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  1. I liked the old board. The new one seems bland in comparison.
  2. I whole-heartily agree with you Flash. OH was a keen contributor with an intellect to match.Where art thou, OH?
  3. skirtlifter


    Prednasone usually clears it in a few hours. At the outset of an attack take a couple of Tolchicine then a few more every 2-3 hours afterwards. Works for me. :content:
  4. Coulldn't agree more with your sentiments. I am married to a feminine Thai lady who takes good care of me....I would never look to a western woman again. Barf!
  5. Did Suan Phlu to Ekkamai and back a couple of times a week for six months and lost heaps of weight (over 20kg). Mind you, I'd given up drinking for about a year. Done the trek from Siam to Hua Lompong on many occasions as well.
  6. Point taken Munch. Scariest moment was when accosted by a katoey along Suk early one morning whilst out getting some exercise. Cnut! Finally persuaded him to fuck off. Also the worry that I might drink myself to death. Then again that still may happen.
  7. Hi lads, Thought some of you might want to share events which you found scary, weird, funny, crazy, spooky, dangerous or otherwise during your stay in LOS. Would make interesting reading I'm sure. If not, tell me to fuck off.
  8. If she's 17 then I'm Superman. She should give Dame Edna Everidge a run for her money in about 10 years.Shocker.
  9. skirtlifter

    Home Brew

    Was into it in a big way once. Once you have the equipment it is easy and cheap to make. I think I was making 30 odd bottles each time and cost me less than $15 at a time. Had hundreds of bottles in reserve. Problem was I drank heaps because it was cheap and had so much of it.Put on heaps of weight too. :content:
  10. Damn pity. One of my favourite spots for the first few years in Bangers. Humph!
  11. United we stand, divided we fall. England are settled and are as one in achieving an ashes victory. The Aussie players are shit-scared of losing their place in the team. Selectors need to stop disrupting the squad through constant team changes.IMHO
  12. For me I can't go past a deep-throated blow job from a young lass.
  13. I can't think of anything more enjoyable than a deep-throated head job from a young lass. Oh yeah....and throw in another one to lick my arse at the same time.
  14. My "she who must be obeyed' is the same. Whether she needs to find something in the supermarket or ask for directions. She is always affronted if I suggest she ask someone else. I also get pissed off with the Thais total lack of peripheral vision. Whether they're wandering down the street or strolling along the aisles in the supermarket they have no awareness or concern that someone is trying to get past them. Another thing I find annoying is their desire to push in regardless of how many people are waiting in the queue.
  15. Just a couple.... Squatting on the loo having to use cold water for bathing during cold snap in village dogs barking and roosters crowing every morning in the village mosquitoes in the village
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