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  1. I think he wants it to lubricate his bicycle chain so he doesn't put so much stress on his knees. LOL HH
  2. As a native speaker of English, and having significant experience in editing a couple of publications, I differ with your assessment that the piece is badly written and incoherent. "Propaganda" is a term you seem to use in lieu of refuting what is written. While I might, as an editor, make a couple of minor changes, I continue to maintain that it is an EXCELLENT editorial. HH
  3. Chickens felt it was safe. Stupid turkey's didn't get it. HH
  4. It's the hardcore Muslim extremists who use any excuse they can to attack the west. I'm guessing that not more than 1% of the "protesters" have seen the video. By the way, excellent editorial regarding these uprisings and how Obama's failure as a world leader has contributed to these happenings. http://news.yahoo.com/obamas-dangerous-weakness-070000072.html HH
  5. I've got a CD of many of the more popular theme songs. Surprisingly, a LOT of them would make great music in the go-go bars, except there are few girls who would do the music justice. I guess some of the girls with some formal dance background/choreography sense could do a pretty good job. HH
  6. Ditto Obama And as "Commander-in-Chief", it shows in spades. I mean anybody who REPEATEDLY refers to "corpsemen" is a complete ignoramus when it comes to any knowledge of the military. HH
  7. You want the topical liquid or the "time-release" industrial-strength capsules? HH
  8. Perhaps not unlike the "revered" Kennedy's? HH
  9. Let's keep this in perspective re Romney. An incident involving what could easily be considered "hazing" isn't the same as bullying (or being a chronic bully). No more than a single or rare incident of smokin' pot or gettin' shit-faced making one an alky. HH
  10. I don't disagree with what you say, Steve. But I think it is "fascinating" that a major newpaper would print something like that and seemingly not mention Barry's criminal behavior. I think the Post story is old news, BTW. Been published some time ago. Anyway, what do you think about Barry and the latest Muslim attacks in Libya and Egypt? Think that his brand of diplomacy in that region is working? Think he's a "secret" Muslim? Gotta check his schedule and see if he has a Friday prayer session in his mosque...I mean, uh, the White House. HH
  11. If anybody has a request, I'll probably have a few "nooks and crannies" in my bags if anybody needs something. HH
  12. Will be my first Friday in town after almost 2 years. Would enjoy meeting up with like-minded souls for a late-afternoon/early evening seance and a beer or two. This could very well be my last trip to the LOS...or 2nd-to-last. Any suggestions for a meeting place and time? HH
  13. Any article on Barry being a junkie while in high school/college? HH
  14. CF cards? What size/type. I might be able to provide a "decoder" You can PM me. HH
  15. Sure, I remember that one ! HH
  16. Khun Kong...CONGRATS ! Indeed, a long, drawn-out affair. Could've been much longer here in the U.S. Now, the burning question: When/Where will you be holding the victory party? 5555555 HH
  17. Wasn't exactly sure which forum in which to post this, but I guess this is as good as some others. Anyway, I came across a Pantip CD I bought maybe 15 years ago that has about 14 tracks of music played nightly in Cowboy bars. Brings back memories from the 80's/90's. A few of the tracks can still be heard. Among the titles are "Clap Your Hands", "Boys and Girls", "One Way or Another", and "You May Be Right". And of course, what collection would be complete without "One Night in Bangkok" ? 5555555555 To the point: I've ripped the CD and am willing to burn up to 5 copies for anybody interested in having a copy. I'll be in BKK (and environs) from Sept. 20 to Oct. 11. If any expat or visitor wants a copy, just PM me here and we can work out delivery. Cut off date for requests will be Sept. 16, HH
  18. He was pretty pathetic. Kind of embarassed for him. He seemed to be the only one to "get it". HH
  19. Really? Must be some big friggin computer. LOL Source, please? HH
  20. And I'll say it again. Your brother is right ! 55555555555 Oh...how is this for our smiling First Lady ? She on the rag that day or just, once again, showing her "angry" self? Maybe just wishing to be back at the White House in one of her designer dresses about to welcome heads of state...much more fun than paying tribute to the victims and heros of the World Trade Center, eh? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-ZYxEBImEo HH
  21. Anybody have an opinion as to what extent all of this will affect the supply of farmer's daughters and it's impact on the price of "sanuk"? HH
  22. Stevo...you continue your delusions about Demoncraps being "centrist". I have NO idea where you get that line of "bull", unless it's from the Communist Party blogs. Root happens to be a Libertarian, not a Republican. I recall that you used to call yourself a libertarian (with a small L). How did you get so far to the left? Face it, the Demoncraps are run by Marxist/Leninist folks. You can't get much further from you former libertarian views. Your brother is right, BTW. 555555555555555 HH
  23. In terms of things to do, I'd rate it even with Barstow. Agree about bringing company with you. On the other hand, not far from Pimai. Worth a trip there for a couple of hours if you're interested in seeing a very scaled-down near-replica of Angkor Wat. HH
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