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  1. Yes, it was full and complete answer, and I was just kidding. Appreciate the info.
  2. Thanks for the quick info SD...you are the smartest dude I know. I think I will just transfer all my money into my new girlfriend's account. I met her at Soi Nana last trip and she was kind enough to give me her account number and info on how I can easily do this. Hope she is able to get off work and pick me up at the airport...
  3. Stupid question...Is UOB-- United Overseas Bank? Does the lack of ATM fee apply at all branches? Is it possible (or plausible) to just open up a bank account in Thailand?..I will be traveling for a month and don't want to bring a huge wad of cash (I don't like Travelers Checks) Also, off topic...Anyone ever rent a cell phone for a short while..if so any good? I have verizon and the rates for using it in Thailand are insane Thanks
  4. Just a common expression...not a racial remark. Sorry, if it offended you...just a comment about your admin style.
  5. I think pricko owes you some apology...where is that annoying Board/Admin Nazi when you neeed him.
  6. Not so hard on the dude....I think he is balking at the 500b for THE SHORT TIME Room. Not the girl. Jeez
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