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  1. Particularly interesting was the comment regarding his indifference to the "niceties" of the law. I'm getting the idea from the article that he was hired to teach because of his race. I've read a commentary referring to him as the first "affirmative action" President; it appears that the Chicago University School of Law was ahead of its time. LOL Thanks for the link. HH
  2. Flash...Obama and the Constitution? I doubt if he's ever read it. I can understand Obama and a daily "constitutional" (same, same). But Obama has repeatedly ignored the Constitution; he much prefers the "Communist Manifesto", I'm sure. Surely, he prefers the "Obama Manifesto". This guy is dangerous. Never in my life have I seen a politician so ego-maniacal; so devisive; so hell-bent on bringing down the country. For CS to call him "centrist" gets a laugh out of me anytime. I just kiss it off to CS having been in a pod too long. CS is not stupid. But even smart guys can do stupid things sometimes...like vote for Obama. I can understand the useful idiots and others voting for the asshole once, but to do so twice tells me they don't give a fuck about what our country is about or they are truely "useful idiots". HH
  3. "Marxism" = fascism A more fascist president this country has never had. Read the following. It's stuff I've said all along about this MoFO-in-Chief. http://urbanlegends.about.com/od/barackobama/a/Wayne-Allyn-Root-On-Obamas-Agenda.htm Marxism relies on control of all aspects of a society. Without it, nobody in their right minds would follow such a path. Same true with most all forms of Communism. Almost all Communist coutries, in order to survive, have had to build walls to keep people from escaping and free people from being exposed to what the real evils of extreme socialism communism are resultant. One can argue if Barry is a Marxist/Leninist/Stalinist/Maoist/Everyday Commie. It makes no real difference. He's still a fucking slick-talkin', back-stabbin' SOB. I've said before, I wouldn't lose any sleep if his plane crashed in the middle of the Atlantic. So, if you prefer to call me ignorant of what constitutes a Marxist, feel free to give me a few of your favorite blogs/website. I've looked at a few, but I'm sure you have a number of them bookmarked as favorites. I'm not a political scientist for sure. I'm also not a hazmat bacteriologist either. But I can look at and recognize scum in a river and say I don't want to have anything to do with that. HH
  4. This is just a small example of the many ways Obama is attempting to mold the country into a Marxist state. He's attempting to "centralize" all aspects of how we should live our lives and be governed, whether it be education, health care, or numerous other aspects relating to freedoms our forefathers fought and died to protect. CS...you USED to call yourself a Libertarian (with a small L). Check out some stuff by Wayne Root, a well-known author, entrepeneur, and self-styled leader in the Libertarian movement. He was allegedly a former classmate of Obama. He has an interesting take on Barry. He'll give you a very concise and basis to believe what I believe and have been saying for years about Obama. Barry is a FUCKING commie. He's not just a "leftie", he's an evil mofo. A wolf in sheep's "clothing". Steve...you and others better wake up before it's too late. I'm serious. HH
  5. Ah...so CS has been "outed"? 5555555555 HH
  6. There may be a bit of background to this that you might find interesting. GWB had a "thing" about giving people nicknames (http://politicalhumor.about.com/od/bushquotes/a/bushnicknames.htm) NOT listed is one I recall he gave Kennedy, which I'm sure was the basis for the lack of warmth: "Chappy". LOL HH
  7. Khun Kamui... Wait until u see Newt debate Obama...You'll then get a chance to see how stupid Obama looks and IS. Obama is going to regret scuttling NASA, cuz he'll be looking to escape to that moon colony. 5555555555555 HH
  8. Do you think any of old guys will be around long enough to find out? 555555555555 HH
  9. Ah Steve...u don't need to use the excuse that you don't like the GOP because they "dissed" your guy. And, that is what they were doing. They WERE NOT disrepecting the Office; they were showing their distain for Obama. He has shown them distain himself. He does it several times/day while campaigning. So, payback is fine, in my books. I'm surprised some didn't walk out during his campaign speech. I fail to see how you can claim that it is ok for Obama to lay into the Supreme Court members (sitting 20 feet away and really unable to politely give him the finger) and say that's fair. In my book, that's chickenshit. HH
  10. Steve...it's not really partisanship as much as it addresses ideaology. Conservatives are trying to stop the Marxist/socialist agenda of the current President anyway that they can. And please don't attack Republicans over "respect", cus Barry isn't worthy of it. He has stretched the Constitution to fit his desires...and would put it in a shredder and replaced it with the Communist Manifesto if he was totally able. Further, you noted the Congressman who said "liar". You don't recall the disrespect Barry showed the US Supreme Court a couple of years ago in the same setting? It was friggin' unbelieveable that he would dress down the Supreme Court with the members sitting about 20 feet away. I think it was Justice Roberts who was caught on camera shaking his head and mouthing the words "not true". FWIW, I boycotted the SOTU address for the first time that I can remember, also. I knew it was just going to be distortions of the truth/fact and a campaign speech. From what I saw merely scanning the "net", I wasn't wrong. I could write a much more accurate, but scathing State of The Union Address and it WOULD be accurate and truthful. And I'm not running for office or my legacy. I've never been desperate enough to tell half-truths to try to save my job. HH
  11. City Ordinance won't stand the test of the "interstate commerce clause". I'm waiting for the USHHS Department to say it's a Federal matter. LOL HH
  12. I can see Michelle doing that. 5555555555555555 (Any doubts that she wears the pants in the family and tells Barry which way to go and how fast?) HH
  13. Riley is a documented "hatchet man" for the left. Seemingly, his current job is to attempt to portray any candidate other than Obama as unfit for the office. I find many of Newt's ideas solid, some a bit "shakey", and a few to be of no concern. I say "of no concern", cuz they probably wouldn't get off the ground. Think back to all of the ideas/promises Obama floated around 4 years ago. All of that "hope and change" bullshit. I've read that he made over 300 "promises". How many has he actually been able to keep? Not a lot, thank God. He's done enough harm and potential harm in his 3 years in office. HH (P.S.: I've voted for ONE Demoncrap in my life. LOL)
