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  1. Thanks for the help. From the replies, it's obviously a thorny issue. I have settled on cold tea with ice or without and Minere water with ice. The video about sugar substitutes put me off diet drinks for good and I appreciate it. "Aspartame" - as they say, if your grandmother wouldn't know what it is, don't eat it. Gaw Guy
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    Remodel Room

    Where I live there is sometimes a racket when they re-do, upgrade, or remodel a room. How do I explain what they are doing when someone comes over? Thanks, GG
  3. I'm still trying to get my Win 7 computer to boot that would not boot after Windows Update. With a lot of difficulty I managed to get to the boot options screen and I tried Safe Mode. It hangs while loading avg drivers. So I connected it to another computer via USB and removed all drivers beginning "avg". Still won't boot. Since I have access to the drive via USB what else might I try? Thanks a lot, Gaw Guy
  4. Thank you Mr. Ting Tong for putting up that video. You have a way of putting your finger on just the thing. In fact I'm not going to do anything anymore except put up posts and let you solve my problems. You da man! So...when I back home I will start fiddling around with Ubuntu on one of my laptops. If it works out, and I think it will, I will install on my XP netbook before April 2014. BTW: Kidding aside, I really appreciate your help. And, when I get good advice I take it. Gaw Guy
  5. For business I need a spreadsheet and word processor. Normally have used Excel and Word but I think OpenOffice would work fine. Maybe an android based device instead of Apple to save money. I guess there's a million of them. You mentioned ubuntu and I might look into that - maybe put up another post to discuss it. (Looking at the bigger picture: At this time I have sufficient backup with XP devices - the Thinkpad T41 that I'm using now and a Samsung netbook. Problem is XP support ends in April 2014 so I need to find an alternative.) Thanks...GG
  6. Now that Windows Update has changed my Thinkpad into brick, I'm thinking about alternatives to Windows laptops which will guarantee that I be able to conduct my home business while in LOS. This will be a secondary device to have as backup. In the past my excellent fallback which I used many times has been a little Netbook running XP. Prefer 2nd hand from Craigslist bought in USA, but if I have to buy in LOS, OK. So what to get? The iPad Mini comes to mind but I'm not sure I can make Skype calls with it? Thinking about Apple because they seem to be the least hacked. Also if I buy one in USA will it work in Thailand with a different SIM? Do Apple products require a subscription in LOS? I don't want to give any personal info. (BTW I have a USA iPod 3 in USA, 2nd hand, flawless device. But no SIM - wifi only and I don't want to conduct business on wifi. I don't use it online and I don't put personal info on it.) I don't want a regular smartphone because I don't want incoming calls. I receive incoming calls on a US based phone which instantly forwards to email. Any and all suggestions for all kinds of devices welcome. Thanks...Gaw Guy
  7. Looking at the Lenovo Rescue and Recovery screen there are three options: Quick Restore - grayed out Full Restore - wipes everything and restores (I think) Rescue Files - has options to back up files to be restored if needed. I never knew about that. It won't start in Safe Mode - it begins the process then freezes just as it does on the splash screen. So I was wondering if there's a way I can uninstall the updates with the disk hooked up to a different computer thru USB? Seems unlikely... Thanks...GG
  8. It's a Lenovo T61 which I bought second hand. It's not very old. I didn't make a recovery partition for it and when I run the recovery software it doesn't give the option of just repairing the windows install - that one is grayed out. I think I would have to do a complete re-install and lose everything. I don't have the DVD - I've never gotten one with a second hand purchase.
