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  1. Time flies.....almost 20 years since I joined. I suggest to lock it, much less effort required on KS part and editing stupid comments. 20 years is a long time and nothing stays the same. What a shame... Shit. ( Now that I been permanently terminated , I have more time to visit LOS. Returning in November. China Airline. Glad I passed on Hong Kong Airlines despite how much I love Hong Kong. Nothing stays the same what a shame.)
  2. It dates me but yes, I believe travelers cheques are still available. I always felt safe using them. When I went from country to country, moving around every few days. Carrying traveler cheques was more durable and safer than carrying around a wad of my own script. Someone would have to drag you into a bank to cash your stolen cheques. Of course, they could always force you to sign them than dump you into a trash can if they have inside connections. Cash was the king of thief's booty. Now days I tend to stay in one place more often. I venture out only in short, planned expeditions. For instances going to the gym. When I do a day trip, I only carry enough cash to cover what I think I need. This also helps maintaining the budget but it sucks paying with bills soaked in sweat. I hated digging hands into my sweating pockets and pulling everything out because the sweat had caused everything to stick into a single mass then peeling the layers to find the bills. Card cards are easier but I hate the inflated bank exchange rates. When I read that the banks make ( after taxes, costs, etc ) a billion dollars per quarter in profits my mood sinks. I think Stickman hit it on the head : carry cash . Keep it locked up in the hotel safe. Exchange it at the 2 places he gave and keep the credit cards as backup. Can a foreigner open a bank account, deposit 3 weeks vacation money than apply for a thai credit card and use the credit card. This way you are only exchanging you money once. And even better way. why not apply for a thai credit card. load it up with your vacation money ? No problem if you lose it because it is pin protected ( tap disabled.) Shit.
  3. What is the best method these days for paying in Thailand? I will list the problems as I see them. 1) Credit cards. Easy to swipe ( tap?) but the cc companies tack on charges ,when converting, with exchange rates that benefit them. You get screwed when you find that 100 baht charge is actually 5 - 10 % above the actual fair exchange rate at the time. Multiply that by what you spend over a 3 week trip. 2) TravelerCheques. Remember that jingle " Never leave home without it ?" That was for the American Express cc commercial but I always traveled with their Travelers Cheques. The last time I took them with me was for my trip to Cambodia in 2005. This time I am staying in Phuket. If I pay with CC than I get wacked with inflated exchange rates but with Travelers Cheques you only pay the actual rack exchange rate. Because of my relationship with my bank, I don't pay a tt service charge. Is it safer to pay with local script but keep the payroll back in the hotel safe? 3) ATMs. I remember at the old Bangkok Airport when I tried a ATM : it printed out a receipt but no cash was dropped into the cash drawer. I found someone at the info desk. She actually opened the ATM and told me the machine ran out of money. The receipt showed a withdrawal but when I checked at home ( I actually remembered ) I could not find a debt showing on my monthly bank statement I wonder if ATMs are the way to go. No line ups to cash Traverler's Cheques, available any time. Some banks at home refund the surcharge if you keep a minimum balance or pay a monthly " convenience charge. 3) Pay for everything up front, before you leave, in your local currency than stay in your room, never leave the hotel and spend no money. Keep the curtains closed, tv on and watch net flics on your laptop using a VPN service. Your internet is included in your pre trip costs so you never have to fork over your cc. Buy a VPN service before you leave and watch/surf from the country of your choice. 4) All of the above? What do others find is the most cost efficient way to do business these day? Shit.
