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  1. was this the bagpipe version of Gangnam style on youtube? blocked in China!
  2. a bit more tolerance, Munchie! would you accept a bagpipe-version of Gangnam style?
  3. i knew this one already! you always dig out oldies
  4. not for me, as I am in China...blocked!
  5. is this a youtube clip? it does not load!
  6. I actually quite like the original clip with PSY in particular if you know this area of Seoul of course there can be sometimes a overfeed....
  7. no need to park anymore as there ain't no bar anymore!
  8. so you like the katoeys pushy and groping you?
  9. very dark bar! had to hide some katoeys and uglies! usually as darker the bar, as uglier the girls!
  10. are those centers in UK or in Phuket? at the same time you are running your daily Phuket trip reviews so you are there, right?
  11. no, a Welsh themed Pub...or something like that! actually a Britrish Pub but themed as Welsh, not Oirish! how does Welsh themed look like?
  12. Mekkie and Munchie! could you enlighten the ignorant board on the differencies between a British and a Oirish/Irish Pub? Are there other types like Scottish, Welsh etc. Pubs. Or do different counties in England have different pub types for me as a ignorant continental european they look pretty much the same.... the management guys i met in the Dubliner did not speak Oirish, but that's quite some years ago I went there the last time...
  13. that's in any way not the best choice for gobbie; whether he is a alpha, beta, gamma or epsilon drinker!
  14. going soon after a couple of years absence Bangla is always very tourist focused with aggressive ladyboys, touts and lazy bargirls. had made better experiences in bars outside Bangla. what is still there. I think the bar area on Sawatdirak road (close to Thara Patong) is gone, what about the bar area on beach road, around 300 meters north of Bangla? any others?
  15. is this a promise? I guess the monastery would not have internet access as internet is evil!
  16. so after that, it will be only me who keep continue drinking...
  17. good luck! it will work!
  18. the article hit the nail on the head! excellent! just one sentence is wrong: "have never eaten or drank outside Washington Square or the Emporium since, well, last century": it is not since last century but since the vietnam war ended...and those guys usually do not go to Emporium! 7-11 and Ya Dong seller 2 blocks further down the Soi are enough for them to survive!
  19. give my best regards to Khun Mallee in the new Happy Pub; she was already sleeping when I dropped by recently. tell her it is from Somchai...she will then know who I am
  20. did a walk through WS or better what is left of it last night... only Easy Pub and Square One are still open but both were completely empty, no guests, no girls and then the two open air bars at the entrance from Soi 22 they already demolished the houses from former Silver Dollar to Cat's Meow Happy Pub reopened at Soi 22 close to the entrance to WS beside Denny's corner and a massage shop; it is now even smaller and has a handfull of new girls but not to the better; there seem to be more and more bars along Soi 22 also noticed a lot of Indians in Soi 22
  21. the max 90 in 180 seems to have long gone! was valid 2006 - 2008
  22. used to live in this area for 1 year around 15 years ago while Soi 22 looks still the same (except from Imperial Queenspark to Suk), Soi 24 has changed a lot
  23. I would not! I would go through it! I think it is very selfish and irresponsible towards and horrible for relatives and friends!
  24. a US comedian...probably unknown in Germany! now which German comedian is well known in US...except Angela Merkel of course?
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