  14. I either read your source (or one similar)a month or two ago. I made a few queries when I received an email forwarded to me. Obama is STILL a mutha fucker. The worst U.S. president ("small" P intentional) of the last 100 years. I CAN'T wait for September and October to roll around and Newt debates the "teleprompter prez". HH
  15. Obama and his Marxist fellow travellers are lying mutha fuckers. And anybody who believes differently either is not (also) being honest with him/herself, or he/she is an idiot. HH
  16. Just saw "Contraband" about 2 hours ago. Basically sucked. Bad guys over-the-top nasty. You'd think such sociopaths would kill eachother off rather than be able to be long-time criminals. In fact, NOBODY in the movie was very likeable. Hard to empathize with any of them...even the "hero". Plot was patched together with duct tape. No plot points. Characterization was old and worn out. Should've stayed at home and watched reruns of The Simpson's on TV. Catch it on rental, if you must. Better to just get a pirated copy if really desperate. LP...heard that War Horse was a tear-jerker. I'll bring some tissues to the theater if I see it. But next up will be the latest "Sherlock Holmes", "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol", and "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy". HH
  17. A different "President"? (priceless) HH
  18. We have a standing army, navy, air force and marine corps and coast guard all year, every year. The asshole should have been able to get into West Point or one of the other ervice academies IF he was as bright as his komrads claim. Same with Klinton. Oxford Scholar? Okay, presumably smart enough to get into a service academy and play sax in the band, no? Give me a break !
  19. 55555555555 Khun Komrad for CS 55555555555
  20. Excellent ! There we have Clinton, who decided to vacation in Moscow instead of VN. And Barry apparently decided that service to the country as we used to know it, was beneath him. BTW, Steve, I don't deduct points from a person who has served in our military solely because they did not see combat. I'm just as thankful to those who taught cryptography or swimming at home as those who were on the front lines. You don't have to die to serve our country...though seeing Barry doing that wouldn't cause me to lose any sleep. KK
  21. I feel your pain. Well, not really. Libtardism isn't a funny thing to joke about. Unfortunately, there is no known cure for this malady. It's too bad you didn't get vaccinated. "Dr." Thomas Sowell could have saved you. 555555555555 http://www.nationalreview.com/articles/286226/gingrich-s-past-our-future-thomas-sowell HH
  22. Hey Steve ! I read where Obama said on 60 Minutes that he thinks his administration is the fourth best in the history of the country. 5555555555555 Oh my God ! Is there any height of bullshit that Obama can't reach? He just keeps piling shit higher and higher. This guy is fucking nuts ! And Harvard just dropped about 100 places among the top universities in the country. LOL Obama's stand up comedy act is ready for the road. Get goin' Barry ! (BTW, his comment was edited out. Not surprising that the leftist CBS didn't want to make him out the fool that he is.) Here's the link. Too fucking funny 555555555555555555 http://newsbusters.org/blogs/pj-gladnick/2011/12/16/60-minutes-broadcast-edits-out-laughable-obama-claim-4th-greatest-presi HH
  23. Me thinks you think too mutt. HH
  24. Nobel Laureate is supposed to give some kind of credibility to a recipient? Sorry, but when Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize, the governing body of that organization lost the last remnant of any integrity that it might still have possessed at that point. Obama inherited...inherited...inherited. You might not notice it, but that "I inherited" crap from Obama and his legions was worn thin a loooooooong time ago. He could be in his 8th term as President and he and his diciples would still be blaming his failures on GWB. Polls here in the U.S. consistently show that the citizenry thinks the U.S. is headed in the wrong direction under Obama. Polls also have the respondents giving him the lowest approval rating of any president at the end of his 3rd year in office of any president in the last half century. Obama's approval rating is even lower than Carter's (and few thought that would be possible). I can't wait for Gringrich to debate Obama. Obama's gonna have his heart ripped out and he's going to be exposed as the incompetent, most inept president in 100 years. BTW, GWB was/is not stupid. Only those who really think he is are the ones who are stupid. If you think Obama walks on water and is the greatest thing since sliced bread...good, I say...he's all yours. HH
  25. I'd need to get more info before chastising the teacher who reported the remark. I say that cuz teachers are under a lot of pressure to report various things: from possible abuse by parents (or others) to so-called "sexual harassment". If not clearly defined in training sessions, I can see how a teacher could over-react. We don't really know how the report was made, do we? Was it in inquiry form or a report as being factually "sexual harassment"? Was the teacher new? Anyway, while not confident that the board made a thorough investigation (as that would probably take more than a day or two), it may well go beyond what we've seen. I'm sure Obama's teachers' union will be there to defend the "agitator". LOL. Regarding Huntsman, Paul, Johnson. It's not party leadership, Steve. It's the people who are being polled who are ignoring them. How do you see Romney a step backward from Obama? You mean, he won't push for liberal agenda items, I suspect (though I can't answer for you). I see just about any of the GOP candidates being an improvement over Barry. The polls show that Barry has the most unfavorable rating of ANY president in the last 60 years going into their 4th year in office. He comes in dead last! Worse that GWB by a long shot, even worse than Carter. He is devisive, indecisive, and incompetent. Even the WASHINGTON POST gave him 4 Pinochio's for his claim at billionaires pay only 1% of their income in federal taxes. (Graciously, it didn't come right out and say he's a liar. Just that he's pulling shit out of the air for political purposes.) He really needs to go. HH
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