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  1. My friend has UBC/True Cable TV and is interested in internet. He went to the UBC office to asked but he couldn't figure out what they were trying to tell him. He thought the girl was trying to send him to another office. He gave up. He lives in South Pattaya. When he had cable installed, they installed a dish on the roof. So..does anyone know: Can he get cable internet with his current setup? Is it available in S Pattaya. He seemed to think it might only be available in North Pattaya / Naklua. How much does it cost? Thanks, Gaw Guy
  2. I'm in Pattaya and thinking of jumping to London 2 weeks & Rome 1 week. Leave Thailand last wk Nov. Return BKK 15 Dec. I'll be converting USD into Brit Pound and Euro, using my USD ATM card I guess, unless there's a better way. I mostly have baht in Thai banks in Thailand. I'll be on my own and not fussy about accomodations as I plan to be looking at museums and galleries in London and plan to be there two weeks. I don't care what kind of accomodation I stay in, whether it is hotel or other. Vicinity or Nat'l Gallery or I can take the Tube to National Gallery of Art, Brit Museum, and other places. I've been to London before and seen the "sights", but not for 10 years Please recommend a place or two. Also anything about cheap flights. Thanks, Gaw Guy
  3. eprompter I heard about eprompter on a radio techie talkshow the other day. It is a cute, smart, little program that checks many email accounts for new mail with one click of the mouse. I keep some backup email accounts that I forget to check and then they expire. With eprompter they can be checked regularly manually or on a schedule. This is a great free program. www.eprompter.com Gaw Guy
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