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  1. I can't find my own birth certificate. I got a new one here: LINK Very easy to do.
  2. Happiness is a WARM GUN ! Specially in the public schools. What next. Allow the students to protect themselves from gun happy teachers? Those of us who have used guns to shoot at people know the exhilaration of packing a piece. http://youtu.be/Ln92Y3exaRs
  3. There is always the FAKE NEWS. As a good source of information. http://www.infowars.com/
  4. And husbands. I stayed at the P.S. Hotel in Patong Phuket. Was sitting on the front steps of hotel just watching the world go by. Early AM (after 2:00 AM) when the bars finally closed. I viewed many of the gals jump on a motorbike with their Thai boyfriends/husbands - scoot off. Quite a few.
  5. "One family has a surprising reason to be thankful in the wake of the devastating wildfires that raged through Tennessee, claiming lives and property. Rob Holmes returned to his charred home the day after the fire to survey the damage and heard a faint "oink." That sound lead him to the spot where Charles, their beloved family pet pig, had survived the intense flames by burying himself in the ground." LINK
  6. “It's fun to shoot some people.†LINK Trumps potential choice for Secretary of Defense. Marine General James Mattis. The Circus continues . . . . . . .
  7. All has been stewing for quite a long time. I have driven across the US multiple times. Skipping the freeways/highways - and driving through middle America - state roadways. And viewing town after town - all mostly closed. Empty stores on Main streets. From Nebraska to the Dakotas to Minnesota, Wisconsin to Michigan. And through the rust belt of northern Indiana and Ohio. Mills closed. Factories closed. Storefronts empty. Trump promised to bring all of these jobs back. Enough of a claim to make people vote for him. Problem is - those jobs are not coming back. People such as Trump - who built his new hotel in Washington, DC - he used China steel. Trumps neckties, shirts, etc. - all made in China. So who is kidding whom? Haven't even got to the national debt nor the annual deficit - which most don't have a clue what they are. Trump is going to dismantle the health care system with a "new" and better one. That should be interesting.
  8. 'House of Horrors,' 'Trump Triumphs:' How US Newspaper Front ... ABC News-5 hours ago 'House of Horrors,' 'Trump Triumphs:' How US Newspaper Front Pages Are Reporting Donald Trump's Win. By AVIANNE TAN. Close.
  9. Donald Trump Won't Say if He'll Accept Result of Election - The New ... www.nytimes.com/2016/10/20/us/politics/presidential-debate.htmlOct 19, 2016 - I will keep you in suspense,†Donald Trump said at a debate that began ... and George W. Bush beat Al Gore in Florida to win the presidency in 2000. .... with the headline: Trump Won't Say If He Will Accept Election's Result.
  10. Just reading the post about printers and I recalled my Brother brand story. Year ago. When people used faxes and used an answering machine. I found this Brother brand phone, fax, and answering machine - All In One. Beautiful - for me at that time. Has a small LCD screen. So I had it for years and all worked fine. But then one day - the LCD screen stated Error or some such wording. I could not figure out how to get this thing to work properly. Unplugged it. Plugged it in. Over and over. Hit every button on front of the darn thing. Nothing. SO . . . I telephone Brother Customer Support. Get this nice lady on phone. She ran me through a bunch of attempts to get rid of the error message. Nothing worked. So the CS lady states to me that I had to send it back to Brother for repairs. The cost to repair was US $79.00 plus I had to pay for shipping. Not worth it to me. SO . . . . at the very end of a long conversation, I asked Brother Customer Service lady if there was a "Reset" button on the machine. The Brother CS lady states - Yes there is. Turn the machine over. Find the tiny red button. And press it. Voila. All worked fine after that !
  11. unit731


    Other options to think about. How does the paper feed. Which side the controls are on. Size or space taken up can be a consideration. And as stated above - the cost of ink cartridges. And how many ink cartridges. I have an Epson that takes 6 cartridges. That one is a pain to pay and replace cartridges. I got that one for photographs though. I recently got a new HP Envy. It keeps turning itself off for energy savings. And I forget to turn it on when printing. There is a menu screen - not sure if I can set it to stay on all of the time. But then I would be an energy waister or waster.
  12. One unsubstantiated rumor wobbling through the right wing radio here is that Weiner was attempting to blackmail the authorities or whomever to lessen charges against him.
  13. The politics will remain the same. Just different names. The Republicans will go after Clinton for everything. From Bengazi to emails to the "foundation".. The thing with the Clintons though, is they will fight back. There is enough dirt to spread around for all. I love listening to Newt Gingrich moralizing about Bill Clinton and his womanizing. Newt, being married 3 times, and cheated on his wives. Nice guy. Newt - a paragon of virtue himself.
  14. This groping is getting out of hand. Why can't these women just take a good grope and appreciate it? “A woman is accusing Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas of having groped her in 1999.†LINK
  15. Plan to view. Michael Moore, although vilified by the wingnuts does make valid points in all his movies. Have viewed the movie Sicko multiple times. Yes, slanted somewhat, but does make valid points.
  16. All can thank the right wing wingnuts and Donald Trump for the slaughter that becomes the Republican candidates. Duckworth pulls away from Kirk in latest poll Crain's Chicago Business (blog)-Oct 4, 2016 WMUR poll: Hassan takes 8 percentage point lead over Ayotte WMUR Manchester-Oct 20, 2016
  17. Thanks. Interesting question. I have not purchased any automobiles in Thailand but I do know some who have. Quite a few vehicles are manufactured in Thailand. Does that make a difference in cost/price?
  18. unit731

    Fecal Therapy

  19. unit731

    Fecal Therapy

    Thank you. They had a spot on the tele about this. Quite interesting on the ailments that were cured or lessened. http://youtu.be/CmnR4NezAUU
  20. unit731

    Fecal Therapy

    Fecal Microbiota Transplant "Fecal Microbiota Transplant (FMT) is a procedure in which fecal matter, or stool, is collected from a tested donor, mixed with a saline or other solution, strained, and placed in a patient, by colonoscopy, endoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, or enema." LINK Well, you asked for it. This procedure may help some of the posters on this board. And subject matter thereof.
  21. Radios were verboten where I was . . . so never got to listen to her. Though a few did have a radio. As a newbie, I did bring a tiny transistor radio with me. "Don't get caught" was the advice from others. I did get a few times where I hid the radio near my ears with other items and did get a brief chance to listen to some Armed Forces Radio. But then the battery went dead. And no way to obtain a replacement battery. So I gave the radio away. The next mate got ahold of a discarded platoon radio battery. That battery was a little larger then the size of a brick. Took getting some wire to hook up the brick battery to the radio. Don't know where the bits of wire came from. I think the demolition guy had wire or wire from a Clamore mine. So one other person did get a chance to listen to the radio. I think the monsoon rains finally killed that radio. Ah . . . the good old days. The fond memories of a wonderful time . . .
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