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  1. Flash...difficult not to get emotional when you see the President doing everything possible to fuck up the country by dividing the population (ethnicity v. ethnicity; gender v. gender as well as socio-economically). Internationally, he and his administration clearly couldn't find their asses with both hands and a flashlight. They don't know whether to shit or go blind on stuff. Barry is a fucking disgrace. At home, he and his administration trample the Constitution or try to rewrite it; his arrogance is absolutely apalling. He's the "Prince of Fools". As noted in a foreign newspaper, the country will be able to survive and reverse what Obama could do to the country if he had 8 years. But, sadly, the country may not be able to survive the fools who vote for somebody like Obama. HH
  2. Deleted so as not to insult the libtards. HH
  3. Holy Cow ! Something we can agree upon. 55555555555555 And I thought that the end of the world was scheduled for DECEMBER 2012. HH
  4. You mean "Demoncrap led Congress"? Actually, Steve, "Congress" is led by neither in totality. Quick "civics" refresher for ya. Congress is made up of the House and the Senate. Demoncraps control the Senate; Republicans control the House. :-) And, actually, the media often refers to poll numbers reflecting approval of "Congress" as various polls are conducted and results released. HH
  5. Saw some high profile Muslim admit that writing notes in the Koran was equally "disrespectful". So much for the indignation of the rioters. It's all bullshit. The assholes are just trying to stir up shit. I say, pull the troops and and send about 30 or 40 nukes into the country and wave good-bye in the night-time glow. (That is, if Barry has kept 30-40 nukes.) Steve...don't know if you can hear me inside that pod; but, just in case: I'm not big on being at all responsible for those who assume little or no responsibility for themselves or the country. I don't assume one teeny weeny bit of responsibility. And for those who have broken into my house (wetbacks illegally entering the country), fug em. I know Barry needs them and that's all the more reason to toss their butts back across the border. 55555555555 HH
  6. That's a HUGE load of you-know-what Stevo. Anyway, the reasons for not trying to shuffle civilian union workers are at least 2: 1.) their benefits are contractual obligations/bargaining agreements, whereas the military is not unionized and has no bargaining agreements: 2.) union employees support Barry, whereas I'd guess that most military personnel have no use for Barry and won't vote for him. (Recall how it was Republicans who demanded that the votes of foreign-serving military voters be counted 4 years ago?) It's a take-off on Barry's signature "class warefare" campaign message: "I will not allow the 1/2 of the citizens who don't pay taxes to shoulder the burden of the 1/2 of the citizens who don't pay their fair share". Something like that, anyway, eh? HH (Thinking Stevo was kidnapped and now being forced to send messages from some dark, cold room in Pyongyang.)
  7. Helen must've been doped up when she said that; or she was really fucked up. 555555555555 HH
  8. If you're still about 30 miles south of the DMZ, I can understand. 555555555 HH
  9. If you ask me, he isn't worth 2 cents. HH
  10. So...does your fantasy team include Drysdale, Koufax, and Ryan? Or Bench, Carter and Soscia? 55555555555555555 HH
  11. Replace it with something worse? LOL. How to you replace something that isn't there any longer? Face it. By the time you're eligible for these programs, they won't exist in the existing form. They will be in history books. Too many people need it cuz they've been led to depend on them...you know, part of The Great Society in which Government will take care of all of your "needs". Some people are probably just born lucky...never sneeze in their lifetimes. At the other end of the spectrum are those who are born who will struggle to survive with their first breath. It's a fact of life. You can not sustain a quality of life for the masses, when you downgrade that quality to take care of those who are either "unlucky" or just plain demand that others take care of them. If some rich dude can afford a heart transplant, I say good for him. I could not afford such an operation. My bad "luck"? Yeah, maybe. Maybe I wasn't as smart as that guy. Maybe I didn't work as hard as that guy. Maybe I was one of those who just thought that my supplemental social security checks were enough. I mean, who the F wants to go to bed at 9 p.m., wake up at 5:30 a.m. and drive to work in the dark? Much more fun to party til 2 a.m., sleep til noon and have my neighbor buy my food, pay my rent, take care of any kids I might have along the way. There's an old saying about making your own bed. HH
  12. Steve...that's just total nonsense. Whoever wrote that has been smokin' too much crack. (Maybe even just a little bit.) The opposition to the payroll tax cut has been that it will continue to (and substantially) underfund Social Security projected obligations. The GOP has been working on trying to do a fix on Social Security for some time and a bill to do that will probably emerge in Congress in the next week or so. For sure, not everybody is going to agree or like some of those provisions, for instance: extending the age at which contributors can start drawing benefits; "means testing"; allowing individuals to contribute to private retirement plans (rather than social security). Like Medicare, the SS system is screwed unless something significant is done. As for Medicare "as we know it", it can not continue. I heard on TV the other day that the typical couple recievies $300,000 in medicare benefits during their lifetimes, but only contribute $100,000. Both programs are, as Perry put it, Ponzi schemes. HH
  13. The continued flood of illegal immigrants from the south (particularly) has no doubt had a tremendous effect in this regard. Most are probably illiterate in their own country and have nothing to offer aside from manual labor. The jobs they can get have never been highly paid. In addition, these illegal immigrants bring with them an almost disdain for anything above a 6th grade education, much less encouraging their offspring to continue on to a college or university...or even a trade school. Immigrants such as these, being from 3rd world countries, are bound to drag down the overall image/statistics of their host country. Like I noted above, a number of factors in play; just that socialistic policies are chief among them. HH
  14. 55555555555 Sorry, Steve. No cigar. Not even close. 55555555555 Tea Party demonstrators didn't occupy Government offices; didn't block sidewalks so small businesses couldn't open up or serve customers; didn't foul public areas; didn't block transportation routes; didn't set fires; didn't rob/rape/vandalize. In short, the T-Partiers were civilized, normal folk tired of wasteful spending and ever-increasing encroachment of the Federal government into their lives. HH
  15. That's what happens when socialist policies keep expanding. I know it's "fashionable" to berate the rich and "super rich" and make them the fall guys for what problems the U.S. has. But it's not that simple. Merely convenient. HH
  16. I'm sure glad somebody got some "fact" out of the Occupy Movement. Things must've been different in Europe. The only facts I got out of the "movement" in the U.S. are that there are thousands of "losers" who have nothing better to do than sleep out in a public park, disrupt private businesses and commerce, and conduct anarchist activities. HH.