  9. Totally normal function and operation until today. Window Update let me know an update was ready and as always I let it install. At the end of the process it was supposed to shut down and restart, but during the shutdown it stalled on the splash screen for 15 minutes. That looked like bad news to me, but I had to shut it down sometime. I powered off and on and it stalled on the splash screen starting up. WTF!! Since I did exactly what I was supposed to do, what is to keep it from happening next time that I do exactly what I'm supposed to do!!?? I searched on line and there isn't any solution for me. I had to set this computer up in one day before leaving USA because the one I wanted to bring was putting out an "activation needed" message which I hadn't noticed before. I only saw it when I went into System Properties for some reason. At any rate, I didn't have time to make a system backup which I could use to restore the system at this point, if it worked like it should. (If Windows Update worked like it should I wouldn't be in the shit right now either.) I'm in Pattaya. If I were home I'd go to my repair guy and he'd fix it. I don't trust Thai techs and software enough to just run over to Tukcom with it. I don't know what would be put on from their repair or reinstall disk. I am able to pull out the disk and hook it to another computer and access my files. I wondering if there's a way to undo the update with the disk hooked up externally? If all else fails I'll just wait until I go home and take it in there. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, GG
  10. There are some things I am increasingly reluctant to do on line. My antivirus software occasionally reports malware then "fixes" it, but the malware is there for who knows how long before it is found. I have started phoning into various services and have had good success. Nor is it too time consuming. Sometimes one keys in a telephone password and other info like SS#, sometimes you give personal info to a phone rep. Using Skype - can a hacker listen in? It seems really unlikely that hackers would bother to monitor phone calls unless they do what they do with websites, which is to look for and recognize a link to a site and then follow the transaction. With a Skype connection they would have to be looking for telephone contact with a site and then activate the spy process. How protected are interactions on Skype? What are your thoughts in general on the whole issue of online transactions v. Skype telephone transactions. Thanks, Gaw Guy
  11. Thanks for putting in the video. It may not be the best hard science, but it's the impetus I needed to quit diet drinks altogether. I had cut them to nothing in the USA where I have healthy zero-cal options. So now in TLand I'm going to be drinking iced tea, coffee and ice water. BTW I mentioned Splenda and Stevia as sweeteners. Neither have aspertame. Thank you. GG
  12. I buy tea bags and make tea. I also drink coffee. I bring Splenda and Stevia from the US as good, no-calorie sweeteners. I appreciate this response and the others. So far it seems like the answer to my question "Are There Any Healthy Drinks In Thailand?" is "No." This suggests that the level of health awareness, while slowly improving, is pathetic. I don't expect the demand for something like Vitamin Water to come from the lower class, but there is a big, affluent middle class in BKK. Why haven't they expressed a demand that has resulted in some drinks coming on line? I see talk shows and infomercial programming that seems to be health product oriented. I'm sure it's more cosmetic than health. And I assume this isn't just a Thai phenomenon. It's definitely SE Asia and maybe all of Asia including Korea and perhaps Japan. (Also, in passing, a few years ago I might see one or two morbidly obese Thai people during a three-month visit. Now I'm seeing a couple more every week.) GG
  13. I did an internet search for Naminow Soda Thailand and nothing came up. I don't know what it is or what "home made" indicates and "most places allow you.." Can you explain more please and maybe direct me to a link. Thanks..GG
  14. Trying to find a decent healthy drink in Pattaya has been a problem. I find myself stuck buying diet coke / coke zero, or soda water. But I would really like a non-carbonated drink. In the USA they have Vitamin Water - Zero calorie. Several companies have come out with versions and the one I like the best is the Costco brand called Vita Rain. Tastes good, zero calories, non-carbonated. Ideally I would like 0 calories, no sugar, natural flavor..etc. Some drinks bottled in Thailand don't have nutrition info on label. Maybe one of those would be good, I don't know. I assume they have sugar. (And yes... I know someone is going to tell me about beer, maybe lite beer. I like beer but I want to find something else.) Thanks for any help. Gaw Guy
  15. What is "chamnan"? I understand the rest... GG
