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  1. I'll second MPIH. For all his faults and misadventures, DC was loyal to a fault. I will really miss you, my friend. I spoke to him about a week ago, and despite his diagnosis and outlook, he remained optimistic and upbeat. He truly adored his wife and stepdaughter, and to their credit they stuck with him and supported him to the end. Rest in Peace mate
  2. I'd run up my credit card ...
  3. Instant World Print Locations & Contact Info
  4. rchapstick


    Christ, read my mind! Was just searching (unsuccessfully, I might add) for Vegemite porn!
  5. I found the biggest issue for my was upload speed in the US. Once I tweeked that, and prioritized the slingbox traffic, it has worked great. And this is with an older, 1st generation Slingbox
  6. Shhhh, you are spoiling it for all the Chicken Little's!
  7. rchapstick


    All right, I can only take so much harassment! Final warning KS, but you have to make this cyber-bullying stop. The Sun has the story, but I have the pictures. Christ, I need a .... DAMN! Can't say it any more!
  8. rchapstick


    OK, now I am feeling bullied! EVERYONE knows that Northern California is a major squid fishery, and I feel that God and Belgian Bitch are purposefully picking on ME! If KS doesn't stop this attack immediately, I will be forced to release photos of KS having sexual relations with goats. You have been warned ....
  9. Yes, but the thread title gave HH a "stiffy"
  10. I remember they called the ticket "Fritz & Tits"
  11. LK, you are such a Liar! Besides, we ALL know the girls were all ugly and Obama is a socialist commie retard. You're welcome.
  12. Tried that, regarding a certain unmentionable confection. Apparently not good enough, as certain spineless, humorless boardies need further protection.
  13. A new Bold or Torch should cost close to 20K (JMart page won't open for me). But don't know why you need it ... limited 3G in Thailand. An older version will cost you less. Can sell you an older 8220 flip if you are interested ...
  14. I am sure HH still has me on ignore for having the audacity to point out his hypocrisy, but .... That is one of the most awful things I have ever seen posted on this board. Yes the gov't and the military are fucked up, but to wish that kind of calamity on a deeply impoverished and oppressed people is just sickening.
  15. Take an Ambien, and you won't notice the difference
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