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  1. migrant

    The TM 30 form

    Even if they could find a "competent" official
  2. migrant

    Lao activist vanishes in Bangkok

    Yes, my Son is married to a Lao woman in California. Her parents also fled the country during the war. They instilled in her a fear of the Lao government still.
  3. migrant


    I don't think the slogan "love it or leave it" originated with the klan assholes. I think it started with the McCarthy witch hunt days in America. That the klan, and others, used it there is no doubt.
  4. There were more than 10 with me last night despite it being a Buddha day, at least I think I remember them.
  5. migrant

    Any New Jokes

  6. migrant

    Any New Jokes

    World worse joke (IMHO) A guy walks into a bar, sits down and orders a drink. The bartender places the drink in front of him and turns back to other duties. Before the man could have his first sip a little monkey comes out from under the bar, goes to his drink, lifts his penis and dips his balls in the drink, then runs back under the bar. The man called the barkeep over and asked him " Did you know there is a little monkey that came out from under the bar, lifted his penis, and dipped his balls in my drink?" "Sorry", said the bartender, "he does that sometimes, let me get you a fresh drink, free of charge". The bartender sets the man up with the new drink and turns to a new customer. Again, before the man could have his first sip, the little monkey hops up from under the bar, runs to his drink, lifts his penis up, and dips his balls in the drink. The customer calls the barkeep over and says, "I'm not angry, but curious, why is there a monkey that hops up on the bar, lifts his penis, and dips his balls in my drink?". The bartender says, "I'm somewhat new here, so not sure but Jack, the piano player over there has been here 20 years so should know". The customer, who is by know really curious, walks across the bar to the piano player who, luckily, is on a break. "Say", asks the customer to the piano player, "Do you know that little monkey that hops up on the bar, lifts his penis, and dips his balls in my drink?" The piano player thought for a second and said, "No, but if you hum a few bars I probably can play it".
  7. migrant

    Thai post

    I get a box of cigars shipped from my son to me (using Thai names) about 2 - 3 times a month. Had one seized back in August, and one in December, all the rest arrived intact and (fairly) timely. Went to customs in December and they allowed me to pay the tax and take the cigars but warned us (again) that no more would be allowed. Didn't bother to try to collect the August box and it just was received back in the states last week! Have tried many ways and found the best way is to use a Thai name on the return address, and delivery address, keep the box reasonably small (mine hold 36 large cigars) and describe as personal gift value under $10.
  8. migrant

    The Anything Goes Music Thread!

    Good movie too!!
  9. migrant

    Usa Thread

    Will do!
  10. migrant

    Usa Thread

    I'm a CPA and come back to do taxes still each year (in the states now). My son took over my practice but I come back during the season to help, and to see family. I'm not into political debates but this video brought me out. I've been doing taxes since 1980. People always complain "I got more money back last year", but they fail to look at the actual tax. Sure if I want to withhold tens of thousands I'll get a big refund. I'm starting back at the office 2/18 and, if anyone is interested, I am happy to let them know how my clients fare.
  11. When I saw the sex toys in the headlines I thought they had closed Nana
  12. migrant

    What Film (Movie) Have You Just Watched?

    Happy Series on Netflix about a hero cop that was disgraced and left the force. Making a living as a hit man he gets visited by a little flying blue unicorn.......... Bizarre and graphic, if you have a strange sense of humor you will like it.
  13. Yes very popular, and very good. Very popular in bars. Flashermac, a Cesar Chavez fundraiser? Viva la Huelga!!
  14. migrant

    Any New Jokes

  15. migrant

    Any New Jokes