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  1. Okay!! I've tried it and I like it! I'm glad I held out doing anything until JR responded with this last option. (I knew I kept you guys on the payroll for a reason! And it's not cause you are Jai Rai or because Ura Dick, etc.) Google Docs turns out to be really good for photo storage because the view can be switched to "grid" which displays good-sized thumbnails. 1 gb free storage which is just the right amount for what I have. Thanks to all the responses, and to JR for explaining the option that seems best for my purposes. Gaw Guy
  2. Thanks for all the input fellows. The email to yourself thing is far too cumbersome, but I'll be checking out other suggestions. GG
  3. Thanks..but I want the storage "in the cloud" somehow or the other.
  4. I'm unplugged and I restarted the computer just to be sure. Google drive is a folder in My Documents. I've also checked out the photo storage / sharing sites and they don't have enough capacity unless you pay. Nothing seems to be exactly what I was looking for so I might just try some options and settle for one.
  5. I have a lot of photos (not sexy) that I want to keep in folders on line - "in the cloud" as we now say. I want to be able to access them from any of my PC's but I don't want them in a local folder. I have dropbox, but dropbox works out of a local folder. I've been looking at google drive, same thing. -- Unless there is some way to use these without downloading the files into a local folder before you can look at them. I know there are lots of photo storage websites.. maybe I should be thinking of using one of them. I have about 1gb of photos I would like to store. What are your suggestions for the best options? Thanks, Gaw Guy
  6. gawguy

    Khon Rao

    Okay Lads! Thank you very much. So a somewhat educated Issan woman speaking standard Central Thai. I looked for the phrase before I posted and the dictionary at http://www.thai-language.com/ translated it as "we." It needed more explanation and much appreciated! GG
  7. gawguy

    Khon Rao

    Aha... "Us folks" .. that makes sense. I guess the "us folks" she might be talking about would be "regular" people, salt-of-the-earth types? It may not be legit to draw a parallel to English, but in English, "us folks" would be a colloquialism. I wiki-p'd that word and the article was very interesting: "A colloquialism is a word or phrase employed in conversational or informal language but not in formal speech or formal writing. Colloquialisms include words (such as gonna and wanna), phrases (such as old as the hills, raining cats and dogs and dead as a doornail) and aphorisms (such as There's more than one way to skin a cat). Generally, colloquialisms are specific to a geographical region. They are used in "everyday" conversation." (They are also used when big-shot politicians are trying to bond with the masses by using salt-of-the-earth expressions, like when they are forever calling citizens "folks" - one of Obama's favorite words. "Folks just want this and folks just want that." Also, if you go to someplace like Denny's you are sure to be greeted, "How are you folks today.") Anyway... "khon rao" might be an Issan colloquialism, you think? The girl who was talking is a bright, somewaht educated 33 year old from Khon Khen. She's attending a university in BKK on the weekends and says she will be graduating in about two more years. She really likes to talk. Thanks for the input... GG
  8. gawguy

    Khon Rao

    We were talking about people in general being trustworthy or not. It sounded like she said these two words - "people" and "us". I may be mistaken. I'm familiar with "rao" and "puak rao", but not "khon rao." Did I misunderstand the words she was saying? Or is this a phrase, possibily Issan, also meaning "us" or something like that? (She also used an interesting Thai expression "a coin has two sides" which I had not heard before. I think she was saying that as far as people are concerned there are two types - trustworthy and not.) Thanks, Gaw Guy
  9. gawguy

