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    Itunes In Los

    I know there used to issues accessing iTunes in LOS and other parts of Asia because of piracy concerns. I haven't looked into that in years. Back then there was some kind of a work around. Do you still have to do that? I can ask this another way: If I bring a laptop from the USA that is set up with iTunes and downloads free podcasts, will it work in LOS? Thanks, GG
  2. Curious.. Looking at Google map directions from Ekamai to US Embassy, it recommends BTS to Chit Lom. Why is that when Phloen Chit BTS appears to be a lot closer to Witthayu Rd. I just want to walk from BTS if it is not a problem. ??? Thanks, GG
  3. I'm filling out this form at home with a PDF mark up program. At the bottom there are questions about my current visa. The actual visa is at this time in my old passport and I will hopefully have it (or some kind of an equivalent) transferred into my new passport when I turn in this form. The form asks for details: Previous Visa Issued at:_______ Date: _______ The original visa they have been working off to give extensions and re-entry permits was issued by Thai Consulate in Los Angeles in 2011. Is that what goes on the form or Jomtien and the date they last issued extension or re-entry. Thanks..GG
  4. BTW: What happens when I go to the US Embassy? I tell them I want to have my visa transferred into my new passport and ??? Do they need anything else from me? Then they just give me a standard form they fill in? Do they want to see other documentation? If I take a bus from Pattaya what is my destination bus station in BKK? Any other tips for getting in and out? Thanks a lot. Gaw Guy
  5. I stay in Pattaya. I don't want to go to US Embassy in BKK to get a note or whatever to take back to Jomtien Immigration to have them do the transfer. I haven't been to BKK since 2010. I bring three suitcases which I will have to take to Pattaya before I go to BKK.
  6. I asked someone I know who works at a foreign consulate in Thailand for suggestions about transferring my current Visa from my old passport to the new passport I will be carrying when I arrive in a few weeks. It was suggested that this could or might be done by Immigration at the airport. That makes good sense, but then again TIT. Do you think it is possible? Thanks, GG
  7. So you are saying that I will have to go to the US Embassy in BKK to get some paperwork. I will not be able to have my Visa transferred in Jomtien without going to BKK first? Very inconvenient and I haven't been t BKK in 10 yrs. Can a Thai consulate in the USA do that when I get my new passport? I have a couple of months before I go to LOS. Thanks, GG
  8. I came across this from Pattaya City Expats Club:Passport (original) withat least 6 months remaining validity. The maximum extension allowedcan be up to one year; but in no case beyond the expiration date of the passport. My passport expires Feb 2, 2017 and that will not work for me as a yearly extension date. April 9 is perfect. Question: To achieve that I would 1) Get a new passport before I go to LOS April 1. 2) Take my cancelled passport with my O-A Visa, current Visa extension until April 9 2016 and current multiple entry stamp. 3) Go to Jomtien and get my O-A Visa transferred into my new passport. 4) Get 1 yr extension and multiple entry stamps. ??? Will that work ??? Transferring things into the new passport doesn't normally require a request by the US Embassy BKK does it? As cavanami had to do ?? GG
  9. My current 1 year O-A visa extension expires April 9, 2016. AnnualIy I go to Jomtien to renew. However my passport expires Feb 2, 2017. Will they give me another year extension, or do I have to get a new passport? If I get a new passport now, my current visa extension and multiple entry stamp will be in my cancelled passport. I assume they are still good, yes or no? Thanks, GG
  10. Young lady had to change her phone number because she could not register her sim. I think that's what she meant. Then she said the reason: เลยโอนตัดเบอร์ What does that last bit mean? I can translate the words but I don't get the meaning. Thanks.. Gawguy
  11. In my original post that started this topic I wrote, "I know it is not practical for someone (meaning foreigners) living in LOS to do so (invest in gold) because of restrictions, so this is not really a Thailand question." Now I see that that probably is not true. I was told by a friend of mine here who owns gold and keeps it other countries that one cannot take gold out of LOS. He said it could be seized. So now I've gotten other feedback and I've looked on line and I see quite the opposite, as in this ThaiVisa post: Posted 2010-11-25 16:30:52 from MoFA website: http://www.mfa.go.th/web/169.php Gold -- Residents may hold and trade domestically in gold jewelery, gold coins and gold bullion. The import and export of gold other than jewelery has recently been deregulated. I am baffled as to what my friend is concerned about. He's not available just now for me to ask him. He's a very knowledgeable person and has lived in LOS part time for 25 yrs or so. Maybe he hasn't gotten the new information.
