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  1. as a Farang in Thailand as long as you have relationships with Thais (whether family, friends, neighbors, working place etc.) and are not a Farang khee nok, you always do charity! That is the social system here; there are always thousands of people in need of money and thousands of charity organizations and they try to squeeze it out from those who they think have it! whether locals or foreigners. I know some rich local guys and to be rich is really expensive in Thailand!

  2. ชีวิตชีวา chiwit chiwaa is a adjectiv and means energetic, lively, full of energy. comes probably most close to what you wanted to say. However not knowing the context, it is difficult to recommend whole phrases

  3. a couple of years ago, only the high end hotels charged joiner fee. I remember I once stayed at the Impiana direct at the beach and they charged 500 THB for joiner.

    now it seems that all middle to high end hotels charge. checked Thara Patong and Patong Beach Hotel, both 4 star hotels and both at beach road (thaweewong road) and they both charge 1500 THB (!) per night as joiner fee.


    i finally booked a 3 star resort: Tropica Bungalow http://www.tropica-bungalow.com/

    even they charged joiner fee but only 500 THB, which I did not mind as then I only booked single room which comes 300 THB lower then double

    best of the hotel is it's location: at the beach road and only 50 meters from Bangla

    booked a 4 for 3 promotion at 3990 THB, so less then 1000 THB, which is quite a good price for a 3 star hotel, even during rainy season

    room was clean and large with balcony

    breakfast buffet good for this level and included

    they have a swimming pool, but not too big and chairs

    talked the reception into extending the internet fee for one time 100 THB to all 4 days (actually 5 with arrival and departure days)

    setback was that construction was going on (during the day); so it was a bit dusty and noisy in some areas of the resort


    so saved a bit on accommodation but spent then 25k in 4 nights on drinks and chicks

  4. Police officers took Phra Khru Sangkharak Thirayut Thirapanyo – soon to be using his old name, Thirayut Siripruek – to the district Buddhist office to be defrocked.


    district Buddhist office? never heard of something like that! so who are the superiors of a abbott?

  5. there are many upscale clubs, lounges and karaoke bars in town, which cater mainly to locals.

    expect usually worse english than in NEP and SC. so unless you speak thai...

    you also have to clarify the various prices and charges beforehand; otherwise you end up with some surprises on your bill

  6. thanks for sharing this and indeed great photos!


    I have been myself in tham le khao kob a couple of years ago and also during rainy season. It was indeed a adventurous boat trip through the cave. we were the only visitors. the water level was so high, that we had had to lie flat in the boat and push the boat deeper into the water and at the same time forward to not get stuck. And we needed a lot of force for that

    after the trip they said, that the next days they might have to shut down as they might not get through anymore

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