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  1. >Public transports and public utilities will also be suspended in an attempt to try to get anti-government red-shirt protesters to leave the Ratchaprasong area.< How the hell are they going to leave if they can't catch a bus?
  2. jack_schist

    Mamasan's Birthday at Windmill Tonight

    was in there wa few weeks ago with a mate. he was palyiong with one of the girls on the stage who was cute. then we notices she had the most hideous hairly legs. it was incredible.
  3. jack_schist

    Plane crashes in Libya, at least 96 dead

    Afriqiyah Airways???? who the fuck would fly with an airline named that. Kenyan Scareways and Royal Air Maroc are bad enough.
  4. jack_schist


    have flown them a couple of time and was also upgraded to biz between dubai and paris on my very first trip with them. Apart from that they are not my first choice..in fact i hate dubai airport. Prefer sing and have flown with them for years but never been upgraded. I used to like Thai but they are a super crappy airline now (although better than AF who are farking cnuts).
  5. Hi, I wanted to change my name to Khun_Sanuk but it is already taken. sanuk
  6. i think mycowjai is already taken. may i suggest "updaassnocondom"
  7. jack_schist

    Life Moving On

    pharmacist are better..free drugs!!!!!
  8. jack_schist

    What can I test against (blood test)

    or ask them if they are safe
  9. jack_schist

    Soi Buakhao

    some say its where the el cheapo englishmen congregate. BYO football shirt.
  10. jack_schist

    Irked PM says 'rally ends today'

    a couple of dozer would sort out them and their "blockades"
  11. jack_schist

    Tourism done properly ....

    total wank...sums a lot of things up perfectly
  12. jack_schist

    taxi to Pattaya costs

    i agree he is ok. fcuk the metre taxis
  13. jack_schist

    Another "New" Bar Exploration

    good report. I was in Sweetheards a few weeks back when the SK crowds we just begining to tapper off. Place was chocka block with guys that looked like they were from Turkey or Iran, one of which was quite drunk and doing body builder poses in the mirror. typical pattaya freakshow. Does champions still have the black painted walls, remined me of what hell will be like if i ever make it there.
  14. jack_schist

    Tourism done properly ....

    How the hell did he get his own TV show??? His haircut alone is bad enough. rick
  15. hope you mum gets well soon. But if this is true then it is potentailly quite a spectacular sting.....man befriends strangers on thai based website then runs away with their money. I wonder how much he got away with in total. hundreds of thousands of $$$????