  4. Just an another example of a ugly american. That passenger was looking for trouble. Shit
  5. only means tourist and others are in the cross-hairs for a tax grab. Shit
  6. I used to play this same game than I added it up and realized that laser eye surgery pays for itself. In year 2000 I found myself needing a new pair. The search led me to believe it would cost me around $500.00 to avoid looking like I found a used pair at a Sally Anna thrift store. Reading about laser eye surgery and adding up the costs of a few more years of new glasses, I came to the conclusion that if I paid for the surgery ( $3,000 ) up front it avoids anymore need to buy new glasses. Also avoids the scam of new changing fashions, designer frames, expensive optic finishes, etc. Not everyone is a candidate, however. Luckily my childhood eye ulcers left a scar that was deeper than the depth which the laser needed to penatrate. After a few seconds in a chair and 2 days of eye drops on a weekend, my vision changed forever! Best 3k I ever spent. Shit.
  7. Everywhere? I remember a place near Trat, near the border, where it had no humidy. Shit
  8. Ruined another good hotel. Well someone is enjoy it's atmosphere look at the guysitting in the bottom right. Shit.
  9. "The Witching Hour" by Anne Rice. In the end,the good doctor comes around to my way of thinking. Shit.
  10. Do you need to buy someting or just shop and/ or both? Shit
  11. High Fidelity, along with an explanation for a "Chick Flick." Chick flick is a slang term for a film mainly dealing with love and romance and designed to appeal to a largely female target audience. Although many types of films may be directed toward the female gender, "chick flick" is typically used only in reference to films that are heavy with emotion or contain themes that are relationship-based (although not necessarily romantic as many other themes may be present.) Shit
  12. Some of the used ones had shutter counts posted.Didn't know about this. Never thought about this until I read the activations count. Seems there is a finite life span of the shutter. Someone had posted 12k activations, 48k activations, etc. A least a new one you know what your getting. Learn something new each day. I'll likely buy used. No taxes, less deprecation. Although if you were to buy new, sell 18 months later, you end up the same. Losing half you money. Shit.
  13. I did a search. A very popular used item on ebay with lots of deals on it including lens, batteries, flashes, etc. The flip side too the better price is that it does not hold a decent resale price. No big surprise i guess. My own slr sits unloved practically unused. If it was used again then it's back and forth to the photo shop for development, fresh film, shot rolls rolling around my back pack,etc. Dslrs' well can't beat the convenience but every 18 months there is a newer model. So the best bet for value looks like to buy a couple of years old high end model let someone else eat the depreciation. New is nice but sucks when you know it will lose half the paid value and a newer, better model sits in it's spot on the store shelf. Shit.
  14. mmmm, DD Electronics's website wants more for the body alone then from our local retailer. Maybe in person you could get the price down but likely not worth the hassle. Which shop did you look in and what terminal? Shit.
  15. Is duty free shopping still what it used to be? Not only has the internet made us into global citizens, its made duty free a thing of the pass. Great duty free anyhow. My last purchase was in Hong Kong in 2002 and it was where I saved about $800.00 over the price from our local camera shop. The bad news was that digital took over a year later rendering my beloved Pentax Mz obsolete before I finished reading the manual. This time I will play is safer. Nikon d300 with cmos sensor and with some kind of lens. Problem is I don't know what the prices will be in duty free. Anybody been thought Singapore lately? I will transiting in Peking ( Beijing )and Hong Kong each for about 2 hours. I will then have about 3 hours in Singapore. You can only do so much with a free ticket so Thailand is out this year. Singapore has much more in shopping more then Hong Kong but are the prices any better than here? The local camera shop wants about $1700.00 for the D300 without any lens. I thought about calling Singapore city directly and asking the local camera shops what their prices are so if they give a lower price in the city then it should be about the same or less at the duty free counter. Assuming they will give out the prices on the phone and a honest price. Just don't have the time to stroll into the city so it will be at the Airport if I shop. Shit
  16. I'm back, now and then anyhow. Heading towards east Asia in early winter but unfortunately will be missing Thailand in its entirely. Will get to sample the duty free from Singapore's airport however. Shit.
  17. I think they should have separate entrances : one for smokers one for non-smokers. Similar to an old rule. PoliTICians earning their keep had eliminated it years ago. At one time years back pubs and bars had had these similar kind of crap. If you were a man your had to enter by a different door. Women or men was written above the entrance. Let see if this could be gotten away with today. Shit.
