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    My guess is that she's gone. As she said she doesn't like the rain of insults like "How much did that cost?" You want to run diversity off of the board so that it's just a bunch mongers flapping their pie holes about the same crap all the time? Need to show off how smart and sarcastic we can be, is that it? Often pointless and it definitely gets old. I'd like to have any woman, especially Thai, say whatever they feel like, even if I don't like it sometimes, even if it's BS sometimes. I have to listen to my USA g/f and it's just like that - sometimes I don't like it and sometimes it's a cro
  2. Came across this long and detailed article called: Windows 10: release date, price, news and features I am a happy Win 7 user and ever since Win 8 came out I have been waiting for it to go away, and now it will, according to this article which seems pretty credible. I was particularly struck by the notion of what I call a "disposable laptop", which means it is so cheap you don't have to worry about it, just get another one: "Earlier this month, DigiTimes reported that Microsoft aims to take on Chromebooks in partnering with two different companies to create budget-friendly Windows 10 lap
  3. Hi nkped.. It's a good website, but I think it only reports on phone voice and text usage. My real interest is finding out how much data usage I have remaining so that I don't run out. When I clicked on "usage details" I was asked for my National Identity Card number. I could have put in my Passport #, but I didn't because I wasn't going to get the info I want anyway. You think internet plan and usage might be online somewhee?
  4. I admire your skills and envy your outcome. This is a whole new world and I'm very curious about it. When I bought my phone the lovely sales girl was very helpful and did a number of little things. Lastly she asked me if I would like her to upgrade to the latest version of Android. I had just read article about android security saying to always keep updated to the latest version. It was a bit surprising that the phone manufacture date was just one month and there was an update, but I said yes. She installed android 4.4.4. From what I see on line it's not clear if it's really for this particul
  5. BTW: When you talk about Titanum do you mean "Appcelerator Titanium" or "Titanium Backup" ??
  6. This is an interesting development, having someone tell me to go ahead and root, after receiving so many dire warnings! Thanks Palatkik and I'm glad to know things went so well for you. I love the result as you describe it. I am just at the stage now I am getting going well as a smart phone newbie. I've installed the apps I needed and I am getting familiar with how to use them. The smart phone is not my primary device for doing what I need to do, but it is critical back up to my laptop, which is ailing. I was hit by a couple of laptop failures at the same time, the worst possible time, but tha
  7. Maybe should say "topping up." To start out when I bought smart phone I went to AIS counter and bought internet, 5gb. I assume this is like True and it expires in 30 days. I will need to buy more data/time. However I am only here for about 2 1/2 months at a time. An automatic renewal plan would not work, or would it? Or does AIS have an app or website I can use to add what I need? Do they have an app or website that shows how many Gb I have used. I use True for my internet SIM and it does not, at least not a website. They have a website but does not show data usage. How do I go abo
  8. Funny you should mention that. Actually I have one at home USA. Old phone with button keypad. It's so much more reliable than the electronic ones I've had. Never breaks up. And it doesn't broadcast, like cordless phones. I sometimes hear my neighbors taking on their phones on my wireless headphones. And of course you can make calls from your home number during power outages. Best in emergencies. But I usually use my cordless phones.
  9. The App Manager might let me remove apps I have installed, but I assume all the crap comes with the phone is protected. Really unfortunate.
  10. I can't stand all this app bloat. I want to get rid of so much of it. I only want to run a few apps like Skype, Youtube etc. Serious stuff not games or facebook or any of those. I see reference to connecting the phone to computer in the root process. What does that accomplish? What if there is breakdown along the way, like slow internet or dropped connection on the computer? Kingo Android Root is praised by CNet. How about that or what did you use? What are the chances of bricking a phone. With the slow phone I returned I was able to drag apps to top of screen into a trash can. I d
  11. I am trying to set up keepassdroid and I'm stuck on step one - create database. When it opens I'm looking at a long file name The file name is /storage/emulated/keepass/etc I type 15 at the beginng and I get "could not create parent directory" I need this app because I definitely can't write long passwords with my finger. If you make too many tries with your mail password you will get locked out. I tried once, it was wrong. I tried a bunch more times and kept making mistakes and I didn't press log in. I've looked for keepassdroid guide, but I don't see anything. All info start
  12. Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, quad core 1.2 ghz, 1.25 gb RAM. Model SM - G530FZAATHL 03/03/2015. Sales girl updated Android. 8,500 baht and they gave me full 3k refund on other phone. It has to be faster, I hope.
