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  1. Hi, Small gathering, but good to meet up regardless. Attending were Itsmedave, Dddave, Flashermac and myself. Sanuk!
  2. Hi, What time? I will probably get there around 18:30 And Cavanami, as Dave mentioned it is Hanharan's: http://hanrahansbangkok.com/ Sanuk!
  3. Hi, I think Old Hippie is either still on vacation in Thailand or has recently left again. Not heard from or seen Gummigut in years. Nervous Dog still posts on the board (under a different name). Sanuk!
  4. Hi, >I am sure TRUE do a similar package to AIS ... I was quoting the one I now / use Right. I was agreeing with you Sanuk!
  5. Hi, "Combined Internet / Phone USD37 / THB1,200 bollox full package with AIS is only THB800" True has a similar packages, which even includes TrueVisions. And yes, the rent figure is on the low side, unless you are including small studios. Sanuk!
  6. Hi, "But Afrikaans? I've never even heard of Dutch being taught here." Afrikaans is not Dutch. While Afrikaans started out as Dutch, it is now a separate language. I will be able to understand a lot / most, but I certainly can't speak it. Sanuk!
  7. Hi, Saw these yesterday, and yes, pretty cool. Sanuk!
  8. Hi, Google says it is on Thonglor soi 13: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Woodstock+Bar+%26+Grill/@13.7332797,100.5783314,16.25z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x93d7eae9b29d74e!8m2!3d13.733903!4d100.580037 Never been there though. Sanuk!
  9. Hi, The restaurant you mention is Woodstock. Still open, but moved to Thonglor and with new ownership. I heard Peter got swindled out of it, but not sure if true. Sanuk!
  10. Hi, I got a message from Itsmedave saying he'd be in town July 4th-9th and again from the 15th to the 26th. He'd like to meet some of the 'old gang'. So, anyone up for dinner on one of those days? Friday July 6th seems like a good choice to me. Marcel
  11. Hi, Have to use the MRT every day. At times is gets so busy at the Asoke station that they have to close the platform as it is full. It is quite common that I have to wait for the 3th, 4th or even 5th train before being able to get on. Sanuk!
  12. Hi, Watched Lost in Space as well. Thought it was okay, but nothing special. Westworld season 2, on the list to be watched. Series I recently finished watching is Counterpart. It's a spy thriller set in 2 parallel worlds. Really enjoyed this. Sanuk!
  13. Hi, I never understood the concept of having a dog as a pet and then ignoring it. Why get one in the first place in that case? Sanuk!
  14. Hi, Soi Dog Foundation has been posting about this for some time already (asking for donations). I would take care word over that of some Thai gov official. Disgraceful KS
  15. Hi, "many tourists don't know the highway code and have not had any training leading to accidents." So, basically just like pretty much every Thai person driving a vehicle, right? Sanuk!
  16. Hi, "Curious what number was the girl" Wanna bet that the girls in the bar are buying lottery tickets with this number? Sanuk!
  17. Hi, No can do. Restaurant has already been picked my Mom & Dad. Sanuk!
  18. Hi, Dinner with the family, so I will not make it Sanuk!
  19. Hi, I think that is mutual. Dad was asking about you a few days back. I'll say hello. Sanuk!
  20. Hi, I'll try, but Mom & Dad are still here. Sanuk!
  21. Hi, I believe condos only need to provide parking for 40% of the units. Seem to recall hearing that somewhere. Sanuk!
  22. Hi, Ever noticed that in Thai newspapers these news articles almost always include the names of the policemen? Sanuk!
  23. Hi, How about also going after those 'local politicians' for rape? As for this woman, lock her up, throw away the key. Sanuk!
  24. Hi, Sorry, not online as much lately (Mom & Dad are here visiting). Just replied to your PM. I can cancel your account, but not delete your posts. Sanuk!
  25. Hi, "Never did see him wai a waitress when they brought his change" That's just because I a was always too busy counting my change Sanuk!
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