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  1. Stevo...save your cynicism for other stuff. You don't need to be a cynic to realize Barry is just posturing and buying votes. Now, my "cynical" questions are these: How much did the party attendees have to pay to attend the White House Cinco de Tres affair? Mandatory max of $38,500? (Pesos accepted?) Did he change the name of the Lincoln Bedroom to the Che Guevara Bedroom for the night and rent it out? I sure wish I'd been there to see Barry do the Mexican Hat Dance and Michelle do some Flemenco. How friggin' "cool" would that have been? HH
  2. Steve...not sure where you got your info, but it is wrong. Plenty of protections now for those who owe money. Coincidently, an article addressing this subject was printed today in the Sacramento Bee. Both FEDERAL and STATE statutes provide penalties for abuse. http://www.sacbee.com/2012/04/22/4432940/debtors-seethe-sue-over-collector.html HH
  3. Apparently, this guy agrees that American journalism has sunk to the sewers. HH
  4. Fox? Jackson's daughter must be a looker. HH Edit: Just scanned a few photos. Unfortunately, Santita isn't anything special.
  5. Dean...believe me, if I was 40 years younger, I'd leave Mexifornia pronto ! Place is totally screwed up. 30 years of liberal domination destroyed what used to be "The Golden State". Just have too many ties here to pack up and leave. HH
  6. While I understand where you're coming from, it really is the fact that a pile of dogshit would be better than Obama. Yeah, dogshit attracts flies and hosts maggots, but no different than Obama in that respect. HH
  7. Steve...FINALLY a post of your that I can COMPLETELY agree with...though not being a member of the black community, I can't honestly get the feel of that community about Al and Jesse. But if those two publicity-seeking hounds don't have a lot of support in the black community, how come they always seem to gather huge crowds in their marches; how come they are invited to preach in community churches; and how come the black community can't do any better than the likes of Bobby Rush and Maxine Waters? I KNOW the community can to better. I've seen and heard liberal black pundits who don't need to act like circus clowns to make their points...and make them well (I just don't happen to agree with those points most of the time). Why aren't there guys like you and Juan Williams in politics. Okay, fair enough to say you guys are too "clean" to get dirtied by the job. Speaking of which, how come the guy on TV who tries "dirty jobs" run for office. That would be worth seeing. 55555555 Rush, Waters, Sharpton, and Jackson gotta be members of the Black KKK--off to lynch a guy cuz he isn't black. HH
  8. Don't know about a Demoncrap plot, but here in California, seems that a few black teenagers cornered a Hispanic kid and beat him up. It's being charged as a hate crime. I wonder if our Wanker-in-Chief will go to the Rose Garden and proclaim that if he had sons, the perps would look like him. And where are Jesse and Al? Come on down Jesse and Al ! Give us your spin ! 5555555555555555 (http://news.yahoo.com/7-california-boys-arrested-attack-teen-051204960.html) HH
  9. Ditto here. I'd much prefer to see a 9-0 vote against the requirement...and a 9-0 vote to scrap the entire piece of legislation. Anybody who thinks the court is going to read the entire 2500 pages of legistlation to see what will stand or fall is delusional. Why should the justices do something probably NONE of the legistlators did? HH
  10. I agree. Already, some in Congress are shamelessly parlaying the youth's unfortunate demise into a political "dog and pony show". If you saw the televised "Congressional forum" relating to the incident and have read how some in Congress are calling for an arrest (without possibly knowing all of the facts), you know what I mean. Add to that, the filing of a friggin' copyright by Martin's parents associated with their son's name and likeness, and my head just shakes. HH
  11. Good question. I'd be interested in hearing the same. HH
  12. Sharpton is just a carnival barker. And I'd guess a rich one at that. As for the dude wearing the t-shirt above, surely there's a better photo of him someplace in a PD records section. 555555555555555 It will be interesting to see how this incident shakes out. Another lacrosse team senario? Another "rush to judgement"? Early media reports concerning the kid were showing a photo of an innocent-looking 12 year old. That is, the photo was taken 5 years ago. Lots can happen to a kid in 5 years...and not always good. Best for everybody to things to take its course. Plenty of attention is being given by various investigative agencies and the media. Nothing is gonna be swept under the rug. HH
  13. Apparently not the case: http://blog.cgpgrey.com/how-many-americans-have-a-passport-the-percentages-state-by-state/ http://www.theexpeditioner.com/2010/02/17/how-many-americans-have-a-passport-2/ At the very most, I don't think there are any accurate figues to establish a %. HH
  14. YOu have to remember, those little sub-agencies are often headquartered/located in Congressional districts of influential Congressmen/women. They aren't likely to give those up without a BIG fight. I agree, FWIW, there is way too much duplication among federal agencies, too much "fat", and waste. I've never heard a political candidate NOT say that they will work to get rid of those things. Never happens. I don't even agree that "moderate" deficit spending is a good thing. It would have to be another Pearl Harbor to get me to consider it. I have no problems in requiring the Fed. government only purchasing U.S.-made goods (including automobiles). But even autos are sometimes a grey-market product. There used to be a law that required the feds to purchase only U.S. made goods. Maybe current treaties, etc. would bring the rath of the WTO? Dunno. The idea of trying to get U.S. residents to spend their money on domestic soil is nice. But, reduced/free campsites isn't gonna cut it. In CA, state parks are already closing due to insufficient funds to keep them open. And with soaring gasoline prices, fewer will take domestic trips this year, I am certain. Again, those in LA might go to Magic Mountain or Disneyland for their vacation. On the other hand, if we all just correctly inflated our automobile tires, we could get better milage and reduce our reliance on foreign oil. Right? LOL Shovel ready projects don't seem to exist. At least, according to Barry. Big difference between handouts (unemployment benefits) and what was done during the Depression when jobs were actually provided building infrastructure, post offices, etc. The Gov. got something for its money. Now, all the Gov gets is bitching and moaning if the benefits aren't extended. HH