  13. Returned the phone. Too slow. See new Post. GG
  14. Wow. The word "stupid" seems to be featured in responses to my posts lately! Is there a club? Seems gratuitous and obviously mean-spirited. Is that the way you want me to think of you? Otherwise I would have been entirely grateful as your response and help was spot on. I did a search for online fillable forms for Thailand visa and those did not come up, because that is not quite what they are. What I usually find as fillable forms are PDF files, and these are Word files, which are online and are fillable, but are not called exactly that. Before I saw the insult I had gone to the websit
  15. AIS SuperCombo Lava iris 700: 4.5" qHD screen, 1.3gHz Dual Core, 8 GB ROM, 1GB RAM, Battery 2000mAh, Android 4.4 Kitkat, HD Voice, 3G/Edge Now that I've had this thing, my first smart phone, which I was forced to buy because I wanted to use localphone.com for business, now that I've had it for 24 painful hours, please shed light for me. What did I end up with? Oh..I also happened to buy AIS 5GB package for 750 baht. A friend tells me I didn't need that at all and I could have just paid 70 baht. I'm used to buying for an aircard so I thought it was something I had to do to use internet
  16. A German friend tells me that the new Thai government has changed some Visa rules and he has been getting a visa for a 90 day stay for the last year or so. Very easy application process - no health exam or police records check. Only proof of about $5,000 USD in account in home country. Probably only need passport valid for 6 months. No sure if there is an age requirement but he is 65. I have looked at the website of the consulate in USA where I have gotten visa's in the past and I can't seem to find it. Anyone have any knowledge of this? What is the name of this visa? Thanks, Gaw
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    Please stay with us. You are very valuable and appreciated. We need different points of view. Okay..nah? Gaw Guy
  18. I enlisted the help of a friend to get me going w/ the android I bought. My first mobile. First thing I wanted to do was download AVG and get it running. He is a very intelligent, educated and pretty tech-savvy guy. He has at least 3 mobiles and always pushed me to get one. When he saw my concern with getting an anti-virus up and running before anything else, he remarked: "It's not a big deal. Hacking into smart phones isn't anything like the problem there is with computers. It's not that common." Really!!? If that is true I will be so surprised. I've heard thru media that S/Ph's are more
  19. Exactly! I hope you are talking about aircard because I hope this f.ing phone that I have with AIS SIM will allow Skype and LocalPhone. I have barely been able to get email opened and sent.
  20. I went to True office and told them internet was slow, slow, slow and I could not work. Girl asked me "What time? Or all the time?" Then she mentioned "peak time." That's it. There is no solution and they cannot deliver what they sell. I went to Tuk Kom and bought a smart phone. I have work to do.
  21. I bought AIS SuperCombo 4.5 inch screen 3,000 baht. Then I went to AIS and bought 3gb Internet 750 baht. When she took a photo of my passport and put my name on my phone I was almost sick. First time in 15yr I have ever given my PP to anyone except a hotel or immigration.
  22. I did go into to Tuk Kom to look around and I saw perhaps what pretendingtobemale mentioned,or something like that. An AIS SuperCombo 3,500baht. Has 3,000 something and 2gb. How about that??
  23. Thank you, thank you for the responses. Please tell me more...about phones and what is the best network. I need reliable to take care of my business. And the USB tether to computer sounds really interesting. Will the "budget" Nokia's do that? That way I can drop True like it drops me. Thanks, GG
  24. So now that บางà¸à¸­à¸à¸¡à¸´à¸ªà¸‹à¸µà¹ˆ has told me I need a smart phone and as I always do what women tell me too, even if they have a beard (google translates that bit of Thai as "Missy Bangkok" and the photo is of a girl, I'm guessing one about 50 yr old with twig and berries) now the question as I go out into the uncharted dangerous waters of Tuk Com: "Which phone should I get?? A larger screen would be nice since I'm doing business, not tweeting. And I don't want to spend much money. It's only for when I'm here, which is less than half they year and it will obsolete in the near
  25. This has really deteriorated over the past two years. I'm in S Pattaya not far from Tuk Com and using an Aircard to connect via True. I've been connecting like this from about 4 yrs. I was here 6 months ago, Oct-Dec 2014 and it was worse than it had ever been before. Some of that was because of bad weather. But now, April 2015 with perfect weather I can barely send email. I have to wait and wait for all processes. The Aircard constantly reports the connection speed and I watch it go down to almost nothing several times a minute. It never connects at a constant speed and stays there. At best th
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