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  1. Short stay for me this trip. Arrive 9/15 and Depart 9/19. I'll be in Cambodia most of the 3 weeks catching up on "things" with Ms. Hoy. It's kind of an 18-year anniversary. 2 of her brothers will be with me. Flash met Ms Hoy, her younger sister, and the 2 brothers over dinner 3 years ago. Curiously, they all liked Flash. 55555555555 The brothers are in a feverish mode at the prospect of being able to prowl the night scenes without their sisters in town.

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  2. I'm in my 4th decade using the Nana as my home away from home ! Good location, good value, no problemas. (OK, the last two trips I bunked at the Centrerpoint Terminal 21 and the Millineium, but will be back at the Nana in 4 weeks from now


    Hugh Hoy

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  3. Hi Steve...good to know that the North Koreans have finally released you after completion of your "re-education". :neener: Too bad that for the last few years you've only been allowed to see MSNBC news. Otherwise you wouldn't be promoting things like " As for Ferguson, the pro Wilson narrative has the major media." I don't know where you get that. From the start, major media has been overwhelmingly supportive of the deceased and even argumentative over the grand jury's appropriate determination. The deceased was no angel. Did you not see the video of him committing strong armed robbery that ultimately led to his demise. Did you not know that he was probably high on dope that morning? Did you not know he was not "college bound", but his classes at some vocational school had started a week prior to the incident? Here's some interesting background on your college-bound kid. (Be thankful he wasn't at Auburn. LOL)


  4. This may sound like Farrakhan kinda stuff and I'm sorry if it does, but I can't put anything past what world governments are willing to do when we've already seen wars started for profit, etc.


    They saved the doctor who got Ebola but not this guy in Texas. The doctor was farther along in infection than he was. Why was that?

    Cuz the doctor was white? Come on, Steve. Blacks put a virus in the White House that is much more dangerous to the world and our country than Ebola. HH
  5. I stayed at this hotel for a week in Sept/2012. Staff was very efficient; housekeeping, roomservice was top notch. Maybe Party Guy didn't know the "secret passage" to the shopping mall. Yes, if you take the escalators to the far left of the lobby as you enter, you need to go "outside" to get to the mall. Best/most direct way is to use the exit door near the escalators on the lobby level floor. Other alternative is to take an elevator to the 5th floor where the hotel restaurant is located. Upon exiting the elevator, walk in the opposite direction of the restaurant through a small store and you are in the mall. :) The hotel is definitely guest friendly if you are escorting some gal. But if she arrives alone, hotel security will call your room to make sure it is ok to send somebody up to you. (You need a keycard to operate the elevators and there is usually security near there within view.) To return to the hotel from directly from the mall, you will need your keycard. It took me a couple of days to get all of this stuff squared away. LOL

  6. The only times I've had a negative reaction for speaking Thai have been in a bar or from a bargirl. A few BGs have simply spun on their heels and walked away when I greeted their approach with Thai.

    Flash...it was probably because you didn't know her before and the fact that your first words to her were "can I come in your mouth" that resulted in the retreat. :neener: HH

  7. Met a young lady in passing the other day. Good humored, likes to talk and talk and kid around. After about 5 minutes she hit me with the dreaded, "Farang poot pasah thai mai dee. Khun roo mak!"

    My understanding about the word "know" is the following: "Roo" or (ruuchak) refers to knowing somebody or someplace, whereas "sahp" refers to knowing how to do something or a fact.
  8. Corinthian...


    I think somebody with the knowledge of "Miranda" is calling the shots this time around...versus when the guy with the diaper bomb was captured. I recall that whoever was in charge of that investigation insisted that Miranda be given. STUPID idiot ! While true that a suspect must understand the rights as provided, in this case it really needn't be done. Reason: there seems to be enough evidence against him to convict him about 10 times over. They don't need a confession. If he is tried, it will be on the facts known to most of us who have been following this story. They didn't need a confession or self-incriminating information from the diaper bomber either). The value of questioning at this point is in obtaining information regarding his recruitment, training, and possible accomplices. IRONY: this muslim/jihadist is being treated at "Beth Israel Medical Center". Any guesses as to his prognosis? LOL

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  9. Any updates to this thread in the last 7 years? I'll be in LOS (BKK, PTT and CNX) for a month next July and would like to contact someone for custom drapes to cover 3 large window areas. This is at my house in Kansas City and hopefully, I can fit them in 1-2 suitcases to bring them back. Thanks


    Just use your browser and query "curtains thailand". You will get a bunch of "hits". Being that you are not going for 6 or 7 months, plenty of time to make inquies with a number of potential suppliers. I'm sure you would like to examine the material and workmanship before you order. So some questions can be addressed/answered in advance. Maybe could even get some samples of material mailed to you ?



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  10. I love this found at the bottom of the home page:


    "Dr. BJ's Salon Bangkok is already aiming for future openings in:


    Phuket (Patong Beach) Sukhumvit soi 24 (Bangkok), Patphong, Hua Hin, Pattaya (walking Street), Kho Samui, Chan Mai, Kong Khen, Manila, Angels City, The Vatican City, Kabul, Falkland Islands, Tehran, Mogadishu and many many more great locations."


    Phuket (Patong Beach) Sukhumvit soi 24 (Bangkok), Patphong, Hua Hin, Pattaya (walking Street), Kho Samui, Chan Mai, Kong Khen, Manila, Angels City, The Vatican City, Kabul, Falkland Islands, Tehran, Mogadishu and many many more great locations.

    If you have anymore questions please contact us.

    E-mail: Click Here

    tell:02 651 2563

    Address 131/31 sukhumvit soi 7/1 10110 Bangkok 10110 Thailand.



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  11. Romney a "hawk"? You've been attending the Suadaum School for Stand-up Comedy, haven't ya? Come on, admit it.


    Romney is only a hawk compared to the weak-kneed Obama who, as a secret Muslim, keeps his hawkish alliances with the Muslim Brotherhood and using an occasional diversionaly attack on Taliban targets to try to establish his "creds" as being a tough hombre. Mere incompetence could not result in the astonishingly lack of leadership it has taken for Obama to screw up the foreign landscape in the ME. Sure, you could argue he is merely naieve. I don't believe it. He's out to screw the U.S. in any way he can. Financially/economically, establishing class warefare (divide and conquer)and failing to promote successful policies that have resulted in murking up foreign relations so badly that it may take decades to restore. His Marxist training is so evident that it is merely a footnote nowadays when discussing this piece of shit. Steve, four more years of this guy and the country will be fucked big time. You must know it. You like to say that he's a "known" and you don't know Romney. I don't know the guy picking up trash with a stick along a freeway either, but I'd rather have him in the Oval Office than see Barry there. If you really need a Marxist in the White House, you could at least chose one who might have the best ineterests of the country in mind and is not out to destroy it. And yes, as the weeks go by, I am more and more convinced that he's on a path to do just that. Fuck up the country in as many ways as possible. I would never promote the violent overthrow of our government, but I'd consider any Secret Service agent who stepped in to stop a bullet headed toward Barry to be a traitor. Barry has fucked things up so badly and completely that it can't be accidental. Open your eyes, my friend. Listen to your brother ! Download a copy of "The Amateur" from Amazon. Easy read over an evening or two. I'm quite certain you will wonder if your allegiance to that asshole is rightfully place.



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