  15. Yep...I didn't realize he was a friggin' "commie" at the time I was hoping he'd run for Prez. 555555555555 HH
  16. Steve...basically, I'm a social moderate and fiscal conservative. That is why I feel compelled to assist bargirls with the obligations they face on the home front without contributing to the demands some of them think they are worth. 555555555555 I've read/heard that the U.S. could scrap the entire DOD budget, and the country would still face a large deficit. Also, you could take the combined income of the top 1% and it would fund the federal government for about a week. Clearly, the doubling of the deficit in Obama's looooooooooooooong 3 years he's been in office has done nothing to attack the deficit, although that was one of his campaign promises. If the country has any "hope", a change must be made THIS year ! HH
  17. Steve...the "Root of All Evil" is MONEY. Isn't it plain to see that the Government doesn't have all of the money that it needs for all of the things Demoncraps want to buy votes with? When 40% of the budget is based on borrowed money, it should be obvious. Medicare is not sustainable the way things are now. And Obamacare would just make things worse. Do you really think that Obamacare will not break the bank? The Federal Government MUST get it's finances in order. Raising taxes on the "rich" isn't gonna cut it. Basic math should show u that. If a Yugo is breaking the budget, how do u think a Cadillac will balance it? The Republicans, aside from ideological principals ("principals" being a foreign word to most Demoncraps), want to balance a budget. If the POTUS upholds the "Affordable" health legislation, there are other ways to detrail/modify it. HH
  18. Easy enough to tell Barry to go F-off. If not in the election... "Heil Obama" gonna replace "Hope and Change"? HH
  19. Well, Flash, I saw video of the incident. To be honest, I'm sure Hollywood types get tired of having a camera in their faces, unless they're getting paid millions for it. On the other hand, we know they love publicity, unless it's like this incident. Mr. "Rock" is friggin' lucky he didn't go into his tirade in California. He could be looking at charges of disturbing the peace, battery, robbery, and issuing terrorist threats. For sure, his legal bills (criminal and civil) would be more than I'd like to pay. He and Baldwin and dozens more are just a few of the A-holes that they make of themselves. HH
  20. Well, you aren't alone in knowing how flawed it is. Heck, even those who voted for it don't know cuz I doubt if ANY legislator read about 2400 pages in the bill. Pelosi, the Wicked Witch of the West, even noted "we'll know what's in it when it's in force" or words to that effect. Now, to say that "...the Republicans hacked at it..." is just plain WRONG. At the time, Demoncraps controlled both houses of Congress and the White House. It is 99% Demoncrap. I don't know how much news you got regarding this travesty, but at home we were inundated. It was clear that the Demoncrap caucus working on the bill was meeting in closed door sessions and excluding Republican reps. I don't know if you saw the televised meeting between Senate/House leaders and Barry, but it was a friggin' disgrace the way Barry spoke about 90% of the time and refused to accept the objections and ideas put forth by the Republicans. What was particularly objectionable, was his flip comment that "elections have their consequences"--meaning "tough shit" if you don't like it. Well, a few months later, he found out the consequences of elections when the GOP took over the House. To Barry, I say "tough shit" and that's why he's basically been a lame duck since. (Thank God.) And hopefully, he'll be a one-termer if the fools who elected this "Prince" stay away from the voting booths. HH
  21. Yep...like I said, "Affordable my ass." It's "affordable" when somebody doesn't have to pay for it. However, we all understand that the 50% of the population which is paying taxes isn't paying its "fair share". Right Steve? HH
  22. A "mere" 50% increase in price since Barry took office...which is also what my health insurance premium went up thanks to the fuckin' Demoncraps and Obama. (Affordable health care my ass.) Hoping that they all get sick and die, I am.. HH
  23. Hey Stevo...you man just dropped into the disapproval column. 5555555555555 http://www.latimes.com/news/politics/la-pn-poll-obamas-job-approval-takes-a-dive-as-gas-prices-spike-20120312,0,1571746.story?track=rss I'd gladly pay $5/gallon through November if it meant getting this jerk out of office. What's funny is this: there isn't much a President can do in the short term to get gasoline prices down. But he can do lots to raise the price. Seems like only 100 years ago that Barry was ragging on Bush for high gasoline prices. I suppose Barry, the fuckwit that he is, will blame GWB for this increase also. 555555555555 Flash...you don't dislike Barry but don't like some of those around him? You know the old saying about "birds of a feather"? Anyway nice to know he'll be taking the UK prime minister with him on AF 1 when he goes to the NCAA basketball tournament. I'm sure a lot of "work" will get done on that boondoggle. I'm trying to think of a nastygram to attach to my 1040 this year. HH
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