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  1. Kamui, as you must know, takes delight in degragating the UK and USA. It may be penis envy, but I'm inclined to believe it has something to do with a German self-consuming fantasy that they are genetically superior. I'd think that having your ass kicked soundly two times in the same 1/2 century would have a humbling effect. Still, in addition being famous for beers, I've got to admit they've excelled in the manufacturing of some fine automobiles, handguns and bakery equipment. HH
  2. Can also add Centre Point Terminal 21. Also, no joiner fee. Suggestion: amend list with an asterisk to indicate no joiner fee. Some hotels will allow overnight "guests", but charge extra. Sheraton and Westin are among those, based on my inquiry (not personal experience).
  3. Hugh_Hoy

    Yes Please

    Totally disgusting ! HH
  4. Once again, the libtards in mainstream media get caught manufacturing shit and manipulating the "news". (Like 45 year-old hazing is "news" 555555555555) HH
  5. NOT necessarily "ugly"; and u might be missing out by not trying it HH
  6. Let me explain how it is in the U.S. Socialists and communists will not admit to such characterizations, particularly if they are campaigning for public office. They even avoid the label of being "liberal". They hide behind their preferred "progressive" brand. The only thing "progressive" about them is their desire to "progress" toward a socialist or communist state. HH
  7. Irresponsible, liberal, fiscal practices by socialist governments...same as California and same as Obama wants to continue. HH
  8. What I was trying to say is that everybody belives the whore was/is telling the truth that the guy agreed to $800 for her services. Now, IF the guy agreed, yeah...he's a fucking idiot. As to the others, I wouldn't call them idiots. Sure, I'd say they used poor judgement. And a form of "mob mentality" with a catalyst being alcohol seems to have been involved. Of course, everybody on this board at all times has used perfect judgement when drinking and mongering, no? LOL. HH
  9. And, of course, no self-respecting Thai 360 member has never seen or experienced that before? What amazes me is that "seasoned" mongers on the board seem to take at face-value things coming out of a bar girl's mouth. OMG ! (FWIW, the only things regarding the basis of the allegations are what is coming out of this whore's mouth. The SS investigators weren't there; hotel/Colombian cops weren't there; the SS guy who allegedly agreed to $800 isn't talking to the press. Dumbfounding that most here seem to believe the broad. There are soooooooooooooo many stories and variations of what happened on the internet that it is really difficult to really know what happened and why. Some guys at least associated with hookers. Some allegedly took them back to a hotel. ONE guy supposedly had a problem with one of the hookers. So, they are all "stupid"? Be real. Tilac bar was (is?) a sub-office of the U.S. DEA on any given night. Are those guys stupid also? HH
  10. Stevo...save your cynicism for other stuff. You don't need to be a cynic to realize Barry is just posturing and buying votes. Now, my "cynical" questions are these: How much did the party attendees have to pay to attend the White House Cinco de Tres affair? Mandatory max of $38,500? (Pesos accepted?) Did he change the name of the Lincoln Bedroom to the Che Guevara Bedroom for the night and rent it out? I sure wish I'd been there to see Barry do the Mexican Hat Dance and Michelle do some Flemenco. How friggin' "cool" would that have been? HH
  11. Why do you think so? And what is your definition of a "hub". Seemingly, your idea of a "hub" is vastly different than that used by the industry. In fact, EVA only lists it's single hub in Taiwan. As pointed out by another poster, only 2 flights/day in and out of BKK. Same flight numbers that originate in Taipei and the European cities it serves. Merely "stops" for refueling and discharge and add passengers. No more of a "hub" for EVA than Delhi. 5555555555 HH
  12. I've flown EVA 90% of the time from California to SEA over the last 12 years. I consider the airline "good", though not "excellent" (and certainly not "bad"). Until recently, fares were pretty good. But with consolidation of airlines, available seating has been cut from the U.S. and correspondingly higher fares seem to rule the skies these days. I've stayed with EVA for these main reasons: superior schedule going and returning; competitive fares; good service; very good on-time performance. I've only flown TG a couple of times. About the same as EVA, IMO. I don't get a boner over either. Unless you prefer Thai girls over Chinese "tail", not much difference. BKK as a "hub" for EVA. Haven't heard of that. Don't think it's true. Easy enough to check out on EVA's website. See where you want to start from and check the routings. Flights from Aus "may" stop in BKK, but I think it is only in connection with an onward flight...not to transfer to other planes for destinations in multiple directions (which is my understanding of a "hub"). HH
  13. To which a couple of answers would be appropriate: 1.) "So why don't you open a bar in London or New York and make even more money?" 2.) "Yeah, I know. That's why I don't go there for drinking and whoring. And your prices are why I'm not gonna be coming here very often also". HH
  14. Steve...not sure where you got your info, but it is wrong. Plenty of protections now for those who owe money. Coincidently, an article addressing this subject was printed today in the Sacramento Bee. Both FEDERAL and STATE statutes provide penalties for abuse. http://www.sacbee.com/2012/04/22/4432940/debtors-seethe-sue-over-collector.html HH
  15. I distinctly recall a sign posted in front of the old parking lot of the Ambassador that fronted on Sukhumvit announcing a new Sofitel. Although construction seemed to have begun, that was 18 months ago. A quick "google" hasn't brought up anothing new there for Sofitel. Maybe the owners changed brands? Maybe it isn't completed yet? It seemed like ages" for the JW Marriott to be completed. And there was no flood to possibly "complicate" matters. HH
  16. From the looks of the slideshow, probably not. HH
  17. Apparently, this guy agrees that American journalism has sunk to the sewers. HH
  18. Fox? Jackson's daughter must be a looker. HH Edit: Just scanned a few photos. Unfortunately, Santita isn't anything special.
  19. Lucky you...never been "sick" in 30 years, eh? 55555555555555 I had a friend who reported to his job at the US Embassy in mid-80's. Wasn't there 2 weeks and came down with some gawd-awful bug. He had no idea where he picked it up (or so he said 555555555). Basically, flu-like symptoms, puking, shitting. He said he felt like dying... or he would be soon. All of the usual doctors Embassy folks went to in those days were stymied. He was about to head to Singapore (where folks went when medical evacuations were required in those days). He was telling his tale of woe to a Marine one Friday afternoon at the Embassy barracks. As a result, he was put in touch with a former medic who'd been in nam. Medic told him what he thought was the problem and told him what he needed to do and what medicines should work. Turned out, a former medic solved a problem about 5 doctors/specialists couldn't. HH
  20. 555555555555 A few years ago I came down with a sore throat and began running a fever shortly after returning to the U.S. from the LOS. I self-diagnosed the problem as "tonsilitis", a malady which was basically chronic for me from the ages of 6-16 (twice a year). As an adult, maybe every 6 or 7 years. Anyway, went to see my primary care doc. He was a former U.S. Navy flight surgeon. We chit-chatted a bit, told him my symptoms and that I thought the usual dosages of penicilin would take care of it. Doctor smiled and said, "We used to treat officers for tonsilitis; others had the clap". 5555555555555 (I advised him that I was, indeed, an officer ). HH
  21. Dean...believe me, if I was 40 years younger, I'd leave Mexifornia pronto ! Place is totally screwed up. 30 years of liberal domination destroyed what used to be "The Golden State". Just have too many ties here to pack up and leave. HH
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