  18. Add this : Friday » August 26 » 2005 6/49 winners given until end of week Judge may have to decide if two A&W workers get share of $14.5m jackpot Glenda Luymes and Susan Lazaruk The Province; Canadian Press August 25, 2005 Jayson Anderson is a good loser. He missed out on a share of $14.5 million and yesterday just shrugged it off. "The winners are all my friends," he said outside the Mission A&W where a group of co-workers won a $14.5-million lottery jackpot last weekend. "I'm just happy for them." But two of his colleagues are not so happy. Tanis McQuillan, 25, and Meagan Weisgarber, 19, have filed a complaint with the B.C. Lottery Corp. claiming they were part of the pool but have been cut out of the prize money by the nine winners. McQuillan and Weisgarber, who have retained a lawyer, say they are entitled to a $1.3-million share because they have consistently put money into the weekly pool. Anderson said he usually plays the lottery as well, but he wasn't working the day the ticket was bought. "We play every week," he said. "Everyone that goes into the lottery puts their name on a piece of paper and puts in $2. "Marge goes into the Shoppers Drug Mart to buy the ticket. "There were nine people, two rows of numbers each, so 18 rows of numbers." The lottery corporation said it may ask a judge to decide who gets the money if the workers can't decide by the end of the week. "One option we have is to pay it into a court and have the court decide, after hearing everyone's testimony, who are the rightful owners," said the corporation's Jim Lightbody. He said that eight women and a man who work at the A&W will definitely get a share of the prize from Saturday's 6/49 draw. "There is no dispute that that group of people paid in to buy this ticket and theirs is the winning ticket," Lightbody said. The question is whether McQuillan and Weisgarber will get a cut. McQuillan, who has worked at the restaurant for six years, said earlier she feels betrayed by people she considered her friends. "They are people I've had in my house," she said. "They are people that come over for barbecues and for birthday parties." McQuillan's mom, Norma McQuillan, said her daughter, a supervisor at the restaurant, and Weisgarber, a cashier, returned to work last evening for the first time since the dispute. "I guess they're a little worried, but they're brave girls and they're going to walk in there with their heads held high," she said. "They have nothing to be ashamed of." She said her daughter, who has a two-year-old boy, wasn't concerned about strained friendships. "If they were friends to begin with, they'll still be her friends," she said. On her way into work yesterday, McQuillan said she was "a little nervous" about facing her coworkers. Weisgarber, who started work at 5 p.m., refused comment. The nine undisputed winners are eight women aged 20 to 60 and one man, Francis Carcasson, of Abbotsford, a part-owner of the A&W. According to an entry on an old school website, Carcasson immigrated from the U.K. in 1968. He was a teacher and high-school principal in northern B.C. before he went into business several years ago, buying three restaurants. He couldn't be reached for comment. At least one of the nine winners was at work yesterday. "All of us are really excited," she said. "The staff are just excited." The odds of winning the 6/49 jackpot are about one in 14 million. gluymes@png.canwest.com slazaruk@png.canwest.com - - - WHAT DO YOU THINK? Give us your comments by fax at 604-605-2223, or by e-mail at provletters@png.canwest.com. Be sure to spell out your first and last names and give your hometown and phone number.
  19. So, in others words " Party on Garth?" Shit.
  20. Nancy Sinatra sums this up nice and neat in her song: "These Boots Were Made For Walking" Shit.
  21. I read this with amusement. The op probably never liked his original dwelling in the first place. But could just never admitted it, for whatever reason. Could have moved elsewhere from his original city to somewhere else in the country. I wonder if this would have made any difference between returning to what was called a "the holiday to hell" and paradise. Seems to be 2 schools of thought: one is I always hated where I lived but now love Thailand, will never live back home again. The second is: back at my real ( original origin ) is my real home and Thailand is not and will never be my real home. I wonder how many people would feel differently if they could return and lived in a different area of their country Shit.
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