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    Lolitas Pattaya

    The only reasons that bj bars hate customers is if they take too long and/or tip too little and/or try to force their cocks right down their throats. Taking too long is the main hate for Lolita's girls. Since the OP said it was his first visit, it can't have been any of these. Basically most bj bar girls don't give a fuck. They're even harder than girls that work in 'normal' bars because they get so many more customers, they barely even talk to the customers or spend time with them and so hardly even see them as human. Since it's a bj they can separate the act much more from their 'real' lives (most will tell their Thai bfs/husbands that they can't do bjs). Lolita's - BKK and Pattaya - has a very high barfine - so they hardly ever even go off the premises with a farang and get to know them. To them, we're just cattle...
  2. bibblies

    Lolitas Pattaya

    Really? That'd be a reason why I gave up on this forum for p4p... Doesn't sound like a very good review that you read then! They always hang around outside... Yeah, kind of. Their logic would be that: 1. You hadn't chosen anyone outside. 2. Any girl going in, trying to 'choose' you would lose face if you rejected her. Face - the most important thing in the world to a Thai, don't forget... Still, one whose 'turn' it was should have followed you in. Your logic is wrong though and you got off lightly. I've been to Lolita's Pattaya, chose the girl who jumped up and down and made excited 'Me! Me! Me!' noises and she gave the shittiest service I've ever had in a bj bar. (I didn't choose her because she acted enthusiastic but I think it still illustrates my theory that enthusiasm beforehand is no marker of performance)
  3. bibblies

    What would your government do?

    There's no way a UK government would have tolerated people barricading the equivalent of Oxford Street or Knightsbridge or, in fact, anywhere for even a day. The police would have been in there to uphold the law. Any guns or grenades or escalation or hostage-taking and the SAS might even have been called in. Taking police hostage to make sure leaders escaped? No way they'd get away with any of that. They'd be branded terrorists and hunted down. Unbelievable pussy-footing around, Thai-style.
  4. bibblies

    Where does Thailand go from here?

    I live in an area that was previously quite far from the troubles but there were red shirts with guns and an M79 being chased by police this afternoon about 100 metres from my apartment. Later there were some explosions and shots. Where does Thailand go from here? The trouble is Thais are generally shit at compromise. Face gets in the way. They're immature by our standards, they live for the moment, don't think too much about the future or think too much about anything generally. They find it difficult to see another's viewpoint. Look at these idiots. Wait another mere 6 months for an election, having made their point. And they can't do that? 'Democracy' to them is getting their own way.
  5. bibblies

    Nick Nostitz...live action report.

    Not at all. If I saw posts about girls with really big tits, I'd be posting to find out exactly where they were... As for outside perception, I maintain that Thaksin is ill-equipped to deal with foreign media who, if they start to get into the issue in any depth, will tear him apart compared to the western-educated Abhisit. The timid, boyish, Abhisit hardly comes across as an arrogant tyrant, does he? Compare that to Thaksin... If you're going to appeal to the western media, eventually you'll have to accept proper interviews. And they would tear him apart.
  6. bibblies

    Nick Nostitz...live action report.

    Maybe. Being in Thailand, the only stuff I see in passing is in the BBC website and Yahoo, before checking my email. The BBC goes a little too far in trying to be neutral, just saying what each side believes, selectively not pointing out the common-sense kind of things that I have just done, for example. Yahoo's a bit like that too - not making it clear that Thailand is a democracy already. So I guess non-informed outsiders may assume the protestors have a case. Hmmm - I'll ask a few others outside Thailand. But I wouldn't think basic non-informed outside opinion will have much influence. And Abhisit, with his Oxford education and general 'good boy' appearance, should naturally find it easier to project a good, reasonable, image than Thaksin, who looks pretty crap to Western audiences when he dodges simple but pointed questions of the type Western journalists like to (and are allowed to) ask. Imagine him in a room with Jeremy Paxman!
  7. bibblies

    Nick Nostitz...live action report.

    Are they winning the propoganda war? I live with a Thai whose family and province were previously sympathetic to Thaksin. I asked her just now how she feels about the red shirts, how her family feel, how people she knows feel. The answer indicates that they've very much lost sympathy. That was also the feeling I got as I watched Thais watch the broadcast last night with the army spokesman going through footage of various incidents. I think Abhisit's starting to do a better job of explaining his side. After all, is he much more illegitate than, say, Gordon Brown or David Cameron even? Gordon Brown wasn't chosen by the people, he was chosen by their representatives (whom the people voted for in a free election, the same as the Thais). David Cameron didn't have a majority of the people's vote but, when a coalition formed with the agreement of making him the PM (similar to Abhisit). What other country's PM would be as patient as Abhisit, letting a group of protestors barricade off the equivalent of Oxford Street for more than a month!? Laughably they accuse him of being a brutal dictator but what dictator would have let people do that? They're breaking the law and he's simply upholding it, as any civilised country would. I've heard ordinary Thais note that, if Thaksin were PM, he would have had the protestors moved by force, if not killed, within a few days... With him waiting that long, appearing to be so reasonable, offering elections by November, I can't see how he's losing the propaganda war.
  8. My sympathies are divided: On the one hand, 7.30 (or 8 or 9 or 10 or 11 or 12) is early on a Sunday. This is just one reason why families have no business taking holidays in Bangkok or Pattaya. These are for single adults, interested in going out late and not waking up early. On the other hand, he's French...
  9. bibblies

