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  1. Hi Cav, I got mine after about 36 hrs. Sanuk!
  2. Hi, >I take it I can get a covid test at the BKK airport before I depart as it is required to enter the USA? Not sure if this can be done at the airport. I did mine at Rama IX hospital. Plenty of other hospitals provide the same service. >I have my covid passport from the hospital here in Thailand, so I hope they will accept that as proof of vaccination? No proof of vaccination required when I flew to Holland. In Holland that yellow booklet was accepted as proof. Sanuk!
  3. Hi, >Usually I bring back frozen items, steaks, etc. but looks to be not an option this time, bummer. Check with the hotel. Most will have a fridge with small freezer area. The hotel I stayed actually had a full size fridge with proper freezer. Sanuk!
  4. Hi, Fair enough. I agree, that using those criteria the country is not a democracy. The elections were a total sham, and rigged heavily in Prayut's favor. Been telling my wife for years already that he has absolutely no intention of giving up his power. It's obvious he's getting off on it. Sanuk!
  5. Hi, I agree that the elections were a joke. Rigged severely in the military's favor so they couldn't lose, then when they lost anyway, they changed the rules. Officially though it is a 'democracy'. Kinda. Marcel
  6. Hi, >The Thai fishing companies torture and kill the workers. The Thai fishing industry appears to be one big criminal enterprise. This has been well known for years, if not decades. And, and as you point out, nothing is done about it. Sanuk!
  7. Hi, Un-fucking-believable It is obvious we are in a military dictatorship in all but name. Sanuk!
  8. Hi, >Most online vendors, amazon included, accept Skrill, Payonear and Google Pay. I have honestly never seen (or even heard of) Skrill or Payonear, but not really paid attention either. >most popular does not mean the best People, myself included, are inherently lazy, and once they use one thing tend to stick to it. No argument there Sanuk!
  9. Hi, Right, but how many of those can be used to pay for stuff online? I've been using PayPal for years for this. Linked to my credit card, I just pay with PayPal rather than having to enter my credit card details. Much easier. Still not clear if I can continue doing this or not. Sanuk!
  10. Hi, Same thing happens/happened in TH. Get an expensive covid insurance, get infected, join your mates in the big covid quarantines and collect your cash. Sanuk!
  11. Hi, "Be in the Royal Thai Police, place plastic bags over a suspects head and suffocate him to death, all captured on Video, get the hospital to lie about cause of death on death certificate and still awaiting trial. " I missed this due to being out of the country. What an utter travesty yet of course not surprising Sanuk!
  12. Hi, Came in through the Thailand Pass scheme on Thursday. Must say, it was a pretty painless process. Uploaded my documents (yes, JPG is still very widely used online), was able to use my soc sec in lieu of getting travel insurance, and received confirmation after about 1.5 days. Had some problems with the hotel reservation as they requested additional documents the morning of the day I departed. A bit of back and forth as I was not happy sending them a photo of my passport Then I asked me to fill out a form approving them to withdrawn the payment from my credit card. That form included ALL my credit card info. Needless to say I refused. Paid them via bank transfer instead. At Suvi the process was pretty straight-forward. After getting off the plane you are told to sit down while they check if you have the required docs (passport, boarding pass, Thailand Pass, RT-PCR test). Next you come to a small booth where they actually check the documents, before proceeding to immi and baggage claim. Total process took about 15 min. Was then picked up by a limo from the hotel where another RT-PCR test was done (btw, is it a Thai thing to stick that thing up your nose so far they reach brain matter? Both tests done in TH were very uncomfortable, no such issue in NL). Got a negative result about 8+hrs later and was allowed to check out and go home. Sanuk!
  13. Hi, And here is me trying to figure out how to get back home to Thailand Guess I might end up staying with my Mom a bit longer. Sanuk!
  14. Hi, I agree. Until the quarantine requirement is fully removed, the amount of tourists will remain extremely low. Who would want to waste a full week of his vacation being stuck in a hotel room... alone. Sanuk!
  15. Hi, "only a single study which has yet to be submitted for peer review" Exactly. I could publish an article 'proofing' that the moon is made of cheese, yet that is utterly meaningless unless my methods and conclusions have been vetted by peer review. Sanuk!
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