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  1. you think the eu will want to set a precedence for catalonia and the basques ?
  2. please do have your 1776, its about time !
  3. i'm sure if muslims were the majority in burma the buddhists would have a swell time
  4. brisvegas your location ? are you artiew ?
  5. people who dont like the above have no soul !
  6. scoobydoo


    meanwhile AfD grow bigger and bigger in egalitarian germany.... old habits die hard
  7. scoobydoo


    i have a plan. we have 4 months in the EU, 4 months as a US state and 4 months under the admin of the isle of man ..... and repeat! placating everyone....keeping everyone happy!
  8. scoobydoo


    very wrong steve..... urban doncaster, middlesborough, darlington just for example were pro brexit .... london yes pro remain but lots of other urban centres.... i'm kinda old and i voted remain as did my parents. ...... but brexit must happen regardless or kiss good by democracy
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