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  1. KS - I find that amazon gets more clicks an purchases than any other affiliate program I run.
  2. Mr. Mekong, I wish you the best. Please take care and continue to enjoy an interesting life.
  3. Looks good and is much quicker. Nice job KS and Jigger!!!
  4. On May 16th 2012 I stated that Galt's most recent ramblings were "a warning shot fired across the bow". I wanted to make sure to loop back and let everyone know that I could in fact be wrong and perhaps his last threats were the last gasp of a wind bag letting out steam. Only time will tell...
  5. I couldn't see it either. The page loads but the video never does. They are probably blocking traffic outside of the country/region [Australia].
  6. Mekong...congrats...again a thrilling read...thanks!
  7. It's called 'frictionless sharing' and you can opt out. The fact is as kamui explains if you are logged into facebook, sites that have integrated social sharing and /or facebook connect can recognize who you are, track your web activity, and if your sharing privacy allows for this they can post to your facebook timeline. Imagine having your surf history posted online for all to see...it's going to happen.
  8. Ok....I would like to weigh in on the jumpstart. This is what I would do: A.] I would dumb down the forum. Less is more. I would strip every 'module' or 'widget' or 'menu choice' that isn't directly related to posting or reading posts. Calender - Shoutbox - Chat would all be gone. Make it a plain text forum except that users can attach photos or embed videos to posts and there would be a gallery area. B.] Once stripped down to a mainly text based site I would refocus the forum as a mobile forum using jquery: http://jquerymobile.com/demos/1.1.1/ JqueryMobile is very impressive and most of the theming is already done for you. With a small effort you could make this site work like an app and it would still work well on a conventional screen as well. Make a complete conversion to mobile well ahead of other boards that have squeezed into the market. C.] Integrate social media reporting. One example: Let users tweet to a thai360 twitter account and create a real time reporting suite complete with photos...give this a page and cache the results on your server. Start making it easy for users to post photos while on the move. D.] Nightlife - include a kathoey channel/category and open nightlife forums to everyone. E.] Gallery - This needs to be the ONLY non text part of the site. F.] Newsletter - Your board membership is a great demographic. Men who travel to a specific part of the world, with specific goals, who have enough disposable income to do so regularly. This needs to be marketed to outside of the website via a newsletter with specific items that the demographic wants and desires. They all have mobile phones....push notifications and emails from advertisers both local and global. Find an agency to try to outsource this in BKK and start getting local advertisers on board. G.] If at all possible move back to using nanaplaza.com. This gets you thousands of views without spending a dime. H.] Let 'The Galt' start posting to thai360.com under his own name.
  9. I didn't want to comment post haste chuck...I was hoping the story of your passing was not founded. nice to hear things are going well...now about that interview....
  10. This is a relevant point. Stickman does ask for, reacts to, and posts feedback from his readership within his weekly. Why did the OP choose the more visible and perhaps less effective route of posting to a forum. To the OP: Gambling is illegal in Thailand and I will not allow thai360 to be put in a weird position so I will refuse the bet. I am sorry if my assertion has offended you, but it was what i felt, a faith based assessment based on zero facts. Again it was not my wish to insult you. I do admit to having an unnatural fascination with the stickman vs. galt thing. I am not galt (either?)? I'm an asshole but a different asshole altogether.
  11. I didn't mean it to read that way. I read it on my ipad. To be honest I can't think of a more relaxing moment of the week...ipad + stickman + bog + cup of coffee + occasional tobacco product = happy buddha sunday morning. This works in conjunction with a hearty glass of 'chocolate smooth move tea' before I hit the sack on saturday night making for a very robust reading atmosphere. Again I do not always agree with what is being said, and I have a fascination with the whole galt vs. stickman thing...but I do tip my hat to his consistency and I enjoy reading his weekly regardless of if I agree. I wasn't put off by the interview of the Shark. My view of living in Thailand is that is a lot like playing an a really entertaining role player video game. The characters one encounters seem to reinforce. No disrespect to the Shark but he totally reinforced this view. He sounds like he enjoys his time there and is the very opposite of me in that I relish my anonymity. I thought he was as worthy of an interview as anyone else stickman interviews. I would like to see some board members get interviewed. First and fore mostly Khun Sanuk is worthy of an interview. Fiery jack would make for an excellent read. Gadfly would be an interesting subject. ChuckWoww [haven't seen a post from him in a while] would be worth a read, and you yourself Mr. Mekong to name a few.
  12. In thailand it's a huge no no to try to take a chicken bone from a soi dog....
  13. Seems that the article did a good job of creating enough of a response/controversy to be talked about on this forum, so I would say that stick is probably pretty happy with it. I tend to look at any forum post that is anti-stickman, immediately look at the post count of the author and if it's someone with a very low post count I automatically assume - "ok, the galt is back!" [sorry to the poster if I am incorrect]. I then visit the notstickman site and it has usually changed or been updated...this is the case right now. I don't agree with everything stick writes, but I will give it up to him for his consistency in delivering a weekly column, and I do read it every sunday morning while taking a dump.
  14. I always befriended all of the soi dogs that lived in and around my apt in both bangkok and phuket. There is an amazing dynamic in that the alpha dog would always assert himself and make sure that he got his treat before any of the other dogs would even begin to attempt to line up for theirs. I love dogs and would love to have one, but I move so much that it would just not be the responsible thing to do. The soi dogs provided me a great deal of entertainment when I was there; however, my first encounter wasn't a good one. I grew up being taught that one should never give a dog chicken bones as they would splinter and get caught in the dogs throat. My first food cart visit in thailand was interrupted by a young thai boy handing a eaten drumstick to a nearby soi dog...without thinking I approached the dog and tried to get the bone out of his mouth....OUCH! I caught a nice nip on the wrist. Live and learn....but from there on out it was great company and an added measure of security when milling about my neighborhood. Several times the soi dogs would rally around me and stave off characters that I did not desire an encounter with. I would recommend to anyone living in Thailand that they get a box of dog biscuits and start making friends with the local soi dogs. Edit: A beagle is a great small dog that has a big dog attitude.
  15. This is perhaps one of the most interesting threads I have ever read here...please continue to post, have continued good luck, and I agree about your decision to spare the dogs.
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