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    Lesbo Action in the Mist

    Yes J22J
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    Is Thailand (Bangkok) really that addictive?

    Addictive?? Anything that one does repeatedly that has the effect of: 1) Providing stimulating social intercourse 2) Improving one's diet and general physical health 3) Increasing one's sense of well-being 4) Expanding one's understanding of life seems more like a good habit that should be continued, rather than an addiction. J22J
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    : Thank you my friend and answer all the questions

    Jasmine, Welcome to the board. You will find an incredibly diverse group of people here, with an equally diverse set of opinions. But we (almost) all love Thailand and the nightlife. Of course, your research will not be complete until you buy that inexpensive ticket to the land of your birth and see for yourself. J22J