  17. To a large degree, due to cultural and lifestyle choices they make. HH
  18. I used to listen to Larry Elder from time to time. Of course, didn't hear the guest you mention. Anyway, interesting "opinions" expressed in some of your sources. FWIW, the idea of a "single-payer" system would of course result in telling us that we can't get private insurance...thus taking away a presumed right that we can now avail ourselves. (Gee, Cuban medicine. Can't wait ! LOL; Some day maybe we can get Michael Moore to post a trip report about his experience getting a heart by-pass in Havana. LOL) Doctors are forbidden from having a union or setting fees as a group. They charge what they need to charge, what they can charge. Sounds fair to me. Same with car repairs, appliance repairs, etc. The day that we allow some bureaucrats tell us how much we can get paid, will be the last day of freedom. It will be time to take up our swords and start chopping off heads. It's no wonder that libs want to invalidate the 2nd amendment. HH
  19. Ah...saved u and Cav the trouble. As I suspected...nonsense: http://skeptics.stackexchange.com/questions/4561/does-the-ama-limit-the-number-of-doctors-to-increase-current-doctors-salaries So, can we put that to rest now? 5555555555555555 HH
  20. Khun Steve..I've seen u post this at least four or five times over the years: "I've read where there is collusion to keep the number of doctors to a certain amount so as not to 'flood' the market. More doctors means less average wage. I have to find that article somewhere. Basically it says that the medical industry, particularly the AMA which is a guild, saw the legal industry and the number of lawyers out there and didn't want it to happen to them." But never seen u provide a source. I think it's some tin hat stuff. Check with Cav. He'll sniff it out. LOL Most doctors have plenty of patients. Lots of areas underserved. Hospitals gotta compete to get doctors. There's no good reason for doctors to be afraid of competition in the U.S. I had a surgeon tell me that if it wasn't for imported doctors, we'd be in trouble. He wasn't concerned one bit. Also, there is a relatively new primary care position called a "nurse practicioner". It's similar to getting a Masters Degree. These people get some serious money (think $80,00+) and are in very high demand. They are basically allowed to do a lot of primary care stuff previously only allowed by MD's, such as diagnose and prescribe controlled medicines. I'm sure that the AMA would've stopped this if it was concerned. HH
  21. Some interesting ideas presented. Of course, the devil is in the details, which, invariably, are written by legislators and their most-favored supporters/donors. Lots of money involved. The country is cash-poor nowadays (as are many). The current president has had 3 years to come up with some of these ideas. Why hasn't he? We already import quite a few doctors and health care workers. In the next 30 years, maybe all will be imported (just another form of foreign outsourcing). I can't see any body in their right mind wanting to become a doctor at this point in time. Too much expense in getting the education, opportunity cost (lost income during school/internship/residency) and a liberal Congress and Administration that will dictate how much you can charge to recoup your costs. Stuff like plug-in stations won't happen until the auto industry finds a way to make electric vehicles an economical/practical alternative to gasoline-powered wheels. So far, it hasn't happened. Of course, it wouldn't surprise me if the libs tore another piece off the constitution and REQUIRED all vehicles to be electric by a certain date. After all, it would be allowed under the "inter-state commerce" clause, right? Under the current corrupt Administration, all I can envision is a constant line-up "Solyndras" cuing up on the White House grounds. Still, like I said, some ideas worth considering (if not now, in the future). BTW, all of those "shovel-ready" infrastructure jobs/projects: what happened to them? Less than about 5% of money allocated to the "recovery" legislation has been spent on such projects. In the meantime, things such as the Keystone pipeline are only a "pipedream" until the next election and Obama can piss backwards on his enviornmental supporters if he succeeds in fooling so many useful idiots again. HH
  22. Steveo...Perry and Romney didn't "create" jobs. They helped create a business climates that got companies to relocate in their states. Not the same. On the other hand, wtf has Obama done to get businesses to stay in the U.S. or invest here? Not a friggin' thing. On the contrary, his administration comes out with some new bullshit every week that either drives jobs off-shore or makes investors hesitant to start or expand a business here. Of course, that is part of his commie-ass agenda: Kill off private enterprise and eventually nationalize everything. (Already he's got the government owning 30% of GM and has established de facto ownership of the health care industry. Of course, being the savvy investor that he is, he's pumped billions into "green" industries that so far have been total crap.) (BTW, heard that his Occidental College records may have been leaked. Something to do with him getting financial aid from a fund specifically limited to "needy" foreign students. Do u think he used a British passort or a Kenyan passport or an Indonesian passport to either commit fraud or support his true citizenship? I repeat, I only "heard" this. Maybe u can confirm? 5555555555) HH
  23. Indeed, I've seen the triology previously produced, and they were all good. (With English sub-titles.) HH
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