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  1. migrant

    Any New Jokes

    Multitasking at its best
  2. migrant

    Drink !

    I go through different phases, with different scotch. Currently it's Talisker as my favorite. Every year when I leave from my visit to the states my son and I share the better part of a bottle of JW Blue, If I can ever leave the states back to Thailand we will partake
  3. migrant

    Any New Jokes

    Sorry should have been in youtube thread. Not sure how to delete
  4. There is sunlight on soi Nana??
  5. migrant


    How can they take glory when a kangaroo is beating them, or at least keeping up??
  6. I stopped looking at accuweather a while back but, after this, I'll start following again!!
  7. Lived in Maine many years. Dafoe, as usual, has the type down perfect.
  8. Thanks for that, my Christmas spirit is now renewed along with some ideas for Christmas presents for myself....
  9. Did the drive this past week, still construction but not a terrible delay
  10. I guess the old joke, "what do you call 200 lawyers in a hospital in Lahore?" "A good start" Doesn't apply anymore (sorry!!)
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