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  1. Reload time slows down over the years, don't it? HH
  2. :up: I imagine prices for TV advertising during that segment are quite a bit higher than for equestrian events. LOL. HH
  3. Damn...I can run that fast. And my boobs can almost match any on the video. 55555555555555 HH
  4. Khun Limbo...with wild guessing like that, can I hire you to pick some lottery numbers for me? True clairvoyance is difficult to find. 555555555555 On the otherhand, I could almost guarantee that this old dude wouldn't get his rocks off until she did. One of the few benefits of being an "elder" is being able to "hold back" until his partner has exploded. HH
  5. Munchie...I could care less what she sounds like. I'd just hope that she wouldn't kill me in the rack. If she's that energetic and having that much fun in bed, I don't think there is a guy on the board who, if not suffering an angina attack, would be more that willing to endure whatever she might say. LOL HH
  6. Man o man...female athletes rarely look this good ! And remember all of those "women" Russian shotputers and East German women in the Olympics. 555555555555 This could get me watching women's track. http://network.yardbarker.com/olympics/article_external/backyard/meet_michelle_jenneke_hottest_hurdler_ever/11247010?refmod=backyard&refsrc=larrybrown Scroll down for the video. This gal is a definite "keeper" ! HH
  7. Eat their hearts out, or eat their guns? 55555555555555 HH
  8. One of my all time favorites...brings back old memories when every go-go on Cowboy played it at least once a night. Mekong...eat your heart out as Knopfler and Clapton do this version 55555555555555555 HH
  9. Small craft probably had a bunch of seamen trying to beat curfew. 555555555555555 Seriously, at least 1 or 2 on the approaching craft were reportedly killed. Haven't read if the approaching boat was loaded with explosives or had bad intentions. Maybe just testing for the future? Well, I guess they found out. I saw someplace that the ship being approached was a re-fueling vessel. Man, can you imagine what that would look like if it caught fire? HH HH
  10. What's on your mind?

  11. You're right and wrong. Nobody pays a "TAX" if they already have health insurance. But even those who do have or buy insurance, are "taxed/penalized" via increased premiums. You can't dance around that. HH
  12. Just got back from watching “Savages†in a local theater. Was released last week. Best known names in the flick were Bencio del Toro, Salma Haydek, and John Travolta. A little over 2 hours of mayhem and madness. The “Savages†are the members of a Mexican pot cartel, eager to move in on a couple of local Southern California dudes who grow some “primo†stuff and have cut into the Cartel’s biz. Haydek is the head of the Baja cartel and Travolta is a “wrong†DEA agent who has provided the local guys with protection (naturally, for a price). Del Toro is a henchman for Haydek. He is a genuine sociopathic badass. He’s also a turncoat, deciding to give his loyalty to another cartel and ditching Salma. (Who could do such a thing?) Anyway, dual kidnappings, killings, double-crosses, and blood, gun-fire, shootouts make this an entertaining flick for those who like this kind of shit. Don’t leave until the credits roll. A bit of a surprise ending. BTW, for those who fell in love with Salma in her younger years, this one is gonna make you cry. GAWD, she looks "old" now. But still do-able for sure. HH
  13. Not really true, in that those who have their own private insurance have already seen their premiums increase and they will continue to increase. As for those who are tied to Medicare, while benefits may not decrease, the premiums will increase. So the middle class gets it in the ass by Obamacare. All of this shit cuz maybe 15% of the population doesn't have health insurance. Lots of reasons for that. In the meantime, lots of luck finding a doctor who will accept Medicare and these "exchange" policies. Many already do not accept those patients and even more limit the number of patients they see who are so covered. Obama doesn't give a shit. He and his socialist fucksticks don't have a clue what they are doing. Well, maybe they do. Put em all up against the wall. Obama has told so many lies and half-truths about his "signature" legislation, that it's tough to keep up. A couple of them are addrssed in the first 2 sentences above. HH
  14. Khun Sayjann...before you close this out, I just MUST know...did u take a pee before this happened? Just kind of want to fill in the blanks, so to speak. 555555555555 HH (Just having fun)
  15. 55555555555555555 I'm thinking that there MUST be similar photo showing this wanker leading a Gay-Lesbian parade in a mankini. Also, surrounded by a bunch of lesbians tossing birth control pills to the crowd (only God knows what for, since it's doubtful that dogs can impregnate humans). Also, what about one of Barry leading Seal Team 6 on a mission? I think an entire coffee table book could be published. 5555555555555 HH
  16. Sounds like an easy app to develop for our cell phones. Who's gonna do it? HH
  17. Nice review :up: Thanks for taking the time for letting us know what to expect. HH
  18. I'm anxious to get your assessment and all relevant details such as approximate room size, walk-in shower, value for the baht, joiner fee (if any), quality of breakfast if free ("Free", I understand, isn't always what you think it means; I mean, included in the room price.) HH
  19. So, assuming you will win your case, I take it you'll be sponsoring a good night of fun someplace along Sukhumvit for one and all ? 5555555555 If so, please wait until late Sept./early Oct. I'm always good for a night of fun...especially if somebody else is the sponsor. 55555555555555 HH
  20. Interesting saga, Khun Mekong. Looking forward to future advisements. Just out of curiosity (in case I might have missed it), what are the charges against her? HH
  21. I agree that most countries have skeletons in their closets. German and Japan just happen to be the most recent as far as the U.S. is concerned. Interesting that Japanese tourists who seem to LOVE Hawaii actually take tours of the Pearl Harbor Memorial. I found them to be quite solem and respectful, almost mute while walking around. I wonder how many Germans tour Poland these days? If I were dictator I'd spare the fools. No prisoners. LOL However, I must say that we don't have too many choir boys in the State pens. My beef is with the libtard judges that force 1st class medical treatment for the prisoners. OMG...kidney transplant for a guy on Death Row? Pleeeeeeeeeease. Get a fucking life, your honor. Congigal visits. Yeah...further fuck up the gene pool. (Maybe after submitting to castration-which wouldn't be a bad idea regarding all inmates.) HH
  22. Kamui, as you must know, takes delight in degragating the UK and USA. It may be penis envy, but I'm inclined to believe it has something to do with a German self-consuming fantasy that they are genetically superior. I'd think that having your ass kicked soundly two times in the same 1/2 century would have a humbling effect. Still, in addition being famous for beers, I've got to admit they've excelled in the manufacturing of some fine automobiles, handguns and bakery equipment. HH
  23. Once again, the libtards in mainstream media get caught manufacturing shit and manipulating the "news". (Like 45 year-old hazing is "news" 555555555555) HH
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