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  1. How about we get some of the sensitive files off the harddrives and put them not exactly in the cloud, but in gmail? Big question: What do you think will happen if I fill my 7.5gb allotment on one gmail acct and then open another and store there too? Working from home on cable internet I assume these will show up as coming from one IP address? Therefore gmail might see that and say "you're cheating" and lock me out of one or both. I have a lot of files that would be very suitable for keeping on gmail - no bank info or anything like that. But best not kept around the house. Also gmail storage is free and anonymous, which is to say I don't want to buy more storage, mainly because that wouldn't be anonymous. What do you think? Thanks, GG
  2. Also extremely interesting. Thank you. I'm putting up another post about storage using email..so I hope you and the other lads will have something to say to that one. Thanks, GG
  3. Kamui & Doxx , Really great help all around! I will be signing up for the free storage on all three services and evaluate them according to your input. Kamui - special thanks for your time in writing so much. Gaw Guy
  4. Okay Kamui I see I've connected with the right person for this. You have given me some options and Mozy Home is certainly inexpensive. The thing that would concern me is the longterm stability of whichever service I would use, i.e. I need it to be there in 5 years, 10, 20. The author of the article in PC Mechanic recommends Dropbox based on size of user base which means longevity. Also it has a lot of synching capabilities with different applications. Pls have a look at this article and see if there is anything new in it and if, in light of the article, it seems better than Mozy http://www.pcmech.com/article/10-awesome-yet-not-so-obvious-uses-for-dropbox/. (It may not show in the link but it's called "10 Awesome yet no so obvious uses for dropbox") Thanks, GG
  5. Exactly where did you come across this. I'm semi-advanced speaker and I've used her books along with Courage. I haven't seen this fascinating bit of dialogue before. Gaw Guy
  6. How about we get some of the sensitive files off the harddrives and put them in the cloud? In Dropbox, perhaps? From online Mag PC Mechanic: "You get 2 gigs for free and you can pay for more... I just started using Dropbox to store my encrypted password file for 1Password. It is accessible from both of my Macs, my Ipad, and even my Android phone. This kind of cross-platform, universal support is the major selling point for Dropbox." They claim their security is the best possible. Given that there's a million little gifted Chinese, Russian, Korean and American hackers clikking away at this second, how do you feel about the suggestions here? I'm leaning towards taking them up. Thanks, Gaw Guy
  7. I use TC and have done so for a long time. My need is not to have something that is FBI or govt proof. I don't have anything that private. I just want to protect it from little family hackers if I go to the big land in the sky, u know what i'm sayin ? I don't use a key and my password is medium length. I have another question and I'll write the post now. Thanks, GG
  8. Lock the drive, encrypt the data, then hide the encrypted data. Something like that should work for me. What program is best? Thank you. GG
  9. I don't want luxury, but a degree of security for bags in room. Never been VN before and I see lots of warnings about theft..so any recommendations / comments welcome. Thanks, Gaw Guy
  10. eprompter I heard about eprompter on a radio techie talkshow the other day. It is a cute, smart, little program that checks many email accounts for new mail with one click of the mouse. I keep some backup email accounts that I forget to check and then they expire. With eprompter they can be checked regularly manually or on a schedule. This is a great free program. www.eprompter.com Gaw Guy
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