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  1. migrant

    Any New Jokes

    Still read it wrong
  2. migrant

    Best Ways To Manage Your Traveling Money.

    That's why! I always pictured NZ women like the only other New Zealandites I know, small Lord of the Ring types. Figured they liked small cars due to that.
  3. migrant

    Global RIP thread

    Good Morning Vietnam broadcaster dies https://www.bangkokpost.com/news/world/1506406/good-morning-vietnam-broadcaster-dies
  4. migrant

    The Anything Goes Youtubery Thread

    Another great one!
  5. migrant

    Best Ways To Manage Your Traveling Money.

    I thought the best way is to ask the first Lady you meet to do the finances? Let her have all the money to pay the bills since it's her country. No wonder my trips are cut short!
  6. migrant

    Any New Jokes

  7. migrant


    Where else would you put them.
  8. migrant

    Wifi Iphone Gps?

    Sounds like directions I got in Costa Rica once, " Turn right at yellow building, go to blue and white building turn right." Hey, it's frickin night time and the street lights are shit!!
  9. migrant

    Any New Jokes

  10. migrant

    Any New Jokes

  11. migrant

    Usa Thread

    Oh, the horror....
  12. migrant

    What Film (Movie) Have You Just Watched?

    The Sweeny with Ray Winstone. Cop movie about a squad of cops that don't follow the rules. I liked it, but I like anything with Winstone. Could use subtitles for us Yanks though....
  13. migrant

    T Minus 30 Days And Counting...

    Many insurers cover travel to a foreign country for a limited number of days. Perhaps check with your agent, or, ugh, read the policy.
  14. migrant

    What Film (Movie) Have You Just Watched?

    If it was marital I may have watched it!!
  15. migrant

    The Anything Goes Music Thread!

    They are outstanding in their field of work!!