    .Net Framework KB953595

    Suggestions? 1. Ask in specialist forums full of young IT geeks, not a Thai one full of older men mostly interested in pussy. 2. Uninstall the service pack. Do without the service pack or find another that doesn't include the hotfix. 3. Find solutions for the programs that don't work anymore. Maybe they've got updates too.
  10. bibblies

    .Net Framework KB953595

    There's an option in Control Panel, in Add/Remove programs to show Windows Updates. Then you can uninstall it.
  11. bibblies

    A View From the Aged

    What the OP says doesn't surprise me at all and I'm not looking forward to old age (although it's preferable to the alternative). Whatever other guys may say, girls, including p4p girls, are attracted to guys of the same age as them, or even less. Any guy who gets to know a bargirl and sees the Thai boyfriends of her friends will know that they're nearly always as young or even younger than the girls. In studies of attractiveness, age is the major factor. Should this surprise us? Michelle Pfieffer may be beautiful (for her age) but I'd prefer most average nubile 20 year olds. All the stuff about Thai girls being different, valuing maturity, etc, is crap. Even most p4p girls prefer not to be seen out with an old guy because of 'face' (at least!) ikkrang said this: Pattaya's worse than Bangkok for this kind of thing. Only a few years ago, at half your age, I felt old when a girl said a similar thing. Another guy said this: I guess this guy's 35 himself... But does he realise that the girls, mostly of 18-24, probably think of him as old too?! A Pattaya girl would...
  12. bibblies

    Getting a girl out of a bar

    That's what you've really got to determine because that's where the damage occurs. I've got no problem with the girls who are honest enough to say 'I like working in the bar. It's good money. I like money. I don't want to stop'. They don't bring guys down. It's the ones who start playing around, pretending to others (and maybe themselves) that they're doing it for noble reasons, that they want to stop but don't have the chance for whatever reason, at the moment. They're the ones who drag some nice (naive?) guys down in their wake. Most of the time, I think they're playing this game on themselves, trying out in their heads the fantasy that they will stop, be a nice girl. They may even believe it themselves for a while - on the surface, at least. But, as is the Thai way, they don't think it through. They may want to be a good girl but still have the same money and power or independence - and yet not work too hard. After experiencing a certain level of easy money, they don't want to make compromises or try as hard as others. Some won't even countenance compromises that involve less money but fewer strangers using them. Because, to them, lots of strangers using them for sex means nothing anymore. They just look at the total. Someone mentioned 50,000 as a level where all Thai girls would be happy. Believe it or not, I know a few for whom this isn't enough! So many girls earn much more when working. This money gives them a taste for independence and power. They become used to designer goods, the latest mobiles. They start treating their families to things... and their families become used to it. Some get so much cash in their hands on a daily basis that they don't even think before spending it except, perhaps, what they can buy next. And if you try to get such girls out of the bar, how can they start to learn to say no to families and budget when Thai 'face' gets in the way?
  13. bibblies

    Getting a girl out of a bar

    I know at least one Thai man who's living with a bargirl who has 2 kids who aren't his.
  14. bibblies

    Tilac Bar Hero to Zero

    Haven't experienced any pressure for ladydrinks (maybe I've got a harder skin for this type of thing than most because I never feel this pressure anywhere). Haven't been scammed on change (in fact, the last time I went, they forgot to charge me for a beer :thumbup: ). I enjoy looking up at pantie-less girls but, the main trouble is that a lot of the ones that dance this way are heffers. The ones that you want to see bottomless are the coyotes and they're the ones that: a) wear too much and aren't barfineable. The coyotes seem to be there to prick-tease and suck up the money and time of gullible punters who think they've got a chance. (I assume this without trying, it has to be said, but I think it's a fair guess!) I don't see the point for us.
  15. bibblies

    Who seriously wants to date a BKK GTG?

    OK' date=' I'll bite. I don't believe they always enjoy their work because there is a big reward at the end, i.e. MONEY. Hell, I don't always enjoy my work. Sometimes I have to deal with bosses who think that they are God's gift to mankind, fully ignorant and too weak to make a decision. I don't like that. If there wasn't any MONEY at the end of all the BS, I probably wouldn't be a working man for very long. I don't think all BG's are victims, but a lot of them have serious self esteem issues. They do a job a 'normal' person wouldn't do. But to think they enjoy being with us punters because they got paid, is delusional. I'm sure they like some encounters, but detest most of us. So percentagewise, they really dislike sleeping with us. It's just they can fool you and me in believing that we are somehow 'special.' Otherwise they wouldn't get any return business. Let the games begin. [/quote'] Simply put - it's not 'work' for money that they need. It's work for money to piss away - on countless clothes, shoes, jewellery, the latest phone, the latest camera, cars, drink, drugs, pointless 'show' parties, things they don't need but they want, want, want. Things for show, for face. All that is far more important to Dumsoda's girl than his feelings (his 'face'). Dumsoda had a better reason for his dalliance - the anger over his girl's behaviour. Because he knew deep down that she was showing that a little consumer rubbish mattered more to her than him. I reckon she probably got more pleasure overall from her encounter too. Have you ever seen a girl rush to spend her money after payment?