    Ao Wai // When

    Khun Ratchada.. I've been home for several months and just back LOS and getting into Thai again. I just came across this answer to my question. Brilliant explanation! I appreciate the detailed academic approach. Thank you very much. Gaw Guy
  10. If one buys W7 in TLand from a small vendor for a cheap price, what do you think you would get? What are the chances of having malware, like a keylogger, included? Thanks, GG
  11. I'm trying to create a Win 7 System Image on a DVD. The process begins and asks me to insert blank media greater the 1gb and I insert a blank DVD. I get the msg that there is "No media in the drive." I used unformatted and formatted blanks. I've done this on different laptops with the same result. It's happy with a CD-R but those are 700 mb. The computer formats one and then the Create System Image program gives and error msg that it's not big enough. I don't get it. You are supposed to put this image on a DVD, but the program doesn't recognize a DVD. Help... Gaw Guy
  12. The process was slighty tricky as the option to "Enable/Disable SSID broadcast" was hidden behind a not so obvious option. But it's off now and I'm using the router in the wired mode. The Comcast tech had come out because at one point I lost phone service during the process of resetting modem and scheduled an appointment. The phone came back on after about two hours, but I let the appointment stand. Good thing cause he replaced the modem with a newer one, capable of even more speed he said, and now I'm getting Download 24.55 Mbps / Upload 3.81. Before the change it was about 18 down. My monthly to Comcast isn't cheap: Basic cable TV, Internet, Phone - $170 US. Thanks for the help lads! GG
  13. I bought a new router. I wanted wifi capability (for rare occasions) with the option to turn off wifi on the router so my router will not broadcast. I asked about that at the store and was told I could turn it off with the software. I can get to the router setup by entering its IP in my browser. I see a lot of options, but nothing that just says wifi on/off. It's a linksys router - what should I be looking for in the options? I want to leave it off and work via LAN. Thanks, Gaw Guy
  14. I have an older wifi router that works fine. It only has WEP though so I almost never use wifi. I use it to route four LAN cables that I use all the time. My question is: Even though wifi is turned off on my computers, can a hacker get to my computers through the router which has wifi permanently on? (On that router I don't see a switch or a setting in the firmware to turn off wifi.) Thanks, Gaw Guy
  15. I did not know that! (Johnny Carson expression) I've done wire transfers to BKK Bank and didn't remember seeing a fee, but that was long ago and I don't think I looked for a fee anyway. So now that you've given me this info I've searched and found this posted from 2011: "Siam Commercial Bank advised me yesterday that their fees for an International Money Transfer were 0.25% of the amount transferred (to a maximum of 500 Baht)." I have a test transfer of $500 that I will just let proceed and see if this is true. Thanks for info! GG
  16. I'm thinking about doing a test transfer since my bank on the sending end won't charge a fee. The receiving bank does not charge a fee does it? Would it be too strange to wire $100 as a test? After that I'll send several K. And...the receiving bank does verify that the name on the transfer and the bank account are the same, true? Thanks..GG
  17. So when I enter on April 6 and I go thru immigration at the airport, they will not give me 30 day stamp? They will only give me 3 days? Is that right?
  18. I need to wire some money to SCB in Pattaya. SICOTHBK is one code I see online. SICOTHBKXXX is another. Or does my each branch have a different code? I didn't think so. I have done several transfers to Bangkok Bank but I got their SWIFT code at my branch. Now I'm in USA and need to get the code from here. Thanks...GG
  19. I don't know if I should be talking about an extension or a renewal. I have a re-entry stamp valid until April 9, 2013. I have an O-A visa. Right now I have a plane ticket to arrive Thailand April 6. I think what I want is a one year extension of my O-A, along with multiple entry. Or is it a renewal? Does this mean I have to apply before April 9? Which means letter from the bank, proof of residence, go to Jomtien on or before April 8? Is April 9 too late to apply? What should I be applying for exactly? (Or, once I arrive they will give me 30 day stay, or 90 day stay, and I can apply for extension within that time frame?) I'm totally out at sea on this. Help! Thanks...Gaw Guy
  20. Okay. Thanks for the help. I'm sure I'd be able to switch the keyboard and write in Thai. I'm not over confident that I could get my Dictionary program to produce letters rather than garbage characters. Maybe. That is also probably a limited use of the language function, so it probably wouldn't require the full functionality that the language packs provide. I may find out eventually. For the moment the used computer I saw for sale that had W7 Pro seems to have to have been sold. Looking at others of the type that I like, I don't see any good prices on ones that have Ultimate so I may end up with one that has Pro or Enterprise. Thanks a lot. Gaw Guy
  21. What should I be worried about if I buy something like this?? Windows 7 SP1 All Editions (32/64 bit) Activated and Updateable - $25 This copy is a full version disk, bootable Only clean install with Internet Explorer 9. This is a corporate version so it is pre-activated and will install on any computer as many times as needed, installs 32 or 64 bit operating systems. Intelligently Activated! This Disk will install Windows 7 SP1 Home Premium 32/64 Bit Windows 7 SP1 Professional 32/64 Bit Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate 32/64 Bit Windows 7 SP1 Starter 32Bit Windows 7 SP1 Home Basic 32Bit ??????????????????? I'm confused by this sentence: "Only clean install with Internet Explorer 9." Does that mean it's a version that has IE9 and "clean install" means is not for upgrade, but replaces everything on drive c ? Thanks, Gaw Guy
  22. Thanks. That's the info I saw before that's saying language packs are not available for W7 Pro. I find that so hard to believe!
  23. I've been using W7 Ultimate so I'm not familiar with Pro. I see a very good deal on a used laptop with Pro installed, but I need to write in English & Thai, and run my dictionary program which requires Thai. I have some info, but not quite sure how to interpret it. It seems that the Thai language pack is not available for Pro, so this would prevent me from doing what I need to do. Is that right? If so it seems extremely limiting. (What would happen if I clone my drive with Ultimate and put it into a different computer? It won't run will it?) Thanks, Gaw Guy
  24. I went around and around with this in Pattaya. It's not the dongle - I have an old ZTE aircard - it's the provider and it's the reception at your location. I tried all the main providers in S. Pattaya and got best, most reliable results with TrueMove. Videos ran fine. GG
  25. Thank you CT, PM & KS. I'll be able to work it out. GG
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