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  1. LaoHuLi

    The Death of Mao Mark

    Owner of Cathouse, where the party is on the 9th.
  2. LaoHuLi

    The Death of Mao Mark

    I think MM and VI must share a common genetic bluprint. Perhaps one of their parents was a 'travelling man' or perhaps mama 'went abroad often'. Their common traits are far too mutual for it to just be a coincidence.
  3. LaoHuLi

    Lesbo Action in the Mist

    Thank you. Grand to see Turk is back in action......... and that his life takes another stroll along the dark pathways.
  4. well he said it was along time ago .......... maybe 1945
  5. Thanks OC ... valuble info. Anybody tried any other banks recently? (BTW, glad you are not getting those braces for the buffalo because I just paid for the orthoscopic surgery on both it's knees)
  6. I just found it curious. Curious a bit strange that is. Wonder if there will be a prominent gay marriage industry in Cambo should this come to pass. A 3rd world SFO center ? I can see the planeloads arriving now Canada just legalized gay marriage and there is quite an industry flourishing now.
  7. Phnom Penh Associated Press ? After watching TV images of gay weddings in San Francisco, Cambodia's King Norodom Sihanouk said Friday that homosexual couples should be allowed to get married. Since the Cambodian government chose in 1993 to be a ?liberal democracy,? it should allow ?marriage between man and man ... or between woman and woman,? the king said in a signed statement in French posted on his Web site. The king, currently on a medical visit to Beijing, also said that transvestites should be ?accepted and well-treated in our national community.? King Sihanouk is a constitutional monarch with no executive powers but is highly respected in his country. Gay couples are not allowed to marry in Cambodia. San Francisco has issued more than 2,800 marriage licenses to gay couples in the past week, amid a growing debate in the United States over whether such unions should be allowed. King Sihanouk said in his Web site statement that he saw TV footage of gay weddings there.
  8. Yeah but the SB had 2 refits ::
  9. good for you, please post which bank it was, so we all can avail ourselves of the New modern service :: about time one of them got it together. :hubba:
  10. Jeeez, hope you got at least some good pics of those 56K tits. Wanta show us ? We could have a poll on "are they worth 56K?"
  11. so go to a good high MP where you don't usually go and just pay for the sevices with a '96 ........ tell them that's all you have. ::
  12. There was a huge number of counterfeits made in Malaysia in 97-98 ........... so good that the banks won't touch that series. Think they even managed to get their hands on some real paper. So the Thai banks will take them, they just want to send them to Wash DC for verification before they release your funds.
  13. LaoHuLi

    Shipping a small package from USA-BKK

    STEP UP >>>>>>>> if you want to insure it's delivery. For obvious reasons I recommend UPS (ok, Upser : No problems, no receiver charges, and IT WILL GET THERE.
  14. LaoHuLi


    Love your style of composition Jack. Concise, to the point. None of that flowery prose; it doesn't make me waste my time reading. Should be included in the seat backs of all HEA - BKK flights. (Nice use of graemlins as well)
  15. LaoHuLi

    Go-Go To Hell

    Another fine one......... You're starting the morning off well.