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  1. I need send some email while hiding my location, which I have always done with Tor. However, when trying to log onto Yahoo mail, I was asked for a verification number because "you have never logged on from that location before", "that location" is probably in Europe. So I can get into yahoo mail with regular Firefox and I went into the security settings and tried to add my Thai phone number. You can choose Thailand from a drop down list. So I did that and clicked Send SMS and the little wheel twirled around for several seconds and "Thailand" turned into "United States" and the dialogue box
  2. So the TM.7 form recommended in the other post seems to be what I want. I have printed it out. I'm in USA so I only have 8.5X11 inch paper. The form seems to fit on it, but I'm wondering if Immigration office will accept it ?? Government offices can be very particular about such things. My goal is to given a number the first time I enter. I don't want to be given a form to fill out. Gaw Guy
  3. The links from Santa's Helper (ผู้ช่วยซานต้า) may or may not be the right forms, but they are definitely not "fillable" online, which means that you can type your info into them online and print them. That's what I want. But thanks for responding. GG
  4. Where can I find these on line?? For a one year extension or renewal, whatever it is called. I saw people using them last year when was at Immigration in Jomtien Thanks, Gaw Guy
  5. A few months later... Pom Michael (or someone else who uses localphone): I'm in USA and just signed up for localphone and bought some credit. I registered my landline and I'll register a mobile. I'll be going to LOS in about a month, what do I do with this when I'm there? I have a phone in LOS but not a smart phone, so I can't install an app. I would like to call from my mobile there, but I guess I can't, right? Aside from that I guess what I do in LOS is make calls from my laptop and to the recipient they appear to come from one of my US phones, whichever one I choose for the call. Is tha
  6. I'm thinking of taking some money out of a Thai bank account and using it in USA. I don't like the idea of carrying cash. Is there a way to do a transfer now - bank to bank. That's how I got the money to TLand, however the last time I asked about this I was told that isn't possible. I don't suppose they'll issue a check that I can deposit in US. I remember something once said about using Pay Pal. How do you do this without really getting clobbered on exchange rates? Thanks, Gaw Guy
  7. Yes...it seems to work the same as always. I'm wondering if there's something I don't know? A flaw that hackers know about TC that we don't. What do you think?
  8. I've done some searches and not much shows up on internet. That surprises me considering how popular Truecrypt was. I've had it in constant use, version 7.1a for years. "They" say it doesn't work anymore. I not sure what that means. Does that mean it's been hacked and hackers can walk right into files and drives secured by it? The comments I hear online seem to suggest an internal politics breakdown among the developers. The big question is What to use instead of Truecrypt? I've search this site and nothing comes up and that surprises me too because I learned about it here. Gaw
  9. Well...it sounded like "sah" to me and I repeated it to her like that. I usually hear "jah" okay. Her name starts with a "p" sound so it's not her name. If it's not obvious to you guys I'll have to ask her the next time I see her. So how would you say, "If you drink too much, you will look old quickly." ? That applies to other things too: "If you get fat..." "If you smoke..." She was talking about "working" women keeping up their appearance so they would keep up their appeal to customers. Thanks..GG
  10. A woman was telling me that she didn't drink much because it would make her old fast, or make her look old fast. What she said was, "Sah gaeh rayo rayo." What is the word "sah"? Pls spell in Thai. Thanks.. GG
  11. So... I went to the True shop to "top up" my 5GBs before they run out and leave me stranded. My aircard meter says I've used 4.917GB and I still have 3 days to go until 30 days expire. (My aircard meter also says "Data usage is approximate. Contact your provider for actual usage.") I was told I couldn't do anything until the 30 days are up, so come back in 3 days. What I recall from looking at this quite a long time ago is that if I use up my 5GB allotment my service will not stop, it will just go very slow. You get 5GB of high speed and after that you get "whatever" speed. Has anyone operated
  12. Thank you, but I have avoided the smart phones so far. In fact I wore out a key on my last dumb phone and bought a new Samsung Model 690 baht.
