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  1. I live opposite a main (the main?) Jehovahs Witness Church / accommodation complex in Bangkok and these people are a pain! Every time I walk up the Soi to the main road, if any of these people are approaching they inevitably come up to me and ask "are you coming to our Church this Sunday?". It's easy to spot them coming - white shirt black tie and a black ID badge - so I have time to make up a flippant or mildly insulting response. Patrick
  2. Mekong is correct in both his Posts. In theory a Work Permit is issued with a specific Address at which the holder may work; in practice however there are no checks if one works - temporarily at least - in another location. I run my own Company here with a Work Permit showing my Company Address in Bangkok, however I regularly go to Chonburi and Rayong, usually just a day visit, and further afield to Korat, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Haad Yai, Songkhla etc. and stay a couple of days, visiting Customers etc. and have never had a problem in over 20 years. Patrick
  3. The picture really tells it all. Look at the 2 Senior Nurses in the background - non Muslim Senior Nurse on the right looking with obvious disapproval (to put it mildly) at the idiot Nurse who clearly celebrated the death of the Bomb Disposal Officer, Muslim Senior Nurse on the left clearly totally uninterested and Texting or whatever on her 'phone. You have to wonder what level of care non-Muslim patients receive in Hospitals in these areas; everyone involved should be fired immediately. Patrick
  4. The Thai word for "Pimp" is indeed Maeng Da. I derives from the mating habits of Maeng Da Talay because the male spends several hours riding on the back of the female when they copulate. Patrick
  5. Best to check first that the Software can be Activated in your Country of residence. Certainly Windows 7 bought legally in Thailand can only be Registered and Activated within Asia - excluding Singapore. Patrick
  6. You might also try : http://eztv.it/ http://publichd.eu/ Patrick
  7. I have a Home Network with a PC - running Windows 7 Ultimate, and a Laptop - running Windows Vista - both using a WiFi connection to the TOT Router. How do I go about checking / changing the Channels these 2 Computers use? Many thanks! Paul
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