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  1. Are you a savvy traveller? Found this great list of the 100 biggest wonders of the world. Hillman's How many´have you been to? Myself: 25
  2. I've just bought a Kindle, and its the best I have done for years. Right now I have almost a 100 unread books loaded on it (mostly downloaded from torrent sites). I haven't seen much talk about Kindle on this forum. There are really a lot of books about sanuk and Thailand available in Kindle's Mobi format. Right now I am reading How to get the most bang for your buck in Thailand (Btw if you pm me your email, I will be happy to send the mobi file to you)
  3. 12 Hours with a Sex Tourist Found this blog about a guy who sat next to a sex tourist en route to Bangkok. The replies to his blog are equally sanctimonious. Very entertaining read
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