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  1. Hua Hin - one of my favourite places in Thailand. A tad more laid back.
  2. Bohemian Rhapsody The film/movie grossed $216.4 million in the United States and Canada, and $687.3 million in other territories, for a total worldwide gross of $903.7 million, against a production budget of about $52 million.
  3. Well stated ! Just a matter of time.
  4. In your experience living in Thailand. Which visa do you prefer: Marriage Visa or Retirement Visa. And why?
  5. This has been stated time and time again. Over and over. For many elections. Local, State, and Federal. IT DOES NOT WORK. Just because someone runs/starts a successful business has absolutely no bearing of becoming a successful government leader. Older case in point. Governor Craig Benson. Start up company - Cabletron. Became successful and rich. Ran for and won NH governor. 2 year term. Promised to bring "business" practices to the state house. Cut "waste, fraud, and abuse". One of Benson's first acts was to tell all state department heads to cut 10% from all annual budgets. Neat. Except. Cut the court system 10%. The task for the court system 10 % was given to the chief judge at state Supreme Court system. There they just cut court clerks and typists. The result. Months and in some cases years of back log delays in court cases. To the point that Governor Benson rescinded the cut of 10%. The state roadways went into disrepair. Long lines at the DMV. And on and on. Upon Governor Benson's run for re-election he was asked why nothing had been accomplished in his first 2 year term - his answer was - "I need another 2 year term - to get all of the items that he had promised to do. Governor Benson was voted out and never to run for public office again. So much for a "businessman" to run government ! LINK
  6. WWII The "unknown" parts of the Thai Burma railroad. We have the Japanese to "thank" for this construction. How many WWII POW's died making this railway? How many "natives" died making this railway? http://youtu.be/mi8b-Kg-roY I did take the Bridge on the River Kwai tour. Out of Bangkok. Did not see any of this on that tour.
  7. Ah . . . . . . . .Times - they are a changing . . . . Thank you Stickman. For decades I would refer folks to the Stickman web site for a good read. Those that would listen to my Thailand travel adventure tales. Those that would dream of a trip to Bangkok, Thailand and beyond. An institution that over time will turn into a fond memories. Thank you Stickman for the adventure we all call Thailand.
  8. Donald Trump Jr. released his emails to the Russians. LINK The Trump organization is handing out life jackets.
  9. It should be noted that Alex Jones has admitted in a legal statement that everything he says is an "act" and not reality. Poor Alex is caught in a divorce proceeding and Alex is seeking visitation rights for young child. His wife thinks that he is nuts and dangerous. Even after Alex Jones stated that all is made up and an act his listenership continues undaunted. What does all of this mean? It means that the listeners of Alex don't care if what he says is an act and made up and false - they just love to listen to listen to his rants and conspiracy theories. True of untrue. What does that say about Alex Jones listeners?
  10. "Let me make this clear. Donald Trump is not under investigation." Even though the Trump spokesman/lawyer said it twice during this interview on the tele. 6/18/2017 http://youtu.be/yqwnF_nxvmU
  11. I may postpone my tourist trip to North Korea. Otto Warmbier, American student who was detained by North Korea, has died
  12. VP Pence hired a private attorney to represent Pence. NOW . . . wait for it . . . the private attorney that represent Pence has also hired an attorney to represent himself (the attorney) Yes, it gets complicated. But the attorney has hired an attorney for himself.
  13. Flounder: RIP http://youtu.be/UKMuVFz3MOQ Fat, drunk, and stupid. How many on this board can relate to this ?
  14. What the US needs is a successful businessman to run the federal government. Run it as a business. Waste, fraud, and abuse will be eliminated. The government will be run more efficiently. With less taxes.
  15. The Tsarnaev Brothers were Lone Wolf's (or Wolves). Boston Marathon Bombing. From my limited knowledge, they were self radicalized. Grew up in a somewhat middle class neighborhood in US. The older brother did make one trip to Russia to visit family. Did come from the rough part of greater Russia. These two did figure out how to make a b*mb. Two of them. And components for more. I have no idea if the size of the Boston ones were similiar to the Manchester one. On another note. Timothy McVeigh was a good old boy. Christian. White. USA born and bread. USA military veteran. Some have stated they (McVeigh had a partner) were Neo/natzi or alt-right extremists. One key difference is that the Tsamaev Brothers and McVeigh and partner wanted to get away - to do more. Not self destruct at time of incident. But the sad conclusion is that all of us have to live or die with fruitcakes such as these in our midst. My prayers go out to the children and families of those in Manchester - UK.
  16. "An Australian woman claims she was thrown in US immigration detention after arriving in Hawaii for a romantic getaway with her boyfriend — because officials read her diary and decided she had no plans to go home." LINK For God's sake let the cute ones in ! USA needs to maximize the gene pool.
  17. Start with Zoloft (medicine). Got to dump the alcohol though. (obviously, post is not in Thai).
  18. RIP Sad, apparently her life was a tad messy. Instead of "living in a trailer park" I wish the papers stated "living in a modular home community"!
  19. Come on now. Getting a blow job from an adult woman is entirely different. Negated comparison. How many here have gotten a blow job from an adult woman that they barely knew?
  20. Radical Moose Lambs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdewIJ0C0CQ
  21. Department Store. I was in a Kohl's Department store the other day. Kohl's is a step up from a Walmart. I viewed all of the men's suits. Everyone of the mens suits was made in Vietnam. I also viewed the upscale Van Hesen dress shirts (supposedly a name brand in US) at Kohl's. All made in Vietnam.
  22. What - Plagiarism? New Secretary of Education ? "On Tuesday, it was revealed that some of the written responses that Donald Trump’s education secretary nominee, Betsy DeVos, delivered to the Senate may have been lifted from other sources without attribution, as reported by the Washington Post. This revelation comes as DeVos’ nomination cleared the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee and now moves onto a full Senate vote." LINK She never went to a public school. Never been in a public school. Her children have never been in a public school. Time to buy stock in for profit private schools.
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  24. The Mid-Terms are coming up in less then 2 years. Should be interesting.
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