name is the name which shows up next to your posts, i.e. this one: Sanuk!
  10. khunsanuk

    Usa Thread

    Hi, Flash, the personal message function is here: Sanuk!
  11. khunsanuk

    New version

    Hi, I've changed the default behavior of the Unread Content option. It now shows unread content since your last visit, and clicking the link will take you to the first unread post in the thread. BTW, you can access the page using this button as well: Sanuk!
  12. khunsanuk

    New version

    Hi, Oh, and you can edit/delete custom streams using these buttons: Sanuk!
  13. khunsanuk

    New version

    Hi, Looks like it is possible for me to create custom streams for everyone, using the same settings as those listed on the front end. So, which should I create? Unread posts since last visit? Sanuk!
  14. khunsanuk

    New version

    Hi, Just found out that we can have 'Questions' forums. Might be useful to keep a list of common questions / answers. Thoughts? Sanuk!
  15. khunsanuk

    New version

    Hi, Still trying to figure it out myself as well (not enjoying the double spacing when replying, but not figured out how to get rid of it yet ). Mekong is right about the unread content. Just go to Activity -> My Activity Streams and click Create New Stream That will take you to this screen where you can set the required filters. After you save, it will show up in the list Sanuk!