  12. If there is a way to get any kind of info about a phone number in LOS I don't know what it is. I did come across a note: "No reverse phone numbers in TLand for the moment." I have a missed call from this number and generally I wouldn't care, but I got here recently and one of my favorite friends has gone missing / changed her phone number. I think she may have retired from doing what she used to be doing. She was special in that she wasn't a "professional" at all and when I left I was the only guy she was seeing. I'm trying to find out some info about this number on the off chance that it could be her from some land line. It looks familiar in that I think I may have gotten spam calls from similar before. I don't want to just call it back because then I'll be inviting more solicitation. Thanks, Gaw Guy
  13. Thanks for the insight. This is pretty much the track I'm on and I intend to proceed. I'm not buying gold as an investment, I'm in the category of "insurance against currency fluctuations" - or I'd prefer "hedge against collapse of stock market and currency." One comment: You say you "sold 30% at 1850$ per ounce." Even though I'm not buying as an investment I don't want to be the buy who bought at $1850. The current price $1100 - $1200 seems reasonable by comparison I guess. So I'll buy some, wait and see, and buy some more. Thanks, GG
  14. Do you mean - Do not put it in a safe deposit box at a US bank ?? That's interesting. What is the concern? What is the alternative? "There is a lot to say about gold." Yes indeed! I'm listening... I'm all ears. Thanks, GG
  15. I am thinking of / planning to buy some gold in the form of coins and put it into a safe deposit box in the USA. I am only talking about the value of the metal, not coins with numismatic value. I know it is not practical for someone living in LOS to do so because of restrictions, so this is not really a Thailand question. However we have sophisticated investors on this board with all kinds of experience around the world and in Asia where average people buy and keep a lot of gold. I know expats who keep gold in Singapore and HK. I think stocks and mutual funds are total crap for the average person and all the investment advice and advisors and analysts are bull shit. Throwing darts at a list of stocks or funds gives as good a result as they put out. So what do you think about investing in gold?? Thanks, GG
  16. OK! That's what I call timely advice. Last night home. Read your email, got out of my chair, went to the closet, pulled out a good, light rain jacket and put it in my suitcase. (Otherwise I just have one of those plastic things over there.) Thanks, GG
  17. This became a very interesting thread and I've liked all the responses. I like the references to Buddhism and desire. I work on my desiring / suffering, but guys like us can never beat it. You would have to give up everything, including ego, so that you don't have anything to protect. Only one in millions can even attempt that. But happily Buddhism is a "practice" - you try, you fail, you learn, you try again and again...and you get a little better over time. But the challenge is to master your human nature and it's just too big. As far as the trip is concerned, I'm now at the end of my delay and I'll be arriving in a few days - rain is supposed to diminish in Patts about then. Thanks for the lively input. GG
  18. Thank you YS, Mr Munch, et al. Prior to these pearls of wisdom coming in, my airline called me. I had been trying to get thru to them for 2 days with no luck. Turns out they had 800 passengers to reschedule. I also had my own look at weather reports and recent flood activity in Pattaya. Since I finally had an airline rep on the line after two days of trying, it was really my only chance to make a move. And since the airline initiated the cancellation they were happy to reschedule me any way I wanted with no charge, so I pushed back the whole trip by one week. I didn't shorten it. Here at home the weather is beautiful. I exercise a lot outside wherever I am so I can keep up my routine here for another week and maybe the rain over there will diminish. I walk at night in Patts so those evening rain storms that were mentioned don't suit me - I know them well. A common scenario: I stay inside most of the day, take an early evening nap and then I get already to go for my walk. As I am putting on the shoes, out the window I see a flash of lightening. I'm raring to go, but it's back to the sofa and TV... It sucks. If I can lessen that by a week, it's a very good thing.
  19. I was scheduled to fly through Taipei tomorrow, but the airline sent an email cancelling flight and rescheduling it 15 hours later. That would only get me to Taipei, I still would need to get to BKK. Taiwan is about to be hit by a Super Typhoon and there will be no planes moving until the weather stabilizes and the airport is back in operation. I am also looking at the weather in BKK and Pattaya and the forecast looks bad. Looks like heavy rains for the next week. I know that there has been lots of flooding in Pattaya. No point in being there if I'm stuck in my room. Is the weather as bad as it looks from the reports and forecasts? Should I delay for a week? Thanks, GG
  20. It occurred to me after posting that I had not noticed a flash on the backside of the tablet. A camera with no flash - how special !
  21. The flash will not work. I am using the camera app that came with a SSung Galaxy Tab 7. I don't find any setting in the app to turn the flash on. I see camera settings of course, but nothing for flash. No lightening bolt icon, nothing. Seems really strange. Searching the internet the camera app does not look quite the same. Do I have to download a different camera app to get this most basic of settings - there should be a flash setting with "auto", "on", "off" and maybe "red eye." What am I missing? I saw an older video on youtube that showed all the settings but the guy had downloaded an app? Thanks, GG
  22. My dummy is only about a year old. Samsung. The other thing I like about carrying a 700baht dumb phone instead of my smart phone is that I don't have to worry about it ever. I've lost a phone to pickpocket ladyboy, another one to muggers who took a shoulder bag I was carrying. Both cheap phones and both old at the time. I lost an ipod touch on my own too. I like my little Samsung. I back up my contacts onto another sim and I'm good. GG
  23. This is about a dumb phone, but to ward off attacks I should say that I also have a Samsung Smart Phone. It's a good one but it's kind of big and heavy and I'm pretty small. I've never carried it around. I use it in my room for internet and for the wifi hotspot feature to run my laptop. I don't make phone calls with it except for Skype. I posted before that my long-time phone number for my little, dumb phone may be lost because I won't be back in LOS soon enough to beat the stated deadlines for providing ID info. I have been with AIS with that number for 10+ yrs. There have been some problems with AIS for me, like outgoing texts not being delivered and texts not coming in. That's serious. So if I lose my number why don't I change networks? So what network would you recommend for a prepaid dumb phone? Thanks, Gaw Guy
  24. What a f-ing bummer! I have had my number for 10 yrs and I am in USA from before this was announced until October which is far after the deadline. It looks like I will lose my number, right? And lots of my Thai regulars will lose their numbers because they just won't get around to registering. I will get cut off from them. Do you think I will be able to retrieve my number in October, or will it be gone permanently? There must be a huge reaction from the general population about this, yes? This hurts. GG
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