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  1. here in China everything shows up with chinese characters! very difficult to read indeed!
  2. and the whole sentence/message you hear: ขณะนี้หมายเลขที่ท่านเรียà¸à¹„ม่สามารถติดต่อได้à¸à¸£à¸¸à¸“าถือสายรอสัà¸à¸„รู่ or something like that; depending on carrier also possible is this ending à¸à¸£à¸¸à¸“าติดต่อใหม่อีà¸à¸„รั้ง if you want to have this in transliteration and/or translation, let me know!
  3. ขณะนี้ kha-na-nee at the moment, at present, now
  4. this sounds so familiar to me! when a woman has a accident, it is always a malfunction of the car!
  5. you do not need to get married to get a TG to Europe. Mine got visa from 3 different embassies!
  6. there are agencies, which take 30k THB or so to get a visa for Schengen
  7. yes both and also by helicopter http://www.kohkoodboat.com/ http://www.kohchangboat.com/
  8. oh thanks very much, Munchie! you really made my day! usually I am turned on by any arsehole...probably I would even get turned on by you!
  9. i thought visa regulations are the same for Schengen countries and Switzerland is a Schengen country as well!
  10. wow this guy has hemorrhoids! probably a real pain in the ass Munchie!
  11. really? how are you so sure the deceased did not give a press conference (with written press release containing the bad latin) before he jumped? there is nothing in the report, so you can not just assume! or was it Flasher? Flasher, brush up your Latin! Mekong and BB can teach you!
  12. i was talking about Chinese and Koreans, not North Korea. I know many South Koreans, some good folks among them, but I do not know any North Korean. and what the fall of the Berlin wall has to do with China, Gobbie, only a Disneyland historian like you can make a connection!
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