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  1. Just don't let Dumbcnut sing (unless, of course, you like an empty establishment).
  2. Hysterical!!! Pass the syrup ...
  3. Shutter Island was a great book, but a crappy movie. The ending worked int he book, not so in the flick. Just saw the Swedish version of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (with subtitles). Not bad, but they left a lot out to shorten the movie.
  5. SALTY!!!!! So is that supposed to be you on the right? And who, exactly, is that on the left?
  6. It's huge! The bag of nuts, that is. Same as last time.
  7. CTO If I bring your young-in some pistachios, will you PROMISE to change your avatar. I'm starting to get nightmares ...
  8. Indeed ... it was new to me!
  9. Was in NYC over July 4th, and took my daughter to the Statue of Liberty. So I was reminded of the great scene in The Saboteur at the statue and decided to see the movie again. Classic Hitchcock scene!
  10. I watched Being There for 8 years. It was hilarious, but I am glad it is finally over.
  11. There once was a man from Trass Whose balls were made out of brass He clanged them together They played "Stormy Weather" While lightning shot out of his ass
  12. STan: Did you actually read the details on stick's site? Sure sounds like these guys had more on their minds than smashing a camera!
  13. Dude You are now officially repetitive AND boring. We get your point. Have a nice time pissing off the locals.
  14. OK clubsiam, go grab your camera and get back to work. Plenty of nasty scammers for you to out. I, for one, will not be surprised if you wind up as a large pile of goo on the sidewalk, with your arms tied behind your back, bag over your head, shot, and dropped from 20 stories. Another suicide in LOS ... Your nephew will be so proud.
  15. I'm sorry clubsiam, but I really do not understand why you are going so far. Are these guys scum? Absolutely! Should it be banned? If it were my country, then I would say yes! But it is not our country, now is it. As tourists we can alert others to this, and these scams are WIDELY publicized. Any idiot with an internet connection or a copy of lonely planet knows what to look for. If the local police choose to look the other way, then other than alerting others to the scam, it is not my business. And while I applaud your effort to publicize this, I think you are frankly reckless to provoke these guys and take their pictures. Unless you want to end up taking a dive off a building or winding up in a klong, then I'd make your point safely behind a keyboard in farangland. And btw, even if you do successfully "out" one of these scammers, there are 100 more waiting to take their place. Oh, and I would definitely NOT try to take on the local police either ...
  16. JS: I do not know you, but I want to thank you for posting this on the board. You have done us all a great service. Too often people think this is just a disease for gays or iv drug users, and we minimize or dismiss the dangers of unprotected heterosexual contact. You have undoubtedly opened a few eyes, and you may well save more than one person from going thru the same fate as yours. Be strong mate ... we are all pulling for you.
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