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  1. I actually quite like the original clip with PSY in particular if you know this area of Seoul of course there can be sometimes a overfeed....
  2. so if some board member knows a mid end accommodation (3 and 4 star) with no or modest joiner fee (maybe 500 THB) I would be interested. but 1500 THB I am definitely not going to pay to the greedy hotel owners! Patong is still a nice place to go for a 3-5 days trip; combines a nice beach and clean sea with some nightlife
  3. the one who does not think and just follow the mainstream bullshit is YOU, Munchie baa was showing the top 10 violent VACATION spots what radioman shows is a TOURIST statistics, including everything that moves from outside the country to the country in question like businesstrips, visiting relatives, visit for one day etc.etc.etc. I went myself to USA, UK and Germany many many times, but would I ever do VACATION there? certainly not!
  4. no need to park anymore as there ain't no bar anymore!
  5. US, UK, Germany etc. are just not in this list because nobody goes for vacation there...
  6. yeah i would agree that UK is far more dangerous than India, maybe with the exception of Kashmir or the Tajs and Oberois when there is some terrorist attack also Thailand remains a rather safe place despite some rare incidents except you get into some business conflicts or you behave like a idiot
  7. I know a couple of elderly businessmen, who never wear casual with short sleeves when outside their home. they regret the tatoos of their youth... However newer generations have some more open attitude towards that. not that I had one or would do one myself
  8. and the link goes to some movie about english pronounciation! probably David Farell was killed by his Thai wife because she was sick of him criticizing her pronounciation of English!
  9. certainly Flasher will remember I just remember the song, interpreted by many others you should not judge as you do not know the background of the story, why his wife and daughter left him
  10. it was actually 12 days: 83'000 THB per day! anybody currently in Pattaya heard the bell ringing a couple of times?
  11. yes indeed! 6 years latin in absentia luci, tenebrae vincunt
  12. well in LOS it is probably more like "carpe noctem"
  13. being involved and being one of millions, who denounced their family members, neighbors etc. is something totally different than being a leader in the cultural revolution as claimed by the poster!
  14. is this a well known footballer in germany? Kamui?
  15. from Bangkok Post: German footballer arrested in Pattaya Published: 26/10/2012 at 10:32 PM Online news: A German footballer was arrested on Friday on perjury charges over his abduction claim, police said. Savio Magala, 23, who is playing for Unterhaching in Germany's Bundesliga 2, was arrested in a rented room in Pattaya. Police said they were contacted by the German embassy which asked them to help Malaga who had made a phone call to his relative in that country to transfer 3,000 euro (about 120,000 baht) to his account claiming that he was abducted in Thailand. Police said that after receiving the complaint they began their investigation and found that Malaga, who arrived in Thailand on Oct 14, had spent all one million baht he brought with him from Germany. As a result, Magala then made up the story in the hope that his relative would transfer money to him. Police said Magala would be deported to face charges in Germany on Saturday. http://www.bangkokpost.com/breakingnews/318384/german-footballer-arrested-in-pattaya
  16. sorry but that is certainly not correct Bo Xilai was born in 1949 the peak of Cultural revolution was from 1966 - 1969, some say that it lasted until Mao's death 1976 Bo Xilai was 17 years old, when it started! what is correct is that he was a communist hardliner and against any reforms.
  17. the head wound looks older than 24-48 hours! the rest of the face looks intact. no information in the news when the incident took place and when the photos were taken
  18. does the guy really look severely stabbed and beaten up? very strange story that somehow does not make sense! 3 girls with 4 guys in a rape attempt? they choose a girl accompanied by a guy as victim?
  19. there would not have been any extensive investigation, if Bo Xilai had been still in power in Chongqing! He was already out in the race for the succession of Hu Jintao and he polarized within the communist party and had many enemies. this incident just accelerated his fall
  20. so you like the katoeys pushy and groping you?
  21. I guess 9 years after his post he has either given up, moved on or was successful!
  22. very dark bar! had to hide some katoeys and uglies! usually as darker the bar, as uglier the girls!
  23. your image fits so well into this thread, Kamui!
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