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  1. Dollhouse and Shark are absolutely on the agenda. We hit both last time and they (the bros) left ravenous. LOL
  2. Short stay for me this trip. Arrive 9/15 and Depart 9/19. I'll be in Cambodia most of the 3 weeks catching up on "things" with Ms. Hoy. It's kind of an 18-year anniversary. 2 of her brothers will be with me. Flash met Ms Hoy, her younger sister, and the 2 brothers over dinner 3 years ago. Curiously, they all liked Flash. 55555555555 The brothers are in a feverish mode at the prospect of being able to prowl the night scenes without their sisters in town.
  3. If Caitlan Jenner goes missing, will "her" photo be on a carton of half and half? HH
  4. What a waste. A half dozen of those thingy's that make mushroom clouds would've stopped the war in a couple of weeks. And with a LOT less casualties on both sides. HH
  5. Flash...actually, the ones I first knew are probably on the sidewalk in front of the Nana Hotel signage. Swing by. They'll be the ones with the walkers. HH
  6. I'm in my 4th decade using the Nana as my home away from home ! Good location, good value, no problemas. (OK, the last two trips I bunked at the Centrerpoint Terminal 21 and the Millineium, but will be back at the Nana in 4 weeks from now Hugh Hoy
  7. Hi Steve...good to know that the North Koreans have finally released you after completion of your "re-education". Too bad that for the last few years you've only been allowed to see MSNBC news. Otherwise you wouldn't be promoting things like " As for Ferguson, the pro Wilson narrative has the major media." I don't know where you get that. From the start, major media has been overwhelmingly supportive of the deceased and even argumentative over the grand jury's appropriate determination. The deceased was no angel. Did you not see the video of him committing strong armed robbery that ultimately led to his demise. Did you not know that he was probably high on dope that morning? Did you not know he was not "college bound", but his classes at some vocational school had started a week prior to the incident? Here's some interesting background on your college-bound kid. (Be thankful he wasn't at Auburn. LOL) http://beforeitsnews.com/obama/2014/12/the-truth-michael-browns-family-of-gangstas-the-rest-of-the-story-video-2468794.html
  8. Please take asshole Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi with you.
  9. It was a great day for my country. If we can just hold on 2 more years until fuckstick Obama is gone.
  10. Same now for me from SFO. Have you tried any of those agencies that sell "discount" biz class? I'm a bit wary of them. Usually they are "reward" tickets they acquire through some means. I have read reports of denied boarding at check in. That would be a bona fide pisser !
  11. Ok Cav...I'll die quickly from a cardio prob. You alcoholics can die slowly via a fucked up liver. HH
  12. Cuz the doctor was white? Come on, Steve. Blacks put a virus in the White House that is much more dangerous to the world and our country than Ebola. HH
  13. I stayed at this hotel for a week in Sept/2012. Staff was very efficient; housekeeping, roomservice was top notch. Maybe Party Guy didn't know the "secret passage" to the shopping mall. Yes, if you take the escalators to the far left of the lobby as you enter, you need to go "outside" to get to the mall. Best/most direct way is to use the exit door near the escalators on the lobby level floor. Other alternative is to take an elevator to the 5th floor where the hotel restaurant is located. Upon exiting the elevator, walk in the opposite direction of the restaurant through a small store and you are in the mall. The hotel is definitely guest friendly if you are escorting some gal. But if she arrives alone, hotel security will call your room to make sure it is ok to send somebody up to you. (You need a keycard to operate the elevators and there is usually security near there within view.) To return to the hotel from directly from the mall, you will need your keycard. It took me a couple of days to get all of this stuff squared away. LOL
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