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    Director Roman Polanski in Swiss custody

    Please refrain from discussing child prostitution!
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    Anger in San Francisco over subway police shooting

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    Suggestions for a night out in PTY

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  4. One Night in Foodland by TurkFist "When I saw the whore I knew I knew her. I didn't know why I knew I knew her. I didn't know where I knew her from. But then again it didn't matter. I was settling on a defeated evening and there she was. Her sweet small body packed tightly into a pair of sky blue jeans with a loose striped man's shirt delicately outlining her cleavage as she stretched out to pick up a tin of something. She read the tin like it was poetry. She knew she was being watched and she enjoyed taking everything just that little bit slow. Her lips shimmered the same reddish black colour of the Bangkok sky. She wasn't young. Somewhere between thirty five and forty five but her face had the kind of sweet and sensuous character that ages well. She had the kind of inner smile that, back home in the UK, we call filthy. She turned a corner and a jar of pickles that, moments earlier, had seemed the most exciting thing in my life, lost all meaning to me." __________________________ To read more of this great story, and many others by TurkFist go to the far upper right hand corner of the front page and click the red tab ?Upgrade Now? and sign up as a Silver member. The Forum Moderator