  13. I work with a laptop and aircard in LOS. I have been using True for a few years with mixed results - the other night it went to 0kbs download speed for a couple of hours for no apparent reason and I was dead in the water. Also there are wild fluctuations in speed. Sometimes can stream youtube okay, sometimes can only send text msg because connection is so erratic. Anyway..the current question: When I still have time on my 30 day limit, but have almost used up my 5GB download limit, but not quite used up the download limit, and I go in and pay for another 5GB, will the remaining download th
  14. ขอบคุณมาà¸à¸„รับ ผมรัà¸à¸„ุณทุà¸à¸„น จูบจูบ à¸
  15. I don't need the whole thing, just the "when" part Google Translate says: เมื่อคุณà¸à¸¥à¸±à¸šà¸¡à¸² That seems right to me. Is it? Thanks, GG
  16. A standard SMS is 160 characters including spaces, yes? I want to send a long message..maybe 300 characters. When I open the screen to compose a new text on my Samsung phone/ AIS network, I see a character limit of 918. I just tried a test message of 220 characters sent to myself and they all came in. I did not notice if I was charged for two text messages. Re charges: Is only the sender charged? Or is the receipient also charged? Thanks, GG
  17. Think I've seen this before. It comes from a phone company, and I think it is on behalf of someone that tried to send me a text and they don't have money in their phone. Is that what it is or something else? I called back and the phone rings but no answer. If there was no money in the phone, would the it still ring? Msg looks like this, but in Thai: [Name] Gawguy [Telephone-Home] 0881234567890 From: Lek
  18. OK sounds good. Looks like I will wait until I'm home in Dec so I can use my home phone number. It takes voice msgs and sends them as attachments to email. I'm not sure this is "THE" solution to my original problem of Skype breaking down in bad weather. I don't have or want a smart phone so I can't download app, so I use my laptop via aircard connected to True. I'm also not sure using a regular phone with a True SIM will overcome the weather problem. Those calls might get broken or dropped same as Skype was. I had a couple of business emergencies during that period of foul weather and
  19. So..PM..What kind of info do I need to give to register. I'll give them USA phone #, address, bank acct or pay pal info. How do they verify my home phone if I'm not there? They can leave a message code or something. I get the messages via email. Do they need more than that? I don't like giving personal info.. GG
  20. I haven't heard of this service and it is very interesting. I've just read their web page now and I think it might fill a real need for me. I want to make calls to certain people in USA from LOS, but I don't want a LOS number to appear to them... I don't want +66 to show up anywhere and I don't want them to be able to search it out. I want my location to show as USA +1. Does this service work like that?? I can't call these people with Skype even when it's working well because +66 comes up at the beginning of the incoming number they see. I'm really glad you responded and I hope you'll answer
  21. I usually use Skype to deal with business in the US, but over the past weeks there has been a period when Skype was not functioning. I would call, but the person on the other end could not hear me. Sometimes their phone would not ring. Sometimes calls were dropped. The weather was bad here - there was rain in my vicinity for days on end. If wasn't raining directly on my location, there was cloud cover and rain threatening. I have a cheap Samsung phone available that needs a new SIM card as I am using that SIM card in a new phone. I don't want to use the old number for my business calls
  22. The sign translates: "Close - Close gently, gently" May not be something one puts on a car. I guess it depends on what you would like the reader of the sign to do. I'm curious as to what you want to communicate? Maybe there is something more on point. Gaw Guy
  23. Okay. You guys are right. That's the name she uses for her email. I clicked "reply" and it came up in the address line. But is it an actual name? Are you familiar with it as first name, last name. Both words have meanings. "อนุ" and "เผือà¸à¸œà¹ˆà¸­à¸‡" I'm back home now so I'll ask her about her real name when I get back to LOS. Thanks.
  24. This woman doesn't exactly understand where to write what in an email. She writes the body in the Subject area. There she wrote in Thai: "Hello, I miss you a lot. In the body she writes: อนุ เผือà¸à¸œà¹ˆà¸­à¸‡ The she closes with Love ... Lek What does the part that I have left in Thai mean? Google translate says the last two words mean "Shiny white." Is this a metaphor, simile, idiom?? Thanks, GG
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