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  1. so if some board member knows a mid end accommodation (3 and 4 star) with no or modest joiner fee (maybe 500 THB) I would be interested.

    but 1500 THB I am definitely not going to pay to the greedy hotel owners!


    Patong is still a nice place to go for a 3-5 days trip; combines a nice beach and clean sea with some nightlife

  2. Nah, HT doesn't think. :doah:

    the one who does not think and just follow the mainstream bullshit is YOU, Munchie


    baa was showing the top 10 violent VACATION spots


    what radioman shows is a TOURIST statistics, including everything that moves from outside the country to the country in question like businesstrips, visiting relatives, visit for one day etc.etc.etc.


    I went myself to USA, UK and Germany many many times, but would I ever do VACATION there? certainly not!

  3. Top 10 Violent Vacationsstirthepot.gif



    ... what figures exist do not lend themselves to an easy top 10 list for a variety of reasons, including governments cooking the books and victims choosing not to report crimes. Nonetheless, we’ve assembled such a top 10 using statistics provided by NationMaster.com and the United Nations.

    US, UK, Germany etc. are just not in this list because nobody goes for vacation there...

  4. yeah i would agree that UK is far more dangerous than India, maybe with the exception of Kashmir or the Tajs and Oberois when there is some terrorist attack


    also Thailand remains a rather safe place despite some rare incidents except you get into some business conflicts or you behave like a idiot

  5. Apparently there was a tattoo competition this week in BKK's Mahboonkhrawng Centre. Wonder if some will have any regrets in later life?


    I know a couple of elderly businessmen, who never wear casual with short sleeves when outside their home.

    they regret the tatoos of their youth...


    However newer generations have some more open attitude towards that. not that I had one or would do one myself

  6. A lot of the cultural revolution was about Mao calling on teenagers and children to turning against their teachers, so actually his age would make him a perfect candidate to have been involved in it.


    Quick check on Wikipedia just now says that his father, who was in government, was purged and imprisoned; his mother ended up dying too. It says it is possible Bo denounced his father, but nothing there about him making a name for himself as part of it, he himself spent 5 yrs in prison during it.

    being involved and being one of millions, who denounced their family members, neighbors etc. is something totally different than being a leader in the cultural revolution as claimed by the poster!

  7. from Bangkok Post:


    German footballer arrested in Pattaya

    Published: 26/10/2012 at 10:32 PM Online news:

    A German footballer was arrested on Friday on perjury charges over his abduction claim, police said.


    Savio Magala, 23, who is playing for Unterhaching in Germany's Bundesliga 2, was arrested in a rented room in Pattaya.


    Police said they were contacted by the German embassy which asked them to help Malaga who had made a phone call to his relative in that country to transfer 3,000 euro (about 120,000 baht) to his account claiming that he was abducted in Thailand.


    Police said that after receiving the complaint they began their investigation and found that Malaga, who arrived in Thailand on Oct 14, had spent all one million baht he brought with him from Germany.


    As a result, Magala then made up the story in the hope that his relative would transfer money to him.


    Police said Magala would be deported to face charges in Germany on Saturday.



  8. Bo Xilai was a leader in the Cultural Revolution that killed millions (especially targeting teachers). He was still glorifying that era. Well, karma has just kicked his butt.

    sorry but that is certainly not correct

    Bo Xilai was born in 1949

    the peak of Cultural revolution was from 1966 - 1969, some say that it lasted until Mao's death 1976

    Bo Xilai was 17 years old, when it started!


    what is correct is that he was a communist hardliner and against any reforms.

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