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  1. ...but having a Thai GF can also be as illusional as a girlfriend experience with a regular bargirl... gobbie's confusion is understandable!
  2. you are of course right! a married couple spending their vacation in Patong or in the middle of Pattaya is somehow strange...
  3. back to my original thread. as usual not much input so I checked out myself excellent French food at Philippe, Suk Soi 39 http://www.philipperestaurant.com/index.php the restaurant is popular among members of the Royal Family and Philippe, in opposite to many other restaurants owned by Europeans, is daily in the kitchen during lunch and dinner for more than 10 years now. set lunch menu with choice of several starters, main dishes and desserts 550++ while others have just house wine by glass, they have some good middle priced french wines by glass from 200-300 I liked the pastry with snails (vol-au-vent d'escargots) and the beef stew (boeuf bourgignon) bill for two persons for lunch around 2400 THB with 4 glasses of wines and some water another nice place for lunch, this time Italian food, is Beccofino at Thonglor, Suk Soi 55 close to Subsoi 4 http://www.beccofino.co.th/italianrestaurant.html Antipasti buffet, soup (3 choices), main course (5+ choices) and dessert with one glass of wine at around 500 THB I would call quite a bargain you can customize; the Japanese went several times to the buffet and took only a soup for 300 THB several italian wines by the glass very good Italian cuisine! in the evening went to Bei Otto (Suk Soi 20) very extensive menu of German food. currently it is Oktoberfest, so they have Hofbrau on tap prices still reasonable, bill depend on how much beer you drink. for 2 persons around 1000 THB for starter and main dish with one beer as a change we found a very authentic Korean restaurant on Suk Soi 33 in the same subsoi as The Office and Wallstreet bar: Seoul Jib run by a Korean couple Korean beef (Bulgogi) or beef ribs (Kalbi) for 400-600 THB for 2 persons with 6 side dishes, many other original Korean dishes like rice with beef (bimbimbap) and cold noodles
  4. your transliteration is amazing! do you mean น้ำà¹à¸•à¸à¹à¸¢à¸à¸—าง nam taek yaek thang? yes that one is straight to the point! translated word by word: the water bursts, separate way
  5. you abused yourself! that's the root cause and where all is coming from!
  6. aren't most of the threads on this board derailed? or hijacked? or twisted?
  7. everyone to his own! and even then depending on mood and circumstances while it might be nice, if they do not shower, dress up and go into "what you pay" mode within 60 seconds after the deed, and I appreciate some cuddling or joint breakfast in the morning it might get a nuisance if they still hang around later morning/early afternoon if you have a schedule or plans on your own...
  8. agree with you but there are still nice places in Phuket outside the mainstream beaches!
  9. cities? then I would go to Bangkok (still an incredible city) Chiang Mai Beijing Taipei (national museum!) Hongkong
  10. 32 inch is pretty much standard on TG; only the A340-500 (36') and the new B777-200ER (34") have more! http://www.seatguru.com/airlines/Thai_Airways/Thai_Airways_Airbus_A340-500.php
  11. do you have statistics that support your claim or you just guess...
  12. it does not even load outside Thailand on fiberoptic based broadband access!
  13. yeah, Munchie is a bit slow sometimes...
  14. Economy: 32†pitch 18†wide 10.6†AVOD seatback touch screen so the screen is probably the best part... http://www.businesstraveller.com/asia-pacific/news/thai-airways-reveals-new-a380-seat-specifications make an upgrade!
  15. scroll down on this facebook page and you will see some pictures from economy: http://www.facebook.com/pages/THAI-Airways-I-FLY-TG/108121652602014?ref=stream
  16. it's only a trailer of 30 seconds! currently outside Thailand and visible for me
  17. do they offer fast track in and out in Bangkok? the stopover in the middle of the night (from and to Europe) is a big setback for me, but I heard the duty free offer a big range of cheap Cuban cigars. true?
  18. don't be so negative, Cavanami! boarding and deboarding is pretty smooth as it happens on two levels! a 747 and a 777 arriving at the same time causes a longer queue at immigration as one A380 and there is still fast track for biz class in TG (in opposite to most other airlines where you queue with cattle)
  19. and they take it up the shitter - doggy style - it must feel for the Arabs and Nigerians like fucking a camel or a gnu, like at home...
  20. last week the first A380 of total 6 planes arrived and TG started on saturday with regular flights. It's name is Sri Rattana On sunday I flew out from Bangkok in Business Class on this A380. first time that TG offer full flat seats in Business Class; I was quite impressed! a real progress. you can get some pictures and detailed description here: http://www.ausbt.com.au/review-thai-airways-airbus-a380-royal-silk-business-class-seats Currently they fly in the morning to Hongkong, return to Bangkok and fly then in the evening to Singapore with return before midnight. This is more like a trial period and it was obvious that the service was not yet optimized as it should be. From mid december they will use it on the routes to Frankfurt, Paris and Narita (some claim Sydney instead of Narita but we will see). In the beginning they planned to go use it for the Londong route but they changed their mind. First and Business with 4 seats each row on the upper deck and Economy with 2/4/2 on the whole lower deck and in the tail of the upper deck. Here is the seatplan: http://www.seatplans.com/files/Seat-Plans/Thai-Airways/Thai_A380-800.jpg they have over 500 seats, more than any other of the 9 Airlines that already fly with A380
  21. so in either way the custody battle is decided and whether Thai authorities intervene or not, take away the kid from the killer family or leave it, the kid remains a victim!
  22. according to the victim's linkedin profile, posted earlier in this thread, he was the CEO of a company located in Singapore. http://sg.linkedin.com/pub/oswald-duvel/6/181/a94 of cause this does not justify her arguments for the reason for their marriage
  23. agree with you If I was living in Europe, I also would not come to Thailand to screw a whore from Uzbekistan... but for someone approaching two decades of living in Asia, it can be a nice change...if they look good and play good
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