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  1. Went to the old location on Soi 31 once many years ago and just had a trad massage with a buddy. The girls were quite upset that we didn't want any extras! I go to the one on Soi 3 in Pattaya quite often, but usually just opt for straight massage (300B for 2 hrs-used to be 200B, but they upped the price). Have had HJ, BJ and FS before there as well despite the sign ot the wall stating "No Sex!!!" SkiBum is right, the place is kind of filty and dingy. But, the free fruit is nice! Always tipped 500B for extras and 100B if just massage. Actually never tried the sauna. Ranger
  2. Throw in shopping to the mix of activities, and you just perfectly described the way my wife spent our 2 month holiday in Thailand. She mananged to gain over 5 Kilos on the trip and I would have thought that would slow her eating down as she is concious about the weight gain, but no....... It would drive me crazy when we would eat a big dinner and 2 hours later she would be stuffing her face again ::. Ranger
  3. IB, I've sat through two of these time-share sales pitches in Hawaii and Orlando. I thought it would be worth giving up 2 hours of my vacation for the $200 they were giving me. I was wrong! Ranger
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