  16. Met a young lady in passing the other day. Good humored, likes to talk and talk and kid around. After about 5 minutes she hit me with the dreaded, "Farang poot pasah thai mai dee. Khun roo mak!"My interpretation of that statement is, "Because you can speak Thai, you know an awful lot about Thailand and Thai people, which means there's a 90% chance that you're an asshole who wants to manipulate and use Thai people." Smile, smile.This has also been said to me more seriously.I always wonder what to say. I don't want to say I don't know anything, that's seems stupid. Anyway, knowing a lot seems like a good thing, except with that expression.My reply to young lady the other night, "Mai roo mak. Roo paw dii." That's probably not good Thai, but what I was saying was, "I don't know a lot. I know just enough." She understood what I meant, not that it mattered.What do you think? Or say?GG
  17. I'm not sure if these two words, both of which mean "to be" or "is", are roughly equivalent. Last night I was talking to an Issan girl who used kheuh for something, don't remember what. I had thought that "kheuh" is a more formal word because I don't hear it so often. Maybe it isn't or maybe I'm just not hearing it. I always hear "bpen" and usually use it. However it sometimes indicates that something is wrong, "bpen arai?" means "what's wrong?" So if I want to ask "what's that?" I don't say "ahn nii bpen arai" because that means "what's wrong with that thing?" So please correct my mis-impressions. Also tell me if and when you use "kheuh." Thanks, Gaw Guy
  18. Okay..thanks. The links make it slightly clearer than mud. I do see a carrier code in second link "True Move 52099" and when the numeric code 52000 is there, it is where "True" is when "True" is shown, so yeah, that's the carrier code. From other things I see it seems like UMTS may be 3G and HSDPA may be 3.5G. I don't get consistent speeds though no matter what alpahbet soup is showing. Seem to get bounced around like a ping pong ball and it's catch as catch can. Thank you baa. GG
  19. I've been using True for internet access via aircard for quite awhile now. It works pretty well. Sometimes very well, sometimes not so much. I get various indications from my aircard software when I log on. Sometimes it says "PC UMTS" // Below that "52000" or "PC HSDPA // 52000." Are they the same? And 52000 what? Other times I get "RPC UMTS" and when I clik Connect I get a msg "You are in roaming status. The charge might be higher." Of course it isn't, at least I think it isn't, because I'm not charged for time but for how much I download. Sometimes, not often, the software beeps and I get dropped on my arse. I have to reconnect which blows away videos in progress and they have to be restarted. I would appreciate any info on these different connection types. If I could get a modicum of understanding, perhaps I could feel a modicum of control - or a quantum of solace - anything would be an improvement. Thanks, GG
  20. Okay guys...thanks for the info and confirmation. April 9 seems to be a pretty good fit for my schedule and now, having been thru the extension process, it all seems quite do-able. Thanks a lot. GG
  21. First, for those who may have followed previous posts like "Visa Extension Crunch"... here's what I did. I had a ticket to come back to LOS 4/6/13 but my visa extension or permit to enter was going to expire 4/9/13. To get out of the crunch I changed my arrival date to 4/1/13 and went ahead from there to get a one yr extension on my O-A and get a multiple entry permit. My current visa extension and multiple entry stamp both say 4/9/2014. My question: Does this mean that I permanently locked into April 9 expirations? Or is there some way around that short of getting a new US visa? Thanks for all the excellent and detailed advice. Gaw Guy
  22. If it works for you that's good, but not all vision issues can be corrected with reading glasses from the corner store. I have one eye substantially worse than the other. This is life-long problem which was finally addressed with glasses when I was 13. What a revelation - "I can see!"
  23. I'm in Pattaya and if there are "local" opticians around they are well hidden. There are Beautiful Optic and Top Choeron shops everywhere. One time I went into an optical shop in the Big C center, north Pattaya, but they were as expensive as the big names. Does anyone know of a cheaper one in Pattaya? Thanks..GG
  24. Okay...so you guys like to be cute - I'm getting replies from guys who don't wear glasses...not exactly what I had in mind. So.. Mekong...where did you buy these glasses? Thanks..GG
  25. I haven't shopped around too much, just a little. I've always used Beautiful Optic and they are now quite expensive. I'm pretty sure there is a dual pricing system although the difference is hard to confirm on my own. For me they always pull out a price sheet and then they say, "I can give a 10% discount", which is still high, but they won't go down any lower. It's BS. Anyway I just bought lenses for sunglasses. I brought my own frames and a recent perscription from the US. These are progressive tri-focals, lenses only, and I paid 7,400 baht. I've just started wearing them and they're good. But what do you think about the price? Thanks, Gaw Guy
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