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  1. Bugger, who will keep us up to date with world events and press links now? Chock dee-peter
  2. Telling non smokers to stay away from public places if they don't want to breathe in filthy smokers exhaust, is like telling pedestrians to keep off the street if they don't want to take the risk of being hit by a driver selfishly doing what he wants at the expense of others. You cannot deny smoking is a dirty, unhealthy habit, that even the vast majority of users want to stop, but are just too weak to manage it. -peter
  3. I think you miss the point about banning smoking in a public place with a fine as a penalty. It is similar to not allowing speeding on the roads and fining those that break the law. Speeding kills not only drivers but innocent bystanders, and it's the same with people who selfishly smoke in public places. Not only are they harming their own health (up to them) but I beleive it is proven beyond doubt that passive smoking causes health problems, and even cancer in those who do not want to breathe in the polluted filth smokers seem only too happy to share with others.-peter
  4. Quite right too, an enlightened move which I hope they do enforce in bars. There are some places I avoid altogether due to this filthy, unhealthy habit, longun is one such place and thermae can get a bit smokey as well. If people have to indulge in this sad addiction why do they think they should have the freedom to inflict it on the rest of us, the fine should be larger!-peter
  5. As Thai music CD's are 100-190 baht, you must be a real scrooge if not willing to spend so little in support of such great singers and musicians. I suggest listening to the samples on www.thainetcity.com deciding what you like, then buying some CD's when you are there in November. Another site introducing thai music, with clips is www.thaiworldview.com/music/music.htm A trip to buy Thai CD's is so much more fun than downloading MP3's-peter quote: Originally posted by Old hippie: Anyone have an idea of web sights where I can download Classical Thai and Lao music? I'm to cheap to pay for it...
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