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  1. Windows updates cause more damn problems! I have a secondary computer that runs XP. It was working fine until I ran the update that was being pushed at me. It installed 30 updates because I haven't used it for awhile. The USB Internet SIM modem is my connection and it was working fine. After the update the modem software (ZTE Join Air) begins startup for a few seconds and then shuts down. I uninstalled the software / drivers and re-installed, did not help. Why? WTF. What to do? GG
  2. I checked the msg to make sure about ไม่ม and yes that is what is there. Maybe it's a spelling mistake or maybe she was interrupted. I remembered something: About a week ago I sent her a text and later I saw a missed call from her. I didn't feel like talking on the phone, no special reason, So I txt'd that I'd like her reply by txt and that I like txting the best. So I assume this "by air" means she'll alway be txting. I guess that the brevity is because she doesn't have enough time and privacy to txt. When she does she'll txt something like "I'll come see you on Tuesday OK?" A
  3. Thanks..but that doesn't make sense to me.. She and I exchange txt msgs so in a way everything is "sent thru the air." Possibly she wants to say that she can't txt me very much right now?? I would take that to mean that she is "long time" with a farang. Or she's with her family and she doesn't want them to know about our msgs. I just don't know. It's not that important, but I'd like to understand. It's all part of learning Thai too.
  4. I can look up the words but I don't get the meaning. I txt'd her yesterday asking when I will see her again. Help Please. Thanks GG ทั้งหมดนี้จะถูà¸à¸ªà¹ˆà¸‡à¸œà¹ˆà¸²à¸™à¸—างอาà¸à¸²à¸¨à¹‚ดยไม่ม
  5. I started studying Thai at age 58 and am now a younger 68. It's good for you. I made two big break throughs in Thailand because of it. The first was when I met a group of fun-loving Thai tourist girls on Beach Rd, Pattaya. I was just developing a little ability to speak Thai. A cute 21 yr old took a liking to me and wanted me to go visit her home in Issan and so I did and it was a fine experience. I didn't allow a relationship to start as the girl wanted to get married and have a family, so she should look for a better man than me. Nonetheless, I got to spend a nice month with her and got
  6. I second that! ไว้ is a great example of the complexity of language.Syntax, nuance, special cases... I'm surprised that it keeps turning up in Issan girls' text messages. I don't hear it verbally very much. Thanks for the input. GG (what about my more recent post? I'm really interested to know if I actually got something kind of right?)
  7. I've been having a reaction to something for a couple days and sneezing. I seem to have a little allergy. I want to be able to say "I think I'm allergic to something in the air." Here's a guess. Please tell me what might be better. ผมคิดว่าผมà¹à¸žà¹‰à¸­à¸°à¹„รในอาà¸à¸²à¸¨ Thanks..GG
  8. Okay..very good. It's in the dictionary when put it in in Thai. When I look up "move" it doesn't come up in the definitions, neither in my paper dictionary, nor computer dictionary nor thai-language.com. Thanks. And what a great memory for an old song! GG
  9. There was a break, but it looks like she put it in the wrong place by mistake. Or maybe phones throw one in sometimes? At any rate it makes sense with the ไว้ at the end of the previous sentence. (Are they called sentences? Does Thai have sentences? It would help.) Thanks a lot. ตอนนี้อยู่ดูà¹à¸¥à¸¥à¸¹à¸à¹†à¹€à¸‚าปิดเทอมมาพัà¸à¸œà¹ˆà¸­à¸™à¹€à¸—ี่ยวที่พัทยาลำดวนà¸à¹‡à¹€à¸¥à¸¢à¸•à¹‰à¸­à¸‡à¸­à¸¢à¸¹à¹ˆà¸à¸±à¸šà¸¥à¸¹à¸à¸à¹ˆà¸­à¸™ ไว้เจอà¸à¸±à¸™à¹ƒà¸«à¸¡à¹ˆà¸™à¸°à¸„่ะลฉันคิดถà¸
  10. I use a word for this when a girl is giving me a massage and blocking the TV. I say, "Kai yap nit noi" and they seem to understand. Where did I get this word!? I can't find it in any dictionary. Is it a word? Thai? Lao? I see a few ways to say move, but I don't know which one I could use in this case. I'd be happy with "kai yap" if it's not just a figment of my imagination. GG
  11. I want to be sure I understand this text message response. I txt'd her and asked her where she was. She said she was taking care of her child because school was out. He has come to Pattaya for awhile. à¸à¹‡à¹€à¸¥à¸¢à¸•à¹‰à¸­à¸‡à¸­à¸¢à¸¹à¹ˆà¸à¸±à¸šà¸¥à¸¹à¸à¸à¹ˆà¸­à¸™ She has to stay with the kid. ไว้เจอà¸à¸±à¸™à¹ƒà¸«à¸¡à¹ˆà¸™à¸°à¸„่ะ This is what I'm not sure about. Is she saying we're going to meet again in the future? I'm not sure why she can't leave the kid for a couple of hours and come see me. I've asked about this word ไว้ before and was told that in
  12. When I was a newbie only a year or two in, I had a g/f who had a couple of friends we would hang out with. One had a taxi cab and we would take trips with him - even as far a Hua Hin, for free. He had one of those straw hats with a band that said, "Amazing Thailand." After over a year of knowing him, and not being quite as new anymore, I thought to ask him a smart-ass question: "What does it say on your hat?" No idea! None of them had any idea, even though it was the primary tourist slogan for Thailand, seen everywhere on bulletin boards, TV, etc. It's pretty much like everything else written
  13. I saw a beautiful T-Shirt on a working girl this morning. It made reference to a large hamburger company whose name we dare not write. The T-Shirt used vivid red, white, and yellow (for arches) on a black background. It looked good and even upgraded the woman's look a little (although a little was not enough.) In crisp letters, perfectly spelled out, it said, "Going to McD's for a salon is like going to a prostitute for a hug." This is high-level stuff - a simile is not a linguistic trifle and the word "salon" connotes luxury and sophistication. The vocabulary, although I'm sure she had no ide
  14. ผมถึงเข้าใจà¹à¸¥à¹‰à¸§ ขอบคุณครับ
  15. How do you spell "thueng" in Thai, please? (I tried the thai-language.com dictionary and nothing comes up.) Also, when you say "thueng laeo" does that express that it was really good? More than just the ordinary "set laeo" ?
  16. I'm not sure about "sawan" ? Do you mean "sawang" (สว่าง) - like "going into the light" ? If not could you spell it in Thai please. Thanks..GG
  17. Since we're into adult-themed vernacular these days, I'd like to improve on something I often want to say and do say, but I think I say it badly. The situation is that a "lady," generally a long-standing favorite, has just given me the most heart-felt, exciting, in-depth and satisfying oral exploration you can imagine, leaving nothing unattended and definitely nothing un-"finished" Then, as she's going over her face with a kleenex, she asks me with a smile, "Okay, mai?" And I can only say something weak like, "Okay mak, mak!!" "Khun ruujak pom tuk-yang, dii tii sut!" Sometimes I try, "Yii
  18. One of my favorite frustrations is to be sitting alongside a couple who are barely acquainted and listen to the farang, usually an American, pontificating so very sincerely to the nice little ee-dok he thinks understands him because she has a 100-word English vocabulary. So he goes on about something big and important for 5 or 10 minutes and ends with something like, "Bottom line, I think your friend has confused the issue here because she is blinded by her inferiority complex. At any rate I have to be on my way at the moment. Have a nice night." The Thai girl whose neck is sore from nodding a
  19. I like to kid around and reading Tod Daniels response about the college girls calling each other "whore" for slang fun, that sounds like fun to me too. With my g/f in US I sometimes answer the phone "What do you want now you whore?" and she always cracks up. Wouldn't it be fun to do same in Thailand with some ladies I know and love? Or would they throw something at me, spin on heel and walk away forever? (I know I'm in the danger zone) Gaw Guy
  20. gawguy

    Remodel Room

    Thank you.. I got it! I read enough Thai that I can read what you wrote. Really like your responses TD - you are a great asset here. Gaw Guy
  21. Assuming that we do everything else right - complex passwords, software updates, firewall, etc. - I would like to rate the different types of ways to connect to the internet. I may be forgetting some connection types and I'm guessing so please correct me. Most secure to least secure: 1) LAN line wired connection 2) Aircard (computer internet SIM) 3) Smart phone 4) Internet shop LAN line 5) Wifi at home 6) Public Wifi hotspot (example, coffeeshop) 7) Internet shop Wifi (I'm thinking an Aircard connection is relatively hard to hack...) Gaw Guy
  22. It's something I would at home with Comcast downloading 22 mbps so no problem. Thanks..GG
  23. Here's an item I'm interested in for $179 USD from an eBay Top Rated Plus seller. I don't see SP1 in description. If needed how do I get it? I assume buying like this is very different than buying W7 Ultimate in Thailand for 400 baht - is that true. Any help much appreciated. Thanks - Gaw Guy http://www.ebay.com/...=item2ec85c2d9e Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Full Version, Standard License for PC 32 / 64 bit This is a bran new un opened item The DVDs (Include both 32-bit and 64-bit Discs) comes with its unique COA - Certificate Of Authenticity with serial nu
  24. Enjoyed the vid posted by Jai Rai. Yes..you always have to choose your context so very carefully when you're playing with vulgarity. You can say almost anything in the right context "bitch", "wanker", "a-hole" even the dreaded "n" word is funny between friends a the right time. The words are indispensable. Search up "The Ascent of A-Word" by Geoffrey Nunberg. Look him up on iTunes and listen to his incisive and hilarious podcast on Ass-Hole-ism. Who is the world's most classic asshole? Donald Trump. It's his profession. It's not possible to succinctly describe him - personality, egotism, hair
  25. gawguy

    Remodel Room

    A girl came over yesterday who speaks and writes English pretty well and when I asked her this question she said, "Tham hawng mai" "Make room new." But she is Issan, so maybe that's a regional way